THE TOP 10 Cairo Shopping tours

Enjoy your fabulous shopping tour in Cairo and get the top 10 best gifts in Cairo shopping tours,

Cairo Full Day Shopping Tour

All Egyptian souvenirs are made in Egypt by Hand-Made, Now we will do a list for you dear to make it easy for your amazing shopping tour 

1-Golden souvenir  

we have more stories and bazaars for Egyptian golden souvenirs all made with gold Neckles Gold, Gold rings, Bracelet with gold 

2-Essense Perfumes 

In the ancient Egyptian beliefs, they associated  with Egyptian Gods and The Perfumes, And all aroma things  had a lot to do with its divine essence, So once you get the aromatherapy you may be pure and holy then you appreciated from Egyptian Godssmiley


The Oil's essence in Ancient Egypt were used for all classics, it's like they daily Body Lotion, But also have a big part in the operation of  mummification, they used it in treating bone and joint pain 

4-Cotton clothes 

Cotton is one of the most famous exports of Egypt and its called Sea Island Cotton and it was accredited for  Egyptian clothes, Now you can get your own clothes with 100% of Cotton just in Egypt

5-Cartouche (Silver or Gold )

The Egyptian Cartouche is a looped rope having the king name and his name title to give him the power among the horizon Gods, Without the Cartouch the king can't be reach to the heaven, And it was always made  with our precious gold But now we can mad it in Baazars with gold and silver also

6-Carpets and rugs 

Egyptian rugs and carpets is the most precious souvenirs , And Egypt has one of the world's largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets


The plant of Papyrus in Ancient Egyptian belief is a point to the holy life, So they used it as a paper to written in and in furniture making and also in sandals for kings and queens  


All the kings who ruled Egypt has statues, every queen sited on Egypt throne had a statues, So which one of them you like to have their statues in your own home 

9-Islamic gifts ( crystal glass )

10-Brass and Copperware