The First Great Pylon Of Philae Temple

Philae was associated with a lot of ancient Egyptian mythology, and as the books of archeologists and Egyptologists tell us, Philae saw the first construction erected during the reign of Nakhtnebo I, the last king of Egypt.

Philae temple

The oldest parts of the "Philae temple date back to the fourth century BC and most of the existing parts were built by the Ptolemaic and Romans at intervals that extended until the third century AD. All this historical information will be relevant and clear during your Egypt day tours. The early Christians added their touches to the island by turning the main pillar hall of the temple into a small church. They also built two churches on the site. In their time, some of the pagan temple inscriptions were distorted. They added some Christian inscriptions that were also not spared from distortion and time factors in the following eras. Phiale temple is located in Aswan, so it is a great chance to take a unique Egypt travel packages in Aswan to discover the best attractions or book a day tour in Nubian village to discover Aswan in a nubian style.

Today, the boats reach visitors in their Egypt Luxury tours on the island of Aglaia, where the temple is currently located, leaving them at the base of the Hall of Nectanebo. Heading north passes through the courtyard of the outer temple, which is bordered by column rows on both sides until it reaches the entrance to the temple of Isis, where the first edifice towers are located. In the central courtyard of the temple of Isis is the Mammisi, or the house of birth, which is dedicated to the god Horus. In the past, the Mammisi rituals were performed to celebrate the birth of a god. Kings were keen to participate in these rituals to confirm their belonging to the family of the god Horus.

After the construction of the old Aswan Dam and as a result of the high water reservoir formed with the construction of the dam, the Nile water flooded the island of "Philae '' and its temples for 6 months each year. In the 1960s, with the near completion of the construction of the High Dam, the situation worsened and the island and its effects were threatened with complete and forever drowning. In a wonderful and historic rescue operation carried out by UNESCO, the huge Isis temple complex on the island of Eleila was dismantled, moved, and rebuilt on a neighboring Nile island called Agilkia Island, which was prepared to be as similar to the holy island of Isis as possible. If you are a historical person and want to gain knowledge about Egyptian pharaohs book our Aswan day tours, there you will find a variety of temples and islands that you can try amazing Egypt Nile cruise tours. If you love history and want new places to discover king's tombs, book our Luxor day tours.

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