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Cairo Top Tours is your gateway to Travel in Egypt now to explore the no man's land, the spacious Sahara desert with its captivating colors and golden sand dunes. Come and see our distinct variety of Egypt adventurous desert safari trips! Get off the beaten path and set out to the Sahara Desert for a short or long escapade. You can start your trip in Egypt with our amazing Cairo Day Tours to enjoy our popular tour to Giza Pyramids Sphinx,  the Egyptian Museum tours, Khan El Khalili, then fly to Luxor to tour the Valley of the Kings, Kanak temple and many historic sites on board a fantastic Egypt Nile River Cruise trip, before traveling to The Egyptian Oases or venturing off on our Siwa Oasis tour from Cairo to see the spectacular views of the Great Sand Sea, the white desert, and the Black desert. You will be fascinated by the beautiful formations of the quartz crystal mountains through the White Desert Tour from Cairo. Secure your space in our Egypt Travel Packages and desert safari trips now with Cairo Top Tours to enjoy traveling from Cairo to Siwa Oasis, Bahriya Oasis, Farafra Oasis, Dakhla and Kharga oases!! We'll see you there!!!

If you have the time, also check our amazing Egypt vacations' selections:

Desert Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert | White Desert Egypt Tour

Desert Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert | Egypt

2 Days

Do you like unique landscapes, adventure, and nature? then explore our desert Safari to Bahariya Oasis and the beautiful White Desert tour in Egypt for 2 days. You will get to see the desert's sceneries and the perfection of the Bahariya Oasis. Don't miss the chance, submit your request and we will assist you within minutes!

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Cairo, Oases and Nile Cruise Tour Package | Egypt Desert Tours

Cairo, Oases and Nile Cruise Tour Package | Egypt

13 Days /12 Nights

Choose between our variety of Egypt travel packages when you plan to travel to Egypt, this Cairo, Oases, and the Nile Cruise Tour Package will give you the possibility to see the main sightseeing tours in Luxor and Aswan while cruising the Nile River, have an amazing desert safari adventure to Bahariya, Dakhla, Farafra and Kharga Oasis through Egypt Desert Safari Tours.

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Siwa, Bahariya and White Desert Tour Package | Siwa Oasis from Cairo

Siwa Oasis, Bahariya, and White Desert Tour Package | Egypt

7 Days /6 Nights

Explore the most majestic Egypt Desert Safari trips and enjoy now our Siwa Oasis, Bahariya, and the Great White Desert Tour Package if you intend to travel to Egypt, Have your eyes pleased with the magic and beauty of the mesmerizing landscapes at one of the most attractive protected areas in Egypt. Siwa Oasis from Cairo.

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White Desert Egypt Tour | Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis and White Desret

Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis and White Desert 3 Days 2 Nights | Egypt

3 Days / 2 Nights

White Desert Egypt Tours is an astonishing experience including the Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert in only 3 days, make the most of Egypt desert safari tours and enjoy Bahariya Oasis, the museum of Golden Mummies, tombs of the nobles in Bahariya Oasis and many more during our desert safari Egypt tours!

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2 Days Bahariya Oasis and White Desert Budget Tour | Bahariya Oasis Tour

Bahariya Oasis and White Desert Budget Tour for 2 Days 1 Night | Egypt

2 Days / 1 Night

Discover Bahariya Oasis, the Black and the White Desert also if you are traveling on a fixed budget, within only 2 days you will visit Bahariya Oasis and spend a gorgeous night camping in the White Desert, enjoy the Western Desert views and relax your mind and soul by this Bahariya Oasis Tour!

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Siwa Oasis Desert Safari from Cairo 5 Days 4 Nights | Egypt Desert Safari Trips

Private Tour to Siwa Oasis Desert Safari from Cairo 5 Days 4 Nights | Egypt

5 Days / 4 Nights

Explore Siwa Oasis and get adventurous Desert Safari from Cairo in 5 Days/ 4 Nights, Siwa is the most isolated Oasis that offers a unique desert adventure, Travel to Siwa and discover its mysteries. Visit Shali, the melted town, and Temple of the Oracle. Enjoy an excursion into the Great Sand Sea and explore the desert’s magical landscapes!

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Desert Safari Trip to Gara Cave 5 days | Gara Cave Tours

Desert Safari Trip to Gara Cave 5 days 4 nights | Egypt

5 Days / 4 Nights

Enjoy every moment of your tours in Egypt during this full Desert Safari in 5 days to the Gara Cave which is located near the caravan trail attaching the Farafra Oasis and Assiut city, Enjoy the Bahariya Oasis with its green forests and beautiful sceneries before experiencing 3 nights camping in the Western Desert traveling through the White Desert, the Black Desert, Crystal Mountains, Valley of Agabat, Ain Khadra and Gara Cave safari trip!

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Desert Safari Trip to Wadi El Rayan and Wadi Hitan

Desert Safari Trip to Wadi El Rayan and Wadi Hitan | Egypt

Day Trip

Experience an outstanding day tour to Wadi El Rayan and Wadi Hitan desert safari visiting Egypt’s largest oasis, El-Fayoum, and from there you will begin an adventure to Wadi El Rayan with its gorgeous lake and waterfalls, then take the road leading to Wadi Hitan, the area that has been announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being soo rich in archaic historical evidence!.

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Siwa Oasis Tour from Cairo | Siwa Oasis Desert Safari

Siwa Oasis Tour from Cairo | Egypt

8 Days

Enjoy our astounding 8 days tour package to discover Siwa Oasis from Cairo and get the most out of the adventure of the desert safari experience at Siwa Oasis. Visit Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum before exploring the Western Desert, Siwa Oasis!

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Cairo to White Desert and Bahariya Oasis Tour | White Desert Egypt Tour

Cairo to White Desert and Bahariya Oasis Tour | Egypt

3 Days /2 Nights

Explore the White Desert in Egypt while you tour the Bahariya Oasis, Black and the White Desert from Cairo to taste the beauty of the comprehensive isolation and calm for 3 days and 2 nights. You will have an amazing trip to Bahariya Oasis From Cairo on the 1st day then you will get to enjoy the Black Desert with a new experience of camping in the White Desert for the entire night before getting back to Cairo. Explore more Desert Safari to Bahariya Oasis!

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