Egyptian Russian friendship monument

This large monument is located near the Aswan High Dam and honors Russian-Egyptian friendship.

The symbol of Egyptian friendship and the Soviet Union, is one of the distinctive tourist attractions in the city of Aswan in the Republic of Egypt, where the unique monument, with a distinctive architectural design, was established, to express the deep interdependence between the two countries, and the monument is a high tower surrounded by water fountains, and individuals can take the private elevator The tower and access to the platform at the top and watch a distinctive view of the dam and the surrounding area
 The symbol of Egyptian-Soviet friendship is located near the body of the High Dam in Aswan Governorate and is a witness to the strength of Egyptian-Russian relations since the era of the late President and leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The High Dam

The High Dam

 A competition was launched between architects and specialized companies to create a symbol that embodies the spirit of will and challenge between the Egyptian and Soviet sides in establishing the High Dam after its completion in 1964.
 Designed by Russian architect Yuri Umelitar Shenko, the symbol of Egyptian-Russian friendship was established in 1967.
 Its height is higher than the Cairo Tower due to the slope of the ground level from south to north, which is only 72 meters, while the height of the tower reaches about 600 meters.
 The symbol of friendship is in the form of an open lotus flower consisting of 5 leaves, implemented by the Egyptian Company for Armed Cement.
 The designer of the symbol of friendship chose the lotus flower because of its sanctity to the ancient Egyptians, which was represented by its ascent above the surface of the water, opening its five leaves at sunrise, closing it at sunset, and diving into the water again.
 The lotus flower has become a permanent symbol of southern Egypt, and the designer embodied the possibility of embodying the Soviet flag, consisting of a five-pointed star, an agricultural sickle, a hammer, and an artificial lake. The sickle is evidence of agriculture, the hammer is evidence of industry and the artificial lake is fishing.
 The symbol of friendship mediates ancient Egyptian history and the High Dam and represents the contemporary period to reflect the Egyptian ability to build a civilization in the past and his ability to make miracles in all ages.
 The symbol of friendship is one of the most important tourist attractions that every tourist or visitor to Aswan flocks to.


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