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  • Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat, also known as Mount Shayeb Al Banat, is a stunning mountain located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The mountain holds cultural significance and attracts visitors seeking natural beauty and captivating folklore.

  • Mummification Museum

    Mummification Museum

    The Mummification Museum is a unique and captivating destination that offers visitors an extraordinary glimpse into the ancient Egyptian art of mummification. It houses a vast collection of well-preserved mummies, artifacts, and interactive exhibits.

  • Esfinge no Deserto Branco - Formações de giz branco

    Esfinge no Deserto Branco - Formações de giz branco

    A Esfinge do Deserto Branco é uma impressionante formação rochosa natural localizada no Deserto Branco do Egipto. Assemelhando-se à criatura mítica da antiga tradição egípcia, esta estrutura hipnotizante ergue-se no meio de uma paisagem surrealista.

  • A Casa Inglesa no Egipto - Um Oásis Relíquia da Guerra e da Revolução

    A Casa Inglesa no Egipto - Um Oásis Relíquia da Guerra e da Revolução

    A Casa Inglesa no Egipto é um marco histórico que se ergue como uma relíquia cativante do passado tumultuoso da região, reflectindo o impacto da guerra e da revolução no oásis. Aninhada no meio do deserto egípcio, esta joia arquitetónica ocupa um lugar significativo na história.

  • Os melhores parques nacionais do Egito para conhecer o lado selvagem do país!

    Os melhores parques nacionais do Egito para conhecer o lado selvagem do país!

    É de conhecimento geral que o Egito tem um clima quente e paisagens desérticas, mas não se sabe tanto sobre os parques nacionais e as reservas naturais, que representam mais de 12% da área geográfica total do país. O Egito tem mais de 30 parques nacionais, cada um deles abrigando uma variedade de plantas e animais, alguns dos quais são nativos do Egito e só são encontrados lá. Os parques nacionais são destinos populares para os habitantes do Cairo, a capital, que vêm para respirar ar fresco longe da agitação da vida urbana. Os parques nacionais e as reservas de vida selvagem do país, que atraem visitantes de todo o mundo, são um dos principais destinos turísticos do Egito.

  •  Relaxar e descontrair à beira do lago na terra das pirâmides

     Relaxar e descontrair à beira do lago na terra das pirâmides

    As pessoas que preferem a paz e a tranquilidade gostariam, sem dúvida, de passar algum tempo sozinhas no meio da beleza natural do Egipto, perto dos lagos. A natureza proporciona-nos muita privacidade devido aos cursos de água tranquilos e ao chilrear dos pássaros. De facto, é um local maravilhoso para a auto-reflexão e o rejuvenescimento enquanto se aprecia o esplendor natural.

Fayoum Governorate Egypt | Fayoum Governorate Attractions

  • 05 16, 2023

 Fayoum Governorate Egypt 

1- valley of EL HITAN park
valley of Al-Hitan, one hundred fifty miles southwest of Cairo, could be a UN agency heritage website, remnants of the traditional Tethys ocean once Egypt was coated with water and ocean cows, crocodiles, and turtles swimming. however, its greatest claim to fame is the glimpse it provides into the evolution of whales.

Fayoum Governorate Attractions    

Fifty million years agone, whale ancestors walked toward land and additionally searched within the shallow seas, very similar to what ocean otters do these days. Over the succeeding ten million years, archdioceses (ancient whales) evolved an additional marine lifestyle. In 2016 the gully Al Hitan Wadi-Al-Hitan Egypt 360 Fossil and temperature change depository Wadi-Al-Hitan Change Climate Museum Egypt 360 opened with wonderful exhibits in English and Arabic describing the environmental changes over time within the space and the way land-based mammals evolved to come to the ocean. however, the fossils don't seem to be simply in showcases. Entire skeletons of Basilosaurus and Dorudon that also retain little hind limbs not seen in trendy whales area unit on show on a walking path laid low with invertebrate fossils and bone bits.

Wadi Al-Hitan receives solely one thousand guests a year. Access is via four WD vehicles over a sand-blown road. Our driver enjoyed giving the USA an additional thrill by going cross-country sometimes to navigate sand dunes and showing off his conveyance acrobatics. 

The waterwheels in the Fayoum area unit among the foremost attention-grabbing ancient sites in Fayoum, Over two hundred of them straddle the Canals, distinctive to the world, the wood wheels area unit driven by the fast-moving water of the Canals and were introduced into Fayoum throughout the Ptolemaic times.

They are four to five Meters in Diameter and Coated with black tar to safeguard the wood, every waterwheel will elevate the water three meters, Spilling it onto higher ground, Jan is the Month put aside throughout Egypt for the cleanup of the Canals, The sluices area unit closed the Fayoum all the functioning waterwheels area unit clean and repaired.

In addition to the Four inarticulate  and unarticulate within the Center of town, The noted seven, a trademark of Fayoum of Fayoum area unit set within the rural area on Bahr sinners, There area unit further waterwheels on varied Canals within the space

The Pyramid of Hawara ( Arsinoiton Polis) was designed by King Amunemhat III throughout the twelfth family the Pyramid, its casing removed within the Roman times, sounds like a heap of dust, however, the positioning was one of the foremost vital anthropology discoveries in Egypt.
The Mortuary temple was the labyrinth that thus lost The greek individual ( Herodotus) I visited this Place and located it to surpass the descriptions( He aforesaid the Labyrinth was believed to own been hewn from one single rock and Contained over 3000 rooms, it absolutely was additionally mentioned by virtually each ancient individual Strabo, Diodorus
Here at Hawara 146, Fayoum portraits were found within the memorial park North of the Pyramids( you'll be able to see many of them  at Kom Aushim depository and in Cairo Museum)

The depository is a sweet place to choose guides to all or any elements of Fayoum. The depository was originally erected in 1974. It Exhibits artifacts and chemical analysis from the Prehistoric to Roman Periods it additionally Exhibits Fayoum Portrait
( The Lord`s Town) is one of the biggest Greco-Roman Cities within the Fayoum. based within the Third Century B.c and Originally peopled by the Mercenaries of Ptolemy the Second`s Army. the town has 2 temples 

5-WADI EL RAYAN water and  the MAGIC LAKE
Wadi El Rayan could be a depression forty-two Meters below water level and covers 673 K.m.In 1966 this depression became a water reservoir once it absolutely was connected with Qarun Lake by underground Pipes

One of the foremost lovely lakes in Egypt, commanding sand dunes, is the Magic lake. round the lake offers you the prospect to witness one of the foremost conspicuous sunsets you may ever see.

The Magic Lake may be a lovely lake settled in the valley of El Rayan in Fayoum. it absolutely was named the Magic lake because it changes its colors many times on a daily basis reckoning the time of year and also the quantity of daylight it receives.
It is an Associate in Nursing astonishingly lovely place encircled by desert. folks pay their time hiking & sandboarding beside Magic Lake or perhaps swimming within the lake itself.
The lake contains minerals that are aforesaid to assist treat patients with rheumatism.
It’s merely a wizardly place for a wizardly trip.
Al Mudawara
Seven Kilometres south of the falls, on the left jap facet of the road, Is a picturesque space referred to as  Al Mudawara, The Lookout, There are 3  Mountain on the lakeside, it's  a favorite parcel

Madinet Madi, the town of the Past is taken into account by some to be the foremost vital ancient website within the Fayoum, it's a middle Kingdom temple, in-built the twelfth family line by Amunmehet III and dedicated to Renenutet, The Serpent Goddes, The temple has been dilated throughout the Ptolemaic times

Dimeh al-Siba (Dime, Dima, and close Qasr al-Sangha) on the northern facet of Lake Qaroun is one among the foremost fascinating within the Fayoum, Dimeh al-Siba, Dimeh of the Lions, was a Ptolemaic town believed to be based by Ptolemy II within the third century B.C., on a web site that shows proof of habitation from the Neolithic amount. Today, it's additionally isolated, however throughout Ptolemaic times it absolutely was at the shore of the abundant larger lake, located at the sting of Moeris Bay and also the starting of the caravan routes into the Western Desert, The ruins of Dimeh al-Siba contain the 2 temples, houses, underground chambers, streets and ten-meter high walls that are generally up to 5 meters thick. The walls themselves are a testament to the survivability of mudbrick within the desert surroundings. the bottom is strewn with detritus. Associate in Nursing uncountable variety of shards cowl the whole temple mound. 

Situated within the north of Lake Qaroun in Gabal Qatrani is the largest petrified forest in the world, home to forty meters high trees that have survived in ossified kind for thousands of years

The Golden Fortress(Qaser Al Sagha) is an Associate in Nursing uncommon  Middle kingdom, The building is located North of the lake, and The temple is built of sedimentary rock. The performance of this uncommon temple is unclear.


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Viagens do Egito FAQ

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Fayoum, também conhecida como Fayyum ou Fayum, é uma província do Egito conhecida por suas belas paisagens naturais e locais históricos. Algumas das atrações turísticas famosas de Fayoum incluem:

Wadi El Hitan (Vale das Baleias): Esse Patrimônio Mundial da UNESCO é famoso por seus fósseis bem preservados de baleias antigas e outras formas de vida marinha. Ele oferece uma oportunidade única de aprender sobre a evolução dos mamíferos marinhos.

O Lago Qarun, também conhecido como Lago Moeris, é o maior lago de água salgada do Egito. Oferece vistas pitorescas, oportunidades de passeios de barco e é o habitat de várias espécies de pássaros.

Karanis (Kom Aushim): Esse sítio arqueológico exibe os restos de uma antiga cidade greco-romana, incluindo templos, casas e banhos. O local fornece informações sobre a história e a arquitetura da região.

Pirâmide de Hawara: A Pirâmide de Amenemhat III em Hawara é uma antiga pirâmide construída durante o período do Reino Médio. Embora não seja tão famosa quanto as pirâmides de Gizé, é um local histórico interessante para ser explorado.

Qasr Qarun (Templo de Dionísio): Esse templo bem preservado, dedicado ao deus Dionísio, data da era ptolemaica e apresenta colunas e relevos impressionantes.

Arquitetura de tijolos de barro: Fayoum é conhecida por sua arquitetura tradicional de tijolos de barro, que pode ser vista em muitos vilarejos. O design e a construção exclusivos desses edifícios são atrações por si só.

Wadi El Rayan: esse é outro belo vale em Fayoum, com dois lagos, o superior e o inferior, e uma cachoeira. É um local popular para piqueniques e atividades ao ar livre.

Medinet Madi: esse sítio arqueológico abriga as ruínas de uma antiga cidade que remonta ao período greco-romano. Os visitantes podem explorar os restos de templos, estátuas e outras estruturas.

Qasr Al-Sagha: também conhecido como o "Palácio do Deserto", esse local histórico consiste em várias estruturas antigas bem preservadas, incluindo uma fortaleza e uma igreja.

Magic Lake (Lago Mágico): Localizado no vilarejo de Tunis, o Magic Lake é um local sereno e cênico onde os visitantes podem passear de barco e relaxar em um ambiente tranquilo.


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