Cleopatra VII The last Petolmy kings 

The seventh Cleopatra is Cleopatra VII. As the world's most famous monarch, Cleopatra VI, last king of the Petolmy, is regarded. Her name is called "Cleopatra" and it is "the glory of her father."

Cleopatra VII is known as the most famous queen in the world 

Cleopatra VII is known as one the most famous queen in the world The title of Cleopatra meaning Glory of her father is a very special name for her she is a famous character in world history, she sets on the Egyptian throne after the death of her father, as Egyptian queen in the fifty-first century BC the king Ptolemy XII had three sons Petolmy XIII Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIII and as know, if the king still under the age he can help with a guardian but Cleopatra decided to be the queen of Egypt, that is in a Greek-Roman side  was  unacceptable she is still a woman but in the other side, Egyptian side it was sort of acceptable we also have a background for queens whos ruled Egypt (Hatshepsut, Nefertiti)

Cleopatra Tomb

Cleopatra was very loved by the Egyptian people, she was around all of them, she can speak the old Egyptian language and wore Egyptian clothes the only one who used the oil perfume and made some edits of it resulting in until now we called it the special oil perfume of Cleopatra and it uses in some medical cases and spa  for it  like all Egyptian although she is one of Pteolmy family so  the Egyptian consider her one of them 

  Cleopatra was the real king who controls of Egypt even she sharing the throne with his little brother Ptelomy XIII,  the superintelligence for Cleopatra make her focuses the attention of the rest kings, one of them is Julius Ceaser 

as Cleopatra was one of the famous figures in history; Dramatically, she was famous for the love of Julius Caesar, and her later marriage to Mark Antony, and she was a model for the glamorous and beautiful romantic woman of that era, but historically it had a great impact on Roman politics in light of its critical circumstances that she was going through, it ruled Egypt immediately death of her father with her brother Ptolemy the Thirteenth, and that was from fifty-one BC to the year forty-seven BC, then she ruled with her brother Ptolemy the fourteenth until the year forty-four BC, then she ruled with her son Ptolemy Caesar until the year thirty BC, as This coincided with the fall of Egypt under the control of the Romans after the joint defeat of Cleopatra and Antony against the Roman armies of Octavian.
 About the life of Cleopatra, the ruler of Egypt, Ptolemy XII, who was called Auletes, received his third child in the royal family in the winter of sixty-nine BC, and this child was named Cleopatra, which means in Greek the glory of her father, where Cleopatra joined the dynasty That ruled Egypt for more than two hundred and fifty years; [2] starting with Ptolemy I, who served in the fourth century BC as a general during the reign of Alexander the Great, and finally with the rule of Cleopatra. [3]

 Cleopatra was distinguished by many traits that she inherited from the Ptolemies. She appeared as an Egyptian citizen, except that her Greek origin was from her bloodstream, and Cleopatra - also known as Cleopatra VII historically - grew up in a palace located in Alexandria, where this palace included five sisters and brothers in addition to Cleopatra, whose mother’s identity has not been confirmed by history. It is reported that their mother was the sister of Ptolemy XII, who was called Cleopatra the Fifth, as the pharaohs in the past used to marry their sister; Affected by the lives of the gods they worship. 
 Cleopatra and her brothers were raised in a way that allowed the continuation of this dynasty, which allowed women to rule independently, or to be partners with men in that so that they would receive education to be prepared for the rule of the Empire and manage its responsibility just as a man receives in the ruling families, as this happens according to the Egyptian law that he followed The Ptolemies of the time,  and Cleopatra was a beautiful and charming woman who charmed many of the important personalities of her era with her attractive personality, in addition to what she was distinguished by from a beautiful musical voice, and sharp intelligence represented in her political acumen in particular, and Cleopatra is mentioned that she spoke nine languages, In addition to being the first to speak the Egyptian language from the Pharaonic Ptolemies. 
 The rule of Cleopatra in Egypt began the rule of Cleopatra, aged eighteen years, and her brother Ptolemy the Thirteenth, when her father Ptolemy XII died in the year fifty-one BC, despite the possibility of a bond that culminated in a sacred marriage between the two brothers according to the customs of the Ptolemies at the time, but her brother Ptolemy III Ten expelled from Alexandria in the year forty-nine BC as a result of the instigations of his advisors. Cleopatra fled to Syria and formed an army of mercenaries to recover the stolen throne. 
Cleopatra and Julius Caesar Cleopatra returned to Egypt in the forty-eighth BC to confront her brother Ptolemy XIII on the eastern borders of Egypt in Pelusium, to coincide with the flight of Commander Pompey from Rome to Egypt as a result of a civil war between him and Caesar, before he was assassinated by Ptolemy III Ten minutes after his arrival in Egypt, it is reported that Cleopatra, twenty-one years old, had prepared herself in the forty-seventh BC to meet Caesar, who arrived in Egypt to help her solve her case with her brother, as she was able to reach the palace by smuggling herself into a carpet to reach Caesar's bedroom, who He was fifty-two years old at the time, to see her brother Ptolemy the Thirteenth together on the next morning, according to Cassius Dio. [4] When Ptolemy XIII felt the danger of Caesar and his fear of eliminating him after seeing him with Cleopatra, he joined his younger sister Arsinoe, who was banished To Rome in the forty-seventh BC after Caesar had achieved a great victory against Ptolemy XIII in the Battle of the Nile, which resulted in the restoration of the throne to Cleopatra and her younger brother Ptolemy the Fourteenth, and in the year 6 Eds and forty BC Cleopatra gave birth to a son named Ptolemy Caesar. BC, and with her was her younger brother and husband - according to the customs of the Ptolemies - Ptolemy XIV, and her son Caesarion.


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