Temple of the Oracle at Siwa Oasis

Temple of Oracle at Siwa Oasis | Temple of Alexander the Great in Siwa


Temple of the Oracle in Siwa, or also known as the temple of Alexander the Great is one of the most interesting sites that you will see during the Siwa Oasis tour from Cairo. The importance of the temple comes from being famous after Alexander the Great visited the Temple seeking the answer from God Amun that he is the pharaoh son of Zeus (Amon in ancient Egyptian religion) and he has the power over the whole kingdom of Egypt in the 4th Century B.C. The temple was built during the 26th Dynasty in the New Kingdom epoch of Ancient Egyptian history to be dedicated to the Triad of Amun, (Amun, Mut, and Khonso). It was said that the temple of the oracle was built over a well known as the Solar Well, and the ancient Agurmi Village which was built from the Kershif method of building which is the traditional building method in Siwa, the kershif style is simply mixing clay with salt which gives the structure more strength and to keep it cooler from inside during summer hot temperature.

The Solar Well of God Amun was said to be discovered by Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine when he was lost in the desert, another story tells that it was found by two priests who had been exiled from Luxor and lost in the desert around the area of Siwa, one of the two priests was believed to be the one who spoke the oracle.

The people of Agurmi Village left the place after heavy rains in 1935 took place and melted-down parts of the village, so they settled in the area behind the Temple.

The temple was built during the 26th Dynasty by Amasis to encourage the people to come and settle in the area of Siwa Oasis to be able to cultivate the land all year long thanks to the underground water, because the Nile River water rises during flood time.

It was said that Alexander the great arrived the area where the temple was built, after a group of birds led the way to Siwa from Matrouh (Amunia at that time), no one knows what was the answer to Alexander the Great but the answer must have been confirmative, yet, who would be the sun of the sun God Amun if not Alexander who succeeded to conquer such a great empire only in his early 30's.

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