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Make your vacation special by taking a day tour to see Nuweiba one of Egypt's most panoramic and perfect locations. Our guide will accompany you to Nuweiba's most impressive sights, like the rainbow canyon and a variety of other things to do and see in this charming small town. Book now!

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Benefit from Nuweiba weather at this time and enjoy the scenic view of Nuweiba beaches when you go to Nuweiba. You can also amuse yourself with a fantastic spot to make the Nuweiba camps with your friends and live the Bedouin life along the coast. Take advantage of the pleasant weather and nearby beaches. Now is the perfect time to book your tour with us.

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Hike through these spectacular canyons with narrow passages and towering, amazingly coloured walls after visiting the stunning mountains near Nuweiba. Our guides will take you to the coast of Nuweiba for a Bedouin Night there. Book now!

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Nuweiba has the largest and most magnificent Nuweiba-colored canyon, It has the widest beach, which is fitting for your swimming and making sandcastles. Discover the hidden beauty of the colored canyon in narrow mountain passages on your day trip from Sharm El Sheikh to the beautiful city of Nuweiba.

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Getting to know the Egyptian civilization, and Egyptian history is very interesting, and you can discover it while visiting the Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic monuments in Cairo on the same trip and on the same day, and it is considered one of the special trips that combine all of these.

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The best time to visit Egypt and the appropriate tourism seasons in Egypt are in the winter and spring, as Egypt is distinguished by its mild climate, suitable for hiking, wandering, and experiencing sports games and various tourist activities. The end of the summer season is also good in coastal places and on the beaches.

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A guided exploratory trip to the most important tourist and entertainment attractions in Cairo for a day and night inside a Cairo hotel.

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You can visit the Pyramids of Giza to see one of the greatest wonders of the world on this tour, where you can see the Sphinx, and the three pyramids, and discover more about Egyptian history. Another elegant way to see everything in the Khufo Pyramid and Enjoy a camel ride.

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Learn about Egyptian history while touring Cairo's sights. With awe-inspiring landscapes and nice weather, on this tour, you will fly from Nuweiba to Cairo for a visit to the ancient land of the pharaohs, the pyramids of Giza, and Saqqara. There you will see the evidence of the greatness of Egyptian pharaohs.

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Embark on a unique adventure with this tour, beginning with a visit to the Giza Pyramids and Saqqara after being picked up from the airport. Then, proceed to experience another intriguing ambiance by boarding a traditional Egyptian boat on the Nile, relishing in the atmosphere, and breathing in the fresh air that can refresh the mind and soul.

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Nuweiba is an Egyptian coastal city located on the Sinai Peninsula overlooking the Red Sea. The city is famous for the port of Nuweiba. And it is a tourist-agricultural-commercial area, as it is a maj...

You're eligible for a Genius discount at Nuweiba Club Resort! This Red Sea resort features an 823 m private beach stretching along the Gulf of Aqaba.

Syn Beach Club is a renovated campground in Nuweiba, where guests can make the most of its private beach area and fitness centre. This beachfront property offers access to a terrace, free private park...


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Cairo International Airport offers various affordable transportation options, including taxis, Uber, and the subway. Taxis are the fastest and most common, but avoid white taxis, as they may have inflated fares. Uber is preferred for GPs and meters. The metro is also a popular and accessible option due to frequent traffic congestion.

Discover the vibrant Canyon of Sharm El Sheikh for a day. We'll take a scenic drive through Wadi Watir, which offers breathtaking views of the Sinai Peninsula connecting Nuweiba with Nakhl. Afterward, we'll return to Nuweiba where you can enjoy a refreshing one-hour swim during our Egypt Day tours in Aqaba Bay.

There are two ways to get from Nuweiba to Dahab: bus and minivan. The quickest way of transportation is a minivan, which takes about 55 minutes.

The city of Nuweiba enjoys a distinguished geographical location, as it is located near the Gulf of Aqaba and the city of Dahab. The city of Nuweiba owns many important camps, such as Wadi Al-Washwash camp and Ras El-Shaitan camp. Nuweiba includes many luxury hotels and resorts.

You can make many excursions like (Snorkeling - Diving - Parasailing - Safari tour)

Nuweiba enjoys a distinguished geographical location, as it is located in the city of Sinai near the Gulf of Aqaba and is also one of the closest cities to the city of Dahab. This city is characterized by dazzling natural landscapes and beautiful warm beaches, in addition to that you will find many famous camps such as Ras al-Shaitan camp.

Nuweiba is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coral reefs. Popular attractions include the Blue Hole, a renowned diving and snorkeling site, Ras Abu Galum Protected Area, where you can enjoy hiking and camel trekking, and the scenic Colored Canyon.


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