Os Oásis no Egipto | Oásis egípcios

Todo o oásis do Egipto é como um mito, o lugar, o povo, a história e a geografia, é uma parte antiga do mar e ainda há muitas conchas nas suas areias. Mas em tempos antigos fazia parte do antigo Egipto.

Os Oásis no Egipto 

And here are the Oasis displayed below with all its fascinating information.

1-Siwa Oasis:

Oásis egípcios

Travel from Cairo to Siwa Oasis to see the Palm trees and olive trees are spread over its lands and hot water flows from the underground, that dates back to ancient Roman times to tell, and each spring tells stories and stories about the history of the Oasis of Legends because of the presence of the Temple of the Oracle, where the coronation of Alexander the Great took place, Mountain of the Dead which has several tombs, the most important of them are the tombs of " Si Amon" and "Thebear Pathot" that's why it is considered one of the most important and best tourist attractions located in Siwa which can be visited through all Trips from Cairo to Siwa Oasis. The road from Cairo to Siwa Oasis takes about 9 hours of driving.

2-El Dakhlka Oasis:

 El Dakhla Oasis is located between El Farafra and El Kharga, when you visit the Dakhla Oasis you will see different communities adapted to the exciting ways of life in the desert. There are many monuments such as the Kasbah archaeological village of the Ottoman Palace, and the eyes of water, and springs of hot water, in its center is the city of Mut. It is the largest in the Egyptian Oases in terms of population, size of agricultural activity, and animal production.

3-El Kharga:

 The city of Kharga is the capital of the New Valley Governorate, where the important government interests, and the springs of hot sulfur water, some of which temperature is up to 43 degrees Celsius, and in the old part of which mud-brick buildings in narrow streets that are covered with wood and palm trees, and each street had a gate closed if any attack happens. You can find there the temple of Hibis which was built around the 6th century B.C which was originally planned as a dedication to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. And also El Bagawat is a Christian cemetery.

4-El Bahareya Oasis:

El Bahareya is located in the western desert about 360 km from Cairo, The Bahariya Oasis is distinguished by black mountains that are around it is a fascinating view, it contains a lot of important monuments that dates back to the Pharaonic, Greek, and Roman eras, like El Bawiti that dates back to the 26th dynasty which is a group of tombs built from Limestone. You will get to see all the beauty of Bahariya Oasis in Egypt which is non-comparable with any other desert destination.

5-El Farafra Oasis:

 Al Farafra is located 170 km south of the Bahariya Oasis, and 627 km away from Cairo via the Cairo-Oasis oasis road, it is the smallest oasis in the Western Desert, and when you visit it you will notice the palm trees, sunflowers, and the guava. Which the oasis depends on their cultivation, within the Oasis, located in the Palace of the Farafra. You can get to visit El Farafra and view other places through a desert safari adventure in Egypt, which is located in the ruins of the ancient Roman castle, which was established to protect this area from the road of desert caravans.

Also, the beautiful White Desert is located very close to Farafra Oasis, only 45 KM North of the town of Farafra and it is beyond your expectations as it is completely covered in cream-colored sand. White desert tours mainly start from Cairo and take about 5 hours driving, so usually, the White desert trip from Cairo takes at least 2 days to enjoy all the charming scenery and natural formations during the White desert safari in Egypt, camping in the white desert is a very exciting experience.

6-El Qara Oasis:

The population of the oasis is estimated at less than 700. They speak Amazigh as well as Arabic, as the people of Siwa Oasis. The people live in single-story houses, built with the material which consists of mixing mud with salt, and the houses are located close to the archaeological houses inhabited by the ancestors at the top of a high hill.

7-Baris Oasis:

Baris is located to the south of the new valley governorate, it is located within 90 Km from El Kharga Oasis, the area includes a temple and a castle, and a cemetery. It dates back to the Roman era, where the Egyptian oases in that era flourished, castles, and forts were built to protect these roads. The most famous of the oasis discoveries is the Temple of Isis in Douche, which is known as the Temple of Dosh, which was built in the Roman era and there is also an old Turkish fortress and an old Coptic church.

8-El Fayoum Oasis:

 El Fayoum is in the heart of the Western Desert, 130 km to the southwest of Cairo, and is surrounded by high plateaus and separated from the Nile Valley edge. The region is characterized by its beauty and its mild atmosphere throughout the year. At the area appeared prehistoric civilizations that left their timeless print like the Pharaonic, Greko- Roman, Coptic, and Islamic monuments. Like the Hawara Pyramid built by king Amenemhat the 3rd. You can enjoy a Day Tour to El Fayoum and Wadi El-Rayan all together on a day trip.Gostaria de desfrutar de uma viagem através do Egipto? pode fazê-lo acontecer e passar um dia a visitar Alexandria, Giza, Luxor, Assuão para ver os magníficos templos dos Faraós pintados com belas cores com todos os detalhes e imagens de todos os deuses do antigo Egipto, explorar muitas aventuras e coisas para fazer no Cairo, pode tentar e reservar uma das nossas viagens ao Egipto e pacotes de viagens ao Egipto, muitos grupos privados guiados de excursões de um dia no Cairo a partir do aeroporto e excursões de um dia no Egipto para explorar a capital do Egipto, Cairo pode verificar muitos dos nossos itinerários de excursões ao Egipto ou fazer uma das nossas excursões completas de um dia no Cairo como: