Gouvernorat de Dakahlia Egypte | Histoire du gouvernorat de Dakahlia

Le gouvernorat de Dakahlia se trouve dans la partie nord-est de l'Égypte et comprend dix-huit villes. Sa capitale est Mansoura et la métropole, Le Caire, se trouve au sud-ouest de la province de Dakahlia.

Dakahlia cities history 

Mansoura the town was based in 1219 and received its name to commemorate the success of the Egyptian troops over the military of the French King St. Louis throughout his Seventh Crusade, once Louis was captured and controlled captive during this town.

Mansoura is additionally traditionally necessary due to the Mansoura Air Battle, fought with the Israeli Air Force on Oct fourteen, 1973 wherever Egypt won the battle; due to the success, Oct fourteen of every year is ascertained as ‘Air Force Day’ across Egypt. Mansoura National depository may be a nice traveler attraction. It homes totally different artifacts utilized by the King of France from once he was controlled captive during this location known as the house of Dar Ibn skilled worker in 1250. additionally to several swords and armors from the crusaders, the depository contains maps and enormous paintings representational process scenes from the known Battle of Mansoura. The University of Mansoura is currently world known for the purported urogenital medicine and medical specialty Center of professors. Muhammad Ghonim.

The Shinnawi Palace and also the place of worship of El-Saleh Ayoub El-Kebir area unit 2 alternative buildings that area unit favorite traveler attractions. Belqas This village is especially noted for several ancient palaces and villas, designed by varied Egyptian princes and made by traders. the foremost outstanding place to go to in Belqas, however, is the Coptic Orthodox religious residence of Saint Demiana.

Dikirnis This city is the center of Dekernes Markaz and is surrounded by several alternative villages. it's set to the east of Mansour, the capital of Dakahlia governorate. Dikirnis is the website of the oldest Gymnasium in Egypt, Ali solon faculty, which was in-built in 1911.

Mit Ghamr This city is understood for manufacturing aluminum, and most of the aluminum production in Egypt comes from MIT Ghamr. because of the flourishing industry, this city is densely populated. In terms of business, MIT Ghamr is most well-known for being the house of the revered Muslim scholar sheik Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, notable Egyptian writer Alawadi Elwakil and known Egyptian jurist Mortada Mansour. the primary Muslim bank of the globe was additionally created in this city, by Dr. Ahmad El Najjar, which may be a massive and for those curious about the richness of Muslim history. an oversized and delightful Coptic Orthodox Church, named Mari Girgis Church is another major traveler attraction in MIT Ghamr.

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