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Port Said Shore tours You will witness a fusion of various civilizations along with amazing colossal sightseeing that spans from the early 1950s to the old kingdom in ancient...

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Travel through the ages: see the iconic pyramids which are one of the world’s wonders, you also can see the large collection of artifacts of the Egyptian Museum. Then, see the beautiful artistic products of Khan El Kilili.

Start From $95 / Day Trip

From port said start the exciting adventure, revealing the secrets of El Giza pyramids, and the mummification process secrets. In addition, see the different pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur: the bent and red pyramids.

Start From $95 / Day Trip

Visit three magnificent Egyptian cities: from port Said to Cairo to the marvelous iconic pyramids and Sphinx. Moreover, visit Alexandria the great city with its shores, massive library, and Lighthouse.

Start From $160 / 2 Days / 1 Night

Two amazing days to be spent between the two cities of Cairo and port Said: you can visit the great Cairo and see the marvelous artifacts of the Egyptian Civilizations and the secrets of Pharaoh's kingdom.

Start From $220 / 2 Days / 1 Night

Live a beautiful trip when you can enjoy starting from the beginning of the tour from port said and Visite Cairo. See the miracles of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, and Sphinx and enjoy an enchanting cruise with a delicious dinner.

Start From $105 / Day Trip

see the marvelous Sphinx which represents the guardian of the great king's pyramids from port said tour to Cairo. in addition, see the beautiful sun rays above the pyramids within the chilling camel ride.

Start From $110 / Day Trip

See the Egyptian miracles of civilization by seeing the great pyramids of El Giza, and the unique statue of the Sphinx. Then, see a large collection of unique artifacts, jewels, and mummies of the ancient Egyptians within your tour from the port said.

Start From $120 / Day Trip

See the best vintage Islamic monuments in Islamic Cairo tour from the port said. You will enjoy discovering the holy mosques and seeing how its beautifully decorated inside out in our shore excursions.

Start From $90 / 1 day

Let’s have an incredible adventure of a safari trip where you will go and see the iconic pyramids and the massive guardian of the Sphinx. Not only this but also you will have a camel ride to see the beautiful sunset and the desert surrounding the pyramids from port said.

Start From $110 / 12 Hours

Enjoy a full day in Port said, see the vintage attractions, and port said museum. You will also have the chance to see the tallest lighthouse; In addition, you are going to visit Suez Canal one of the most significant transportation waterways and have an enjoyable tour of Port said markets.

Start From $110 / Day Tour

Join a different trip to Cairo from Port Said in which you will see the breathtaking attractions of Cairo and the great art of architecture in building the iconic Giza pyramids and Sphinx. Enjoy Cairo's adorable city and drop off at Alexandria.

Start From $330 / 2 Days

Let’s have a memorable tour from port Said to the architectural miracle of the Giza pyramids, and see the first pyramids on earth of Dahshur and Saqqara. You will also discover the hidden secrets of the pharaoh’s tombs and ancient capital.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

In one day, you can watch the Egyptian History and civilization surrounding you by starting to visit the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx the great guardian, and The National Egyptian Museum of civilization. It contains a large number of mummies, Jewells which were recently moved to it in the grand parade.

Start From $0 / Day Trip

Let’s see the first ever constructed pyramid in Egypt in Saqqara after coming from Port Said. You will be amazed by the massive construction of the Giza pyramids. Enjoy several tours to different destinations from Port Said.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Let Egyptian history amaze you with one day tour collecting the museums in Cairo from port said port. Firstly see the Egyptian museum that includes royal mummies, massive statues, and royal jewels. Secondly, you will see the cairo museums that not only embrace the history but also the beauty of Cairo’s nature.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Looking for a memorable way to view the Step Pyramid and the Giza Pyramids, we lead you through these recognizable historic buildings, our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating anecdotes and histories. There will be lots of chances for you to take pictures and stroll around the sites at your own pace. Naturally, a trip to Egypt would not be complete without a camel ride.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

The Egyptian desert is very different, It's full of great discoveries from the past ages, It also contains the Great Giza pyramids: one of the oldest wonders and constructions that still as it is from thousands of years. Have the tour and add some of the excitement by having a camel ride or quad bike experience.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Are you an adventurer ? you should join this tour to have a quad bike adventure around the pyramids that symbolizes the mighty power of the pharaohs, the organization, and the massive achievements of the ancient Egyptians. There's something important to make an integral tour is visiting the Egyptian museum with its really fabulous statues, jewels, and preserved mummies.

Start From $120 / Day Tour

The ancient Egyptians were known for their famous process of making Papyrus, through our tour from the port said we are going to experience this process and make our own papyrus papers. In addition to seeing the great pyramids that are considered a miracle in the recent and past ages to stand still without any technology's interference

Start From $105 / Day Tour

The new tour is about to start in Sakkara: one of the most significant areas in Egypt that are full of historical ruins, pyramids, and artifacts. When your reach the port said, don't waste the opportunity to see the significant collection of Pharaonic possessions where they ruled their kingdoms.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

You should join our Cairo tour to see the wondering sights of its: Firstly see the pyramids of El Giza and know why they are considered one of the world's wonders. Secondly, you will see Cairo towers, one of the tallest towers in the world that enables you to see the beauty of the City from one of the highest summits

Start From $95 / Day tour

see the most famous Egyptian sightseeing: you will start your day from the port said to see the iconic pyramids of El Giza which reveals the pioneering architectural designation of the massive buildings. You will also see the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and have the enchanting felucca ride in the Nile River.

Start From $105 / Day Tour

On our spectacular tour, you will explore the area of Coptic Cairo which is rich with Coptic artifacts, vintage churches, unique Icons, and the Coptic museum. After visiting the Iconic pyramids of Giza, you are going to sail in the Nile River by traditional Egyptian boat.

Start From $85 / Day Tour

Now with us, you can watch the great restored National Egyptian Museum of Civilization which Egypt celebrated with the recent great parade of royal mummies and statues to its opening. In addition, we will continue our tour by visiting Dahshur and seeing its distinctive pyramids in our tour from the port said.

Start From $85 / Day Tour

Do you want to see the pyramids? what about adding entertainment and excitement to your tour from the port said by experiencing quad biking and raising the adrenaline rate in your tour, you can also have a felucca ride sailing in the Nile River after seeing the Egyptian museum.

Start From $130 / Day Tour

A day tour to Dahshur from the port said is about to start: you can see the various Egyptian pyramids of the famous rulers. Then, you will have a nice Felucca ride watching the panoramic view of the Nile River and the beautiful surrounding areas sailing in the Nile.

Start From $85 / Day Tour

when you are in the beautiful city of Port said, you shouldn't waste the opportunity to have the tour to Cairo and enjoy watching the historical pyramids, The Sphinx, and the Nile River. you also can try the new adventure of camel riding to enjoy being in the desert or to try a felucca ride sailing in the great Nile River.

Start From $115 / Day Tour

A full day from port said that combines Cairo's different activities in one day: seeing the fabulous iconic pyramids and having a camel ride exploring the desert of the Giza with its beautiful views. After that, you will enjoy the climate of the Nile River in a traditional Egyptian boat.

Start From $110 / Day Tour

see the enchanting Egyptian Village: where you will have a traditional Egyptian breakfast enjoying the delicious taste. you will also see the pyramids and the Sphinx enjoying the great constructions of the Egyptian Pharaos from port said.

Start From $0 / half-day tour

have an extraordinary day starting from port said to Cairo: Cairo is a huge city full of various historical sites and mesmerizing destinations. Our tour combines Giza pyramids, Old Cairo, Khan El Khalili, El Muzz Street, and Nile cruise time.

Start From $115 / Day tour

what about having a day tour from the port said to Cairo and having a luxury cruise sailing in the Nile River which is famous for its beautiful weather and atmosphere? you will see the beautiful Egyptian areas and have a delicious launch prepared by the best chefs in Egypt.

Start From $120 / Day tour

let's spend a day with ancient history, we will begin our tour from the port said by visiting the old capital of the Egyptian kingdoms where the royal families were residents and manage their kingdoms. Then, we will see what the first pyramids look like in Dahsur and how they are different from the Giza pyramids.

Start From $95 / 1 Day

we will start our tour by penetrating the secrets of the pharaohs seeing the El Giza pyramids and their hugeness and how the Sphinx is guarding its treasures. Secondly, going through adventure is an integral part of visiting the pyramids by quad biking to raise the adrenaline rate or chilling on Camel to see the sunrays decorating the view of the pyramids.

Start From $110 / Day Tour

Are you coming to port said? you should visit the beautiful city of Cairo knowing and visiting the great pyramids that still standing for more than 3000 years, you can also see the massive citadel with its defensive structure in formation. we will have a tour also in Old Cairo and Khan El Khalili

Start From $115 / 1 day

Take a tour of the old and modern civilization: we will start our tour by seeing the great possessions and monuments of the ancient Egyptian and how they succeeded in achieving it and keeping their history. Secondly, we are going to have a quad bike tour spinning around the Giza area to discover the beautiful panoramic view of the pyramids during sunset.

Start From $100 / Day Tour

what if you are going to visit different Cairo sides from port Said ? Firstly, we will see the immortal Pharaonic Giza pyramids. Then we will move to see the holy mosques and churches where the holy family stayed and took shelter for them. After that see the mesmerizing products of the Egyptian workers in Khan El Khalili, enjoying walking between the vintage different buildings.

Start From $125 / 1 day

Have a beautiful day in Cairo, we will start our tour from the port said to see the great construction of the great Giza pyramids. After that, we are going to enjoy the traditional felucca tour with the delicious traditional Egyptian lunch prepared by the best chefs.

Start From $110 / Day tour

A different tour is about to start with you from Port Said port to see the different sides of Cairo. we will visit the pyramids of El Giza which represent the greatness of the architecture of the Egyptian pharaohs, and the Saqqara pyramids. Then we will see the holy mosque of Ibn Tulun with its different vibes and we will watch the Gayer Anderson museum and its unique possession from a very different age.

Start From $110 / One day tour

What if you are seeing the Egyptian history stories surrounding you and appear around you by different methods? Firstly, see the fabulous standing Giza pyramids, and The Egyptian Museum. Then, experience this history narrated to you and displayed with modern technologies in the light and sound show.

Start From $115 / Day Tour

New day tour from port said port where you will see the Necropolis where the great ancient pyramids exist and the massive sculpture of the Sphinx. Then move to see the great tombs and cemeteries of the great incident Egyptians and the unique pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur.

Start From $90 / 1 day

Have a camel ride around the panoramic view of The great pyramids in the beautiful desert of Giza plateau watching the fabulous colors of sun rays and dessert embodying in front of your eyes, and have delicious lunch.

Start From $110 / half day tour

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Egypt Tours FAQ

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Port Said is not particularly known for having large religious or holy sites. However, you can find some mosques and churches that can be visited to learn about the religious culture of the area. Here are some places that might be interesting:

Sayyida Aisha Mosque:
This mosque is considered one of the prominent mosques in Port Said, and offers visitors an opportunity to explore Islamic architecture and participate in the cultural experience.

Greek Orthodox Church:
You can visit the Greek Orthodox Church in Port Said to see Orthodox Christian art and experience a peaceful religious atmosphere.

Al Saleh Mosque Road:
The last prominent mosque in the city that can be visited to see Islamic architecture and participate in religious activities if you wish.

Long ago, in ancient Egypt, there were two pharaohs named Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. They ruled together and were very important. Recently, archaeologists found an old tomb in Egypt that is 3,500 years old. This tomb was probably built when Hatshepsut was in charge, and she was a special pharaoh because she was a woman.

Visitors docking at Port Said have several popular day trips and tours available to explore the surrounding areas. Some of the most sought-after excursions include:

       Cairo Excursions.
   Suez Canal Tours
   Alexandria Day Trips
   Memphis and Saqqara Tours
   Local Port Said City Tours
   Islamic Cairo Tours
       Shopping Experiences.
   Mediterranean Coast Explorations

Yes, visiting Egyptian museum  is one of the most popular activities during a Port Said Shore Excursion. 
There are monuments among the museum's unparalleled collections of the funeral collection of Lewya and Toya, the first Susenes and the treasures of Tanis, and the Narmer painting that commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king, among the priceless artifacts of the museum. The museum also features magnificent statues of the great kings, Chefu, Khafra, and the pyramid builders of the Giza Plateau.

The Valley of the Queens is located on a hill in Thebes. It has 75 tombs where ancient queens were buried. There were also important royal family members buried there, such as princesses and princes.

The city of Port Said is one of the most important cities in Egypt, It contains an international port to which tourists come from all over the world. Therefore, the Cairo Top Tours team is interested in providing many different trips from and to Port Said.

The Giza Pyramid Complex, also known as the Giza Necropolis, is located in Cairo. This iconic monument, located about 11 miles (18 kilometers) from the city center, features three pyramids: the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure, and the Pyramid of Khufu. The latter, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, is the oldest of the ancient world's seven wonders.


If your ship will stop at Port Said Port, the trips organized by our company will help you to visit and explore the most important tourist cities and archaeological landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Grand Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the Cairo Tower, Al-Muizz Street, the Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar, and many other archaeological sites.


It takes 2 hours and a half more or less and it depends on the traffic, but calm down we will pick you up and drop you off in a private car.

Port Said is a gateway to some of Egypt's most famous archaeological and historical sites. When taking shore excursions from Port Said, you have the opportunity to explore several remarkable places. Here are some of the top archaeological and historical sites you can visit:

The Pyramids of Giza: The Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, are among the most iconic archaeological sites in Egypt. You can explore these ancient wonders and the enigmatic Sphinx, which is a short drive from Port Said.

The Egyptian Museum: Located in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum houses an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun, mummies, jewelry, and historical artifacts.

Saqqara: Saqqara is known for the Step Pyramid of Djoser, one of the earliest pyramids in Egypt. It's an important archaeological site with a vast necropolis, including tombs and mastabas.

Memphis: The ancient city of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, is another key site. It's home to the colossal statue of Ramesses II and has a rich history to explore.

The Suez Canal: While not an archaeological site, the Suez Canal is of historical significance. Some shore excursions offer the opportunity to visit the canal, see ships passing through, and learn about its construction and importance.

Historical Cairo: In Old Cairo, you can explore historical sites such as the Saladin Citadel, the Alabaster Mosque, and the historic Khan el-Khalili market.

Coptic Cairo, or Old Cairo, is a district with significant historical and religious sites, including the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, and the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus.

Islamic Cairo: Islamic Cairo features remarkable architecture and historical sites, including the Al-Azhar Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque, and the bustling Khan el-Khalili bazaar.

Yes, tourists may visit the pyramids along with adjacent sights like the Sphinx, the Solar Boat Museum, and the ancient city of Memphis.


The specific attractions included in a Port Said shore excursion may vary depending on the tour operator and the duration of the excursion. However, some excursions may offer opportunities to explore nearby attractions, such as the city of Ismailia or the Ismailia Museum, which are located in close proximity to Port Said.

A one-day shore excursion from Port Said provides limited time, but you can still explore some of the area's top attractions. Hier are some of the best tourist attractions to consider visiting:
Cairo: Port Said is relatively close to Cairo, Egypt's capital, so a day trip to Cairo is a popular choice. You can visit iconic sites such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum, which houses an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, including King Tutankhamun’s treasures.

Yes, Port Said shore excursions are designed to cater to a wide range of ages and interests. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or as a couple, there are excursions that can accommodate different preferences and activity levels. It's always a good idea to check the detailed itinerary and any specific age restrictions or accessibility considerations before booking to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.

Yes, guided tours are available in Port Said. Local tour guides can provide insightful information about the attractions, history, and culture of the city.

 The length of shore excursions in Port Said can vary based on the particular trip and location visited. Because of the distance between Port Said and Cairo, excursions to the Pyramids of Giza, for instance, can take anything from 10 to 14 hours to complete. Some trips could last between four and eight hours.

Port Said Shore Excursions are tours and activities designed specifically for cruise ship passengers who have a limited time in the port of Port Said, Egypt. These excursions allow travelers to explore nearby attractions and landmarks, providing a glimpse into the local culture, history, and natural beauty of the area.


 The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Memphis the ancient city, the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, and the Suez Canal are a few of the well-liked sites to see during shore excursions from Port Said.

Cairo Top Tours is interested in organizing many important tours from Port Said Port because Port Said Port is considered one of the most important ports in Egypt. You should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes in Port Said and get to know the friendly local people. You will also be able to visit the most important landmarks of Cairo, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, the Grand Egyptian Museum, the Egyptian Museum, and many other places.


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