Hurghada Day Tours and Excursions

Relax on the beaches of the red sea and experience the tranquility and the blue-crystal water, live the adventure through a variety of Hurghada Day Tours, which offer you a range of Egypt Day Tours & Excursions in Hurghada or few hours driving. Egypt Tours offer Hurghada snorkeling trips and diving excursions to Giftun and Mahmya islands. Tours from Hurghada to Luxor by land are highly recommended and also the desert safari and ATV quad biking excursions. Cairo Day Tours by flight from Hurghada cover the tour to Giza Pyramids, The Egyptian Museum tourCoptic Cairo TourMemphis, Saqqara as well as Islamic Cairo trips. you can also take a day or two days trip to Luxor from Hurghada to visit the highlights of the city like Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon or travel to Aswan and sail onboard the Nile river cruise from Hurghada and enjoy viewing magnificent scenery of the river Nile along the route, this is also how you can visit the Temples built for King Ramses II and his beloved wife Queen NefertariAbu Simbel, Book your Hurghada day trips privately when you book your Egypt Travel Packages and Egypt Luxury Tours now with Cairo Top Tours.

Luxor Tours from Hurghada | Luxor Trip from Hurghada

Luxor Day Tours from Hurghada | Egypt


Book our Luxor trip from Hurghada and enjoy the great history for this ancient city, visit the valley of the kings, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the two colossi of Memnon in the west bank, then move to the East Bank to visit Karnak temple. Then back to Hurghada.

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Cairo Excursions from Hurghada by flight | Hurghada Trips to Cairo

Cairo Day Tours from Hurghada by Air | Egypt


Enjoy our daily Hurghada Trips to Cairo, which includes your internal flight ticket to Cairo then you will be accompanied by your certified tour guide to visit the Giza plateau of Pyramids and the Great Sphinx as well as the Egyptian Museum and the Islamic district in Cairo and walk through the old narrow stone-paved alleys of Khan El Khalili bazaar, the oldest bazaar in the Middle East.

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Giftun Island Snorkeling Trip from Hurghada | Hurghada Snorkeling Trips

Giftun Island Snorkeling Trip in Hurghada | Egypt

8 hours

Now it's the time to experience the amazing snorkeling activities in Hurghada through the Giftun Island Snorkeling Trip from Hurghada to enjoy the beautiful blue color and the tranquility of the red sea during our Hurghada Snorkeling trips on the wonderful beach of the Red Sea to watch the various species, corals and colorful fish!

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Hurghada Desert Safari Trip | Desert Safari Hurghada Egypt

Hurghada Bedouin Desert Safari by Jeep | Egypt

7 hours

A unique experience with Hurghada Excursions and Desert Safari day Trip, you will be taken to the Bedouin village by jeep 4x4 and there you will enjoy with some camels ride and you will have a barbecue dinner with the Hurghada Desert Safari Trip

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Snorkeling trip to Mahmya Island Hurghada

Snorkeling trip to Mahmya Island in Hurghada by boat | Egypt

8 hours

You won't believe how amazing is to watch the colorful fish, the coral reefs and the marine species through a wonderful snorkeling trip to Mahmya island, And make your kids enjoy the aqua trampoline and you will get a free Wi-fi at the lounge area in Mahmya island, Book your Red Sea Snorkeling tours Now with Cairo Top Tours.

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Sindbad Submarine in Hurghada | Hurghada Submarine Excursions

Sindbad Submarine Trip in Hurghada | Egypt

2 hours

Take your chance to experience our Sinbad submarine in Hurghada and the only one in the Middle East can go about 22 meters below the sea, to see the incredible kinds of species and colorful fish, coral reefs and the marine species in the red sea.

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2 Days Trip to Luxor from Hurghada | Overnight Luxor Trip from Hurghada

2 Days Trip to Luxor from Hurghada | Egypt

2 Days

Travel to Egypt and visit Luxor for 2 Days tour to enjoy our trip to Luxor from Hurghada. Luxor is considered the largest outdoor museum in the entire world because it contains more than 35% of the monuments all over the world. Experience our amazing 2 Days Overnight Luxor Trip from Hurghada.

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Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise from Hurghada | 5 Days Nile Cruise

Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise from Hurghada | Egypt

5 Days Luxor/ Aswan

If you're looking for adventure, fun, and relaxation then our 5 Days Nile Cruise Luxor to Aswan from Hurghada is your trip, This experience will take you to explore the magnificent Temples of Karnak and Luxor, Philae Temple in Aswan and many more.

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Hurghada Grand Aquarium Entrance Ticket | Hurghada Aquarium Prices

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tour | Egypt

5 Hours

Explore the fantastic underwater life and the incredible Hurghada day tours to experience Hurghada Grand Aquarium with Cairo top tours in one of the best Egypt tours!!

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Egypt has filled in as truly outstanding and most secure traveler goals for quite a long time. Encompassed by warm Egyptian friendliness, considerate and kind-hearted local people you're going to feel comfortable and as sheltered as you'll ever be. With some Sensible precautionary measures and arrangements, you will have the option to investigate Egypt visits and trips and make the most of Egypt's commonly exceptionally safe urban communities without any difficulty. Flaunting a generally low crime percentage guests will be more than safe particularly in territories every now and again visited by travelers. Generally, it is safe to travel to egypt for vacation where there are outrageous techniques for security, for example, check focuses at each vacation spots, shopping center, museum and so on.
The clothing standard in Egypt for ladies is viewed as traditionalist by western gauges and it is aware to comply with this code. For men it isn't generally an issue - typical pants and shirt or T-shirt are fine - however in Cairo it would not be satisfactory to wear short shorts or a tank tops/sleeveless tops.

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