El Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla oasis is considered one of the oases in the Sahara desert, it is located between Farafra oasis and Kharga oasis, and its capital is Mut village, which is an area of green land covered with small trees and there are many plants and trees adjacent to the water springs running in the oases, such as palm trees, and it is characterized by fertile soils, and most of the oasis land is suitable for agriculture.

Dakhla Oasis is considered one of the most attractive Oases in Egypt. In the oasis, there are more than 500 thermal springs such as those of Bir Tarfawi and Bir Al-Gebel, in addition to charming adobe houses and ruins of the medieval era of the towns of Al-Qasr and Balat.

Dakhla is organized around the main town, Mut, a city that dates back to Pharaonic times and named after goddess Mut the consort of god Amun-Re. Although Mut has evolved to become a modern tourist enclave, today you can still see remains of the old town.
Wander through the alleyways of the old part with a guide, race with local merchants or take a bicycle and get to know the area at your own pace. In Dakhla, you can also pamper yourself with luxury at Al Tarfa Luxury Lodge and Spa, a desert sanctuary dedicated to well-being and great wealth.

Tourists visit the Dakhla oasis for a relaxing holiday at the Al Tarfa Lodge spa or enjoy a treatment in the western desert. Summer temperatures can reach 35-45 degrees.

Dakhla can hardly be considered a single unit. It is rather a series of small towns and hamlets scattered along the road, but it offers the most beautiful landscapes and the most remarkable perspectives of all the oases of the western desert. Plantations of olives, oranges, and dates are interspersed with sand dunes along the road. The localities of the oasis shelter almost all interesting remains like the Tombs of Al-Muzawaka which dates from the Pharaonic period or Al-Qasr, charming medieval city, made of clay bricks, some of which buildings date from the 10th century. It is a real maze of narrow streets and secret passages. Built at the foot of limestone cliffs and it is the example of the medieval Islamic city dominated by the mosque Nasr el-Din high minaret bristling with rough logs reminiscent of the minarets of mosques in Black Africa. In Al-Qasr, the minaret is built in the Ayyubid style (1171-1250).

Balat and Bashandi are also traditional villages with definite charm. The only accommodations are located in Mut, which also offers some cafes and comfortable hotels.
A few kilometers before Qasr lies the interesting Roman ruin of Deir El Haggar. This place was once under the sand, which explains its extraordinary preservation. Admiring these paintings dating back 2000 years is quite amazing. On the other side of this restored Roman temple complex are conical hills, which are home to many tombs. Some were searched, some were looted.

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