St. Simeon Monastery | The Monastery of Saint Simeon in Aswan

The monastery of St. Simeon in Aswan, is named after "one of the saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Samaan al-Kharraz, is a good Coptic man who lived during the time of the Fatimid caliph". Spread over an area of almost a thousand meters, it is considered an "architectural jewel" in the heart of the mountain, which attracts many tourists to visit it and "see the mountain that was moved from its place".

St. Simeon Monastery in Aswan

St. Simeon Monastery in Aswan is considered one of the most beautiful places that can be visited during your Aswan day tours and it`s the largest archaeological monastery in Egypt that includes rare religious landmarks. It has been discovered by the Italian archaeologist More de Vellard in 1925.

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St. Simeon monastery was also receiving the trips of Muslim pilgrims coming from the countries of the Arab Maghreb in the past, and those passing through Egypt on their way to the Hijaz region for trade or pilgrimage to Mecca, where they were staying for a period in which they were given food and drink, names of some of these pilgrims engraved on the walls of the inner monastery This represents the summit of union between Muslims and Christians in this place.

The monastery's only weakness was the difficulty in supplying water. In fact, during the constant sieges, this often failed because the sources were too far away. This is certainly one of the reasons why the monastery was abandoned.


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