Ahnasia is known as Herakleopolis, the Roman name for the 20th century capital of ancient Upper Egypt.

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Ahnasia located 15 km west of Beni Suef, is known as Herakleopolis, is the Roman name of the capital of the 20th of ancient Upper Egypt, known in Ancient Egyptian as Het-Nesut  Child of the Pharaoh, now known as Ahmadiyya Umm al-Kimam
History of Ahnasia in ancient Egypt Early Dynastic Period: The date of the earliest is unknown but, the Palermo Stone showed king Den's visit to the sacred lake of Heryshef at Nenj-neswt.First Intermediate Period: after the breakdown of the Old Kingdom Egypt was split into Upper and Lower Egypt, Herakleopolis became the main city of Lower Egypt in the 9th and 10th Dynasties.Middle Kingdom: the city became the religious center of the cult of Heryshaf. and build the Temple of Heryshaf, Heracleopolis was defeated by Mentuhotep IIThird Intermediate Period: There were many new constructions of the temple and mortuary centers. it again became an important religious and political center. Ptolemaic Egypt: in the Ptolemaic period Herakleopolis was still an important religious and cultural center in Egypt. The Greek rulers’ connections and comparisons between their own gods and the gods of the land “Haryshef with Heracles” The site of Herakleopolis was occupied even into Roman times, in Sedmet el-Gebel founded houses dating to this period.
Monuments of Ahnasia is Medium Pyramid: The pyramid was built by King Huni, who was the last king of the third dynasty and was completed by King Snefru, the founder of the fourth dynasty, Meidum structure as the ‘first’ and original pyramid structure, between the early pyramids and the pyramids at Giza.

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