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Don't miss the chance to be among the initial visitors to discover the concealed passageway within the Great Pyramid of Giza. Witness the marvels of the world, including the sphinx and the three pyramids. Additionally, you can observe the remarkable pharaonic artifacts at the Egyptian Museum during the day trip in Cairo.

Start From $60 / 8 Hours

Discover the significance of Egypt's city by visiting the Egyptian Museum and admiring its impressive exhibits. You can also visit the renowned landmarks and churches of Coptic Cairo that once housed the holy family and its unique icons. Furthermore, enjoy exploring the historic mosques of Islamic Cairo during your trip to old Cairo.

Start From $60 / 8 Hours

Embark on an extraordinary tour to witness the iconic pyramids of Giza and behold the magnificence of Egyptian pharaohs. Explore the ancient capital of Egypt, adorned with a plethora of pyramids and tombs, and unveil the concealed mysteries during your Cairo excursion.

Start From $65 / 8 Hours

What about new experiences traveling through the ages? We will start by exploring the great pyramids and watching the great art of architecture, you will also discover the exceptional collection of artifacts of the Egyptian Museum. Another atmosphere, that you will enjoy during your tour in Khan El Khalili.

Start From $70 / 8 Hours

Don't miss out on the chance to have a delightful break during your 2-day city tour of Cairo, where you can explore the historical areas of Coptic and Islamic Cairo. Witness the famous pyramids and explore the antique collections and museums in Islamic and Coptic Cairo. Enjoy this amazing opportunity.

Start From $160 / 2 Days

A half-day in Cairo can raise your happiness rate: you can have a great day by visiting the Giza pyramids and seeing the wonder of the Sphinx half- lion half-human statue. Seize the opportunity and do not waste your time.

Start From $45 / 4 Hours

Let’s have a tour to visit part of heaven; you can see the charming green oasis floating in the wide desert. A totally different day to live, have a beautiful morning with green plants and a quiet magical night with the stars at Bahariya oasis and white desert.

Start From $160 / 16 hours - 2 days - 3 days

Let’s discover the enchanting artifacts and the attractions of Luxor by plane to discover the incredible temples of the ancient kings of Egypt. In one day from Cairo, you will explore huge beautiful monuments and huge statues in a memorable tour.

Start From $420 / 14 hours

You can watch the greatness of the Iconic Giza pyramids, but from a new perspective living the adventure. you can try riding the camels during the beautiful sunset or raising the adrenaline by riding fast beautiful horses to explore the desert.

Start From $25 / 4 Hours

Spend two days trip inside the mesmerizing nature, you can enjoy the green nature, the unique lakes of the Oasis, and the beautiful weather with the enchanting unforgettable sky view at Bahariya Oasis White Desert.

Start From $130 / 2 Days / 1 Night

The tour to Alexandria is like no other place you can visit: a beautiful city that combines good weather, exceptional sea views, and the historical side. It contains the glamorous citadel of Quitbay and the unique Alexandria Lighthouse in the Alex tour. Don't miss our trip.

Start From $95 / 12 hours

Spend magical three days on the Bahariya Oasis tour, and enjoy the heavenly nature. You can also find the unique water lakes that help your body to recover from diseases; In addition, you will have an exceptional experience in the White desert with sand dunes.

Start From $245 / 3 Days 2 Nights

Spend an extraordinary night between the pharaohs: you will see the history of the ancient Egyptians alive surrounding you with modern technologies of sound and light shown in the Giza pyramids.

Start From $50 / 3 hours

One of the best adventures to have in Cairo is to sail trying the traditional Egyptian boat or felucca in the Nile. You will enjoy the atmosphere, the clean water, and the fresh air that purifies your soul. seize the opportunity and book now.

Start From $25 / 4 hours

Take a cruise on the Nile, floating on the water, and enjoy mesmerizing views during the cruise. You will also enjoy a delicious lunch from the open buffet during the tour. A sumptuous tour awaits you to traditional Egyptian tunes.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

Unusual Quad bike to have: you will get a thrill out of the safari tour watching the unforgettable sunset view surrounding the Giza pyramids and the desert within the Cairo tour. Don't miss the great experience to live.

Start From $35 / 4 hours

Embark on a 2-day tour of Sinai Mountain and take in the breathtaking views of the mountain and clouds. You'll also visit the historic St. Catherine's Monastery, renowned for its unique icons and decorations.

Start From $230 / 2 Days

Enjoy the outstanding tour to Fayoum: we will visit the valley of whales which contains 40 million years of whale Skeletons as one of the oldest heritage valleys. You will also experience the wonderful waterfalls of Fayoum and the boarding on sand dunes.

Start From $85 / day trip

Visit the holy vintage monasteries which are icons for the Coptic heritage and history. The Coptic monasteries of Wadi EL Natroun have unique decorations, marvelous art, and Icons that not existed in any other place.

Start From $50 / About 8 hours

Let’s have a tour that combines different historical periods and artifacts. On our tour, you will discover the Coptic churches with unique art and icons; Moreover, see the holy vintage mosques with their beautiful vibes, and the exceptional architectural art of the citadel.

Start From $60 / 6 to 8 hours

Let’s chill out and be away from the crowd: you will go to El Sokhna one of the most gorgeous beaches in Egypt. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the red sea blue clean water. Live a totally different experience.

Start From $200 / 10 HOURS

Have a tour of one of the most significant cities in Egypt: El Alamein with its mesmerizing nature. It also has a memorable cemetery for the soldiers who fought in the war from all over the world on this battlefield and the unique museum of Al Alamein.

Start From $70 / 1 Day

A magnificent day to spend with us at Suez Canal from Cairo: you will see the beauty of the city and its nature. Then watch one of the significant shipping canals in the world and how Egypt is sought to develop it the recent years.

Start From $75 / 1 Day Trip

On a different tour, you will have to Birqash market in which you will see a very different market for camels from various countries. You will also have exceptional photos that can’t be missed. Live the unforgettable experience and book now

Start From $45 / 4 HOURS

What about a tour of the pharaohs? The pharaonic village in cairo embodies the history of the ancient Egyptians. It also sheds light on live scenes from the lifestyle of the pharaohs and their artifacts within the tour for you and your family.

Start From $40 / 4 hours

Let’s have a tour of the city of Bubastis: the place of the goddess Bastet who looks like semi woman- semi-cat worshipped in ancient Egypt. Moreover, enjoy the weather of the city and see the Suez Canal with the biggest ships in the world.

Start From $75 / 12 hours

El Minya is one of the chosen cities for the ancient Egyptian kings to build their royal kingdoms and even start a new religion. It contains a lot of beautiful ruins and temples in Taal El Amarna of Akhnaton and Beni Hassan tombs cut in the rocks. Join us on our tour.

Start From $110 / 12 hours

Do you want to see where Akhnaton and his queen Nefatari build their kingdom? So let’s explore Al Minya. Explore one of upper Egypt's great cities and see the secrets of the ruins and tombs of their Kingdom in two days trip from Cairo.

Start From $180 / 2 days

Did you see the best limestone formations before? The white desert is rich with glamorous formations. On the Siwa Oasis tour, you will camp under the stars with our guides to enjoy the most beautiful stary night in the desert.

Start From $430 / 4 Days 3 Nights

Live Cairo night tour with its incredible streets where you will watch the vintage buildings, the modern shops and malls, and the funny kind people of Cairo. Besides, you will be amazed by the city view and sky with stars view from Cairo tower.

Start From $30 / 4 hours

Take an exceptional adventure with the Nile Cruise. You will live the beauty of the Egyptian land, but not in the usual way, by sailing in the Nile. You will be amazed by the nice weather in Egypt. you will also have a meal from the best chefs and cuisines in Egypt.

Start From $55 / 4 hours

Who doesn’t like shopping? Shopping in Cairo tour with your shopping assistant is different. You will buy and see the traditional Egyptian markets where you buy souvenirs and clothes. Live the delightful experience with us.

Start From $30 / 4 hours

The countryside of Egypt has a distinct atmosphere from the city. You can relish the ambiance of the countryside by strolling amidst the lush farms, sipping on refreshing mint tea with amiable and humorous locals, discovering and acquiring new recipes, or even riding a bike or a donkey through the picturesque nature.

Start From $45 / 5 hours

The Cairo walking tour is a delightful way to explore the rich history of Islamic Cairo. Our knowledgeable guide will lead us through El Muizz Street, highlighting important mosques and artifacts, as well as the charming Khan El Khalili market.

Start From $20 / 4 hours

Would you like to witness the initial pyramids constructed on the planet? You may accompany us on a half-day excursion to Memphis and Dahshur to witness the bent and red pyramids. Our guide will accompany you to uncover the enigmas of the ancient Egyptian Capital.

Start From $50 / 4 hours

Islamic Cairo is a very impressive destination to be visited: we will see the abundance of vintage mosques and the great Islamic architecture embodied in the mosques and the streets. You will also go to Moez St, where you will feel the splendid history surrounding and touching you.

Start From $60 / 8 hours

Be relished by the green nature and the countryside on an unusual day to enjoy the Egyptian traditional breakfast in one of the beautiful Egyptian villages. Book it now and enjoy.

Start From $70 / 4 hours

Are you prepared to embark on a 4-hour tour of an Egyptian village, where you can experience different weather conditions, appreciate the enchanting natural surroundings, and breathe in the fresh air? Furthermore, you have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on one of the rural transport options, such as a Tuktok, and witness the lush green farms while having a great time.

Start From $40 / 4 hours

Experience the beauty of the holy mosque of Al Albayt and marvel at its intricate decorations and stunning architectural design. This mosque holds great significance in Islamic Cairo and is sure to captivate you.

Start From $60 / 4 hours

A single tour is capable of showing you the majority of the Coptic churches and artifacts. During the tour, we will visit the ancient churches in old Cairo that showcase remarkable art and icons. Additionally, we will explore the exceptional monastery located in the cave of saint Simeon in Cairo.

Start From $60 / 5 hours

What about a tour that enables you to see various icons of the Cairo civilization? We will see the iconic pyramids of el Giza, the Egyptian Museum formed by international engineers including a large number of Egyptian artifacts. In addition, you will see the Coptic Cairo with its unique history.

Start From $80 / 8 hours

On a day tour to the magnificent Giza pyramids, the Egyptian museum, and the Islamic Cairo, which includes visits to the Salah al-Din Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque, one of the well-known landmarks in old Cairo, you can see all of the city's top attractions. Then do your shopping at Khan el-Khalili Bazaar.

Start From $80 / 8 hours

Make your dream come true and visit one of the world's wonders: the immortal Pyramids of El Giza. Besides, visit the ancient capital of Egypt and its first trials of pyramids, and the significant various types of pyramids and ruins in Sakkara and Dahshur.

Start From $55 / 8 Hours

The Egyptian museum is one of the most unique museums that contain one of the largest artifacts of the Egyptian civilizations. The Museum collection will make you be amazed by the jewels, beds, statues, and mummies that still in good condition till now.

Start From $40 / 4 Hours

Be one of the first visitors to see the New Grand Museum with its largest collection of artifacts and at the same time coherent with modern technologies. Moreover, your tour will continue to discover the prominent figures of Egyptian History, the Giza Pyramids.

Start From $270 / 07 Hours

In half day, our transfer in the tour to the Grand museum will make you travel through ages and learn the secrets of the Egyptian civilization. The ancient Egyptians hide a lot of secrets behind their statues and artifacts, and their mummies. Don’t waste the opportunity.

Start From $189 / 4 Hours

Live a worthy trip with us to Ain Sokhna, We will visit one of the best beaches of the red sea. It’s also distinguished by its clean water and tremendous weather. You can explore the beauty of its coral reefs by snorkeling and it’s very near to cairo.

Start From $200 / Day Trip

See the traditional Egyptian dance show of Sufi men, and enjoy the talented Tanoura show. Escape from traditional tours and listen to the enchanting music of Egyptian melodies in Wekalet El Ghouri.

Start From $350 / 4 Hours

Let history appear in front of your eyes: Take a tour with our Egyptologist to the historical Pyramids that had been built 7000 years ago. You will go to Saqqara to discover the different methodologies in building the pyramids and explore the hidden secrets of the Necropolis.

Start From $55 / 6 Hours

Ride a camel and watch the stunning sunset of the desert. Discover the most recent exploration of the Egyptian pyramids of el Giza: the hidden corridor and be the first to reveal its secrets. We will also visit Saqqara to see the tombs and bent pyramids.

Start From $65 / 6 Hours

See one of the world’s wonders: the great pyramids of Giza. You will see the royal burial chamber of the king which according to the ancient Egyptians, will return after his resurrection. Not only this, see Memphis with its royal artifacts and the cleverness of the formation.

Start From $60 / 6 Hours

Visit the historical pyramids, and Sphinx on this exceptional tour to learn about Egyptian history. Our guide will reveal the hidden gems of the pyramids in Giza and Dahshur for you from Cairo.

Start From $65 / 6 Hours

Enjoy one of our most popular landmarks in Egypt, the Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramids, and enjoy a delightful trip to Saqqara to see the Step Pyramid of King Djoser. The first stone pyramid in the world, and the Red Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, and other structures and tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs at the Dahshur Necropolis.

Start From $50 / 6 Hours

Now you can see the iconic pyramids of the Pharaos in El Giza in our tour from Cairo; you also can see the Meduim pyramids and pyramids of Dahshur and Saqqara to explore the first attempts of building the pyramids.

Start From $100 / 8 Hours

Discover the secrets lying beneath the building of the Pyramids and the beliefs of life after death; in addition, how the Egyptian form these Miracles of the architecture of Dahshur, Memphis in the old ages.

Start From $80 / 8 Hours

Let’s visit the great ancient capital of Necroplis to see the Pyramids, Tombs, and Ruins of ancient Egypt in Dahshur, and Memphis. Don’t miss seeing Medium Pyramid: one of the different and first attempts at resurrection belief.

Start From $50 / 8 Hours

Start your day by accompanying the guide to explain to you the special secrets of the Pharaohs. See one of the largest iconic buildings in the world: the pyramids which are still as it is from thousands of years.

Start From $80 / 8 Hours

Take a tour and enjoy the sun and the gorgeous view of the desert and the pyramids of El Giza. Moreover, cultivate your knowledge about the Egyptian civilization and see Saqqara and Meduim pyramid.

Start From $70 / 8 Hours

In our Giza pyramids tour, you will see the breathtaking view of the pyramids that will let you wonder: how these massive icons had been built and had been formed. Moreover, you will see the marvelous sculpture of the sphinx and Memphis city.

Start From $50 / 8 Hours

See the first stones and attempts for building pyramids; furthermore, the tombs and ruins of the ancient capital of Egypt where kings decided to establish their kingdom in Memphis and Saqqara tour.

Start From $50 / 6 Hours

Visit the beautiful unique palace of Baron Empain on the Cairo Tour, which reflects the high position in the society of its owners; Moreover, you should show it is specially designed to express Baron’s love for his wife and family.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

Visit the enchanting palace of Abdeen which is built in Cairo streets embracing green landscapes, The Nile River, and the bridges. See the different English construction and how the designers were creative in the formation; in addition to the unique museum inside.

Start From $55 / 4 Hours

A different tour is about to start: see the iconic palace of Baron Emban, and how it’s designated by a mixture of love for his wife and architectural intelligence. Furthermore, you will explore the great museum of Abdeen palace and how it had built with coherence to the nature of Cairo.

Start From $80 / 8 Hours

Did you try Egyptian food before? Now you can enjoy the best food tour in Cairo, trying the delicious Egyptian recipes of each city. Our chefs will transfer you to totally different food experience for all tastes.

Start From $55 / 5 Hours

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a newly restored museum, with jewels, royal mummies, and great unique statues of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Utilize the opportunity and explore the great secrets of the NMEC.

Start From $40 / 4 Hours

The archaeological sites of El Lahun Pyramid at Hawara and El Lisht Pyramid near Meidum, where the two recognized kings of Egypt who ruled during the 12th dynasty, are not as widely known as the necropolis of Giza, Dahshur, or Saqqara, but they are well-known enough for travelers looking for unusual tours in Egypt.

Start From $85 / 8 Hours

Let’s go and discover Egypt streets in the un proceeded way of transportation: Enjoy being in a small funny vehicle and seeing unusual views of Egypt on a Tuk-tuk tour, one of the experiences that you should have.

Start From $0 / 4 hours

A usual trip to Luxor?Of course not. You will explore the hidden gems of the Egyptian kingdoms, and how they curved their temples, statues, and tombs inside the cliffs. See how these jewels of architecture stand still for thousands of years.

Start From $440 / 2 days

the Stunning Sphinx, a statue of a pharaoh's head on a lion's body, and the history of Ancient Egypt tours Discover the tallest structure in the world for years Pyramids of Giza, also, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, All of this are possible on escorted day trips from Cairo.

Start From $80 / day trip

On a private one-day tour of the Pyramids of Giza, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and Old Cairo, you will discover the secrets of ancient Egypt. With a private guide, explore Egypt's largest and most important museums of antiquities, including the Hall of Royal Mummies.

Start From $70 / day trip

Siwa Oasis is the most fascinating natural sight you will ever see, you will enjoy with Siwa Oasis Desert Safari to see ruins, the temple of Alexander the Great, and the ancient Aghurmi village. It is the ideal place to relax after visiting the Egyptian Museum and seeing EL-Alamein, Marsa, and Matrouh.

Start From $685 / 3 Days / 2 Nights

A great way to enjoy a wonderful view of Egypt's capital city is to take this Cairo Tower tour. Take the opportunity to observe the meeting place of visitors and locals from within this iconic structure that has existed since the 1930s. The Felucca Ride will also teach you about Egypt's history through its people, its art, and its buildings.

Start From $55 / 4 Hours

just Two days from Cairo to Luxor City is designed to give you an amazing experience in a comfortable and safe way. In addition to our amazing Luxor excursions, we offer you a hot air balloon tour in the early morning, which will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Start From $500 / 2 Days

Take an overnight trip to Wadi EL-Hitan if you enjoy camping and want a more adventurous experience. It contains the remains of long-lived whales and sharks. You can spend the night under the stars and enjoy sleep on your bed made from palm leaves. then we will go to Fayoum it's only about an hour away from Cairo.

Start From $175 / 2 Days

Enjoy one of the most historical sites in Egypt day trip from Cairo to Abu Simbel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a short flight from Cairo to Aswan, you will visit the temple complex of Ramses II and Nefertari, which is famous for its unique architecture and beautiful carvings. The tour includes lunch at a local restaurant.

Start From $380 / 1 Day

When you want to a tour in Cairo, consider taking our Abdeen Palace and Giza pyramids tour. one of the most magnificent places In the world, then stop at Abdeen Palace Museum to see the structure that has played a crucial role in Egypt's modern history. Visit the Giza pyramids.

Start From $60 / 1 day

The two-day trip from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan will highlight the majestic locations there as well as the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. to see Philae, the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple, and many other sights.

Start From $480 / 2 days

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the most important landmarks in Aswan Nubian city in the south of Egypt and also get closer to the city where the ancient Egyptians lived, and discover their temples and tombs, such as Philae temple and Abu Simbel temple and more landmarks.

Start From $430 / 2 days

Enjoy with two glorious days traveling from Cairo to Luxor and the impressive temple Abu Simbel, taking in the greatness of the ancient Egyptians as you explore the various temples of Luxor and learn about the legends surrounding them.

Start From $450 / 2 days

The best option for you to spend a half-day is on a tour of Cairo's subway system. You'll have the opportunity to visit all the noteworthy landmarks in Cairo while learning about the local way of life. Additionally, you'll be able to enjoy some stunning views both above and below ground! You'll have an amazing time, we're confident.

Start From $0 / 4 Hours

Inside the Giza pyramids, there is an intimate and exclusive Premium tour being offered. You'll be able to visit some of the most well-known tombs from ancient Egypt and get a close-up look at the incredible hieroglyphs. This will be a truly unforgettable experience will never forget.

Start From $75 / 6 hours

Egypt is a country with many beautiful locations. You can take a felucca to see Cairo and the Nile while taking in the allure of the Nile river. and watch the Sound and Light Pyramids Show to gain knowledge of daily life and ancient history.

Start From $55 / Day trip

a day tour of the All Manial Palace is the perfect way to spend a day. This is a fantastic chance to see one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Cairo, the palace, which has numerous lovely gardens, fountains, and sculptures. It is a fantastic location to learn about Egypt's history and culture.

Start From $0 / 4 Hours

A small coastal town in Egypt's South Sinai is called Dahab. It is a popular location for snorkeling and scuba diving. One of the most well-liked dive sites in Dahab is the Blue Hole. With a variety of stunning natural views, it is a sizable underwater cavern. There are numerous fish and clear water.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Get closer to the locals by taking shopping tours at the best malls in Egypt. At the Mall of Egypt, the largest mall in Egypt, you will also have the opportunity to see the snow island with the penguins. There is also the Mall of Arabia, which offers a variety of activities, including shopping.

Start From $0 / 1 Day.

On this fascinating day tour, uncover the long year's mysteries of the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Quad Bike. Discover the fascinating history of recognizable buildings, Then ride a quad bike around the historic structures. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the most breathtaking sights on earth.

Start From $65 / Day Tour

Discover the ancient mysteries of the Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, and Quad Bike on this incredible day tour come to see the recognizable buildings to learn about their fascinating histories. Then circle the old buildings on a quad bike. The opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking places on earth is once in a lifetime!

Start From $70 / Day Tour

The day tour to the Baron palace, NMEC, and Pyramids, which includes the palace with the most enigmatic tales and the most terrifying elements that will make you experience a true adventure, will be one of the places you never forget in Cairo. Cairo is full of excursions and tourist attractions.

Start From $65 / Day tour

The Giza pyramids were built to accept the king's soul after his death. During a day tour, you will learn about ancient life and their theories of immortality and the Resurrection. You will also experience a quad bike pyramid safari and visit the pyramids.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Visit Saqqara to see the early civilization of ancient Egyptian kings who decided to build their tombs, pyramids and temples in one place. Enjoy a mixture of Culture and entertainment when you supply your tour with a felucca ride in the heart of the Nile while having your BBQ lunch buffet.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

enjoy and see unusual kind of sites in a one-day trip to Fayoum from Cairo, Fayoum is a city with all the traditions of the Egyptian locals, on this trip you will Visit a variety of Historical landmarks such as the Lahoun Pyramid, Kom Oshim Museum, Hawara Pyramid, and felucca ride in Fayoum.

Start From $0 / Day tour

With the White Desert Overnight Tour, you will experience living as an Arab and learning more about the Egyptian deserts. You will be taken from Cairo to the Baharyia oasis deserts, which are the most stunning, unique, and rare deserts in the world.

Start From $0 / 2 days, 1 night

On the day trip to see the distinctive things to do in Cairo, you will see there Pharaonic village features an arts center, games, mini amusement parks, and a specialized center for photography. The Abdeen Palace story dates back to 1863 when Khedive Ismail ordered its construction.

Start From $65 / Day tour

Your preferred travel company will provide you with the opportunity to see and visit various locations in the mighty Cairo, the Egyptian capital, which is home to a number of attractions. you will enjoy The Giza Pyramids, Cairo tower, Al Azhar mosque, Al Hussien mosque, and Al-Qarawiyyin University are all important sites to visit in Egypt.

Start From $0 / Day tour

By taking a day trip from Cairo, explore one of the seven wonders of the ancient world in Egypt. You can explore the NMEC, take a felucca ride on the Nile in Cairo, and stand at the base of the Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus pyramids to observe the wonderful ancient age.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

a day trip to the Giza Pyramids, Coptic Cairo, and a Felucca ride are excellent options if you're looking for a truly one of its kind experience. You will embark on an exciting journey with us as we visit some of the most famous locations on earth. the breathtaking panoramas that can only be seen from the top of the Pyramids.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

one of the best adventures you can do in Egypt is taking the rush of a quad bike tour of the Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids, followed by a tranquil Felucca ride. This all-day tour is the ideal way to see Cairo landmarks and discover Egyptian history and culture.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

On a day trip from Cairo to the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza, discover ancient Egypt. Take a quad ride to explore the most significant museum in Egypt. You will visit the Great Sphinx, the Valley Temple, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

enjoy your Vacation in the Capital of Egypt That never sleeps, The Dahshour Pyramids, some of Egypt's most distinctive structures, will be our first stop. We'll then travel along the Nile in a traditional Felucca.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

during a full-day tour in Cairo, you will have the opportunity to see and visit the best Egyptian attractions from a felucca, as well as have a thrilling experience quad biking and be taken to have an incredible experience you'll never have riding a camel to the pyramids.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Visit the Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, and the Sphinx on a felucca to experience the wonders of ancient Egypt if you're looking for an unforgettable experience in Egypt. Everything you require to make your time in Egypt truly unforgettable is included in this tour.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

When we take you to have breakfast in an Egyptian village to try the traditional food and you won't miss the opportunity to see the great pyramids of Giza, it will be the best tour in only a half day that will give you a different kind of experience and will make you see Egypt in a different style.

Start From $0 / half-day tour

Visit the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Coptic and Islamic Cairo, and much more during a full-day tour of Cairo to get the chance to see Egypt in a historical way. You'll also be taken for dinner on a Nile cruise.

Start From $70 / Day tour

It's a wonderful way to spend a night on the Nile while you're in Cairo with a delightful dinner, and during the day, you'll have a historical tour to learn about Cairo's history when you visit old Cairo and have the chance to learn about the ancient Egyptians when you visit the pyramids and Saqqara.

Start From $70 / Day tour

Experience the exotic beauty of the Siwa Oasis with this 4-day private tour from Cairo. Located on the western edge of the Great Sand Sea in Egypt's Western Desert, the Siwa Oasis is a magical place of shimmering salt lakes, date palms, olive groves, and natural springs.

Start From $0 / 4 Day

we all know Egypt with its pyramids, but most people don't know that the Cairo pyramids are not only considered the 3 Giza pyramids, but within a guided tour you will see the Sakkara, Memphis, and the Egyptian museum, with a tasty lunch.

Start From $0 / Day tour

It is a lovely tour that takes you back into pharaoh's time to see the city Memphis and Dahshour end your day with 1-hour felucca ride on the Nile for a great experience.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Fayoum is the largest oasis in Egypt and is known for its breathtaking palm-fringed lakes, lush green landscapes, and unique architecture. The city’s main attractions include the Faiyum Governorate Museum, the Temple of Sobek, the Crocodile Museum, and the Waterwheels of Qarun.

Start From $430 / 2 Day

Enjoy an In-Depth Day Tour Exploring Both Cairo And Giza's Most Significant Historical And Islamic Sides By Visiting The Great Pyramids of Giza, El-Rifai, And Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Start From $0 / Egypt

This tour is one of the unique tours that combines exploration and making the best safari around the pyramids.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Explore Giza's Necropolis and its breathtaking monuments in a one-day tour trip while having fun with a one-hour quad bike ride and a one-hour camel ride around the area.

Start From $75 / 1 day

On only a one-day trip, you will get to explore most of Cairo and Giza's famous attractions and discover the different sides of ancient, Islamic, and Coptic Egypt as well a Camel Ride.

Start From $90 / 1 day

Discover the royal mummies and ancient artifacts of historic cultural practices in the new Egyptian museum and explore the Giza Necropolis area with a quad bike ride.

Start From $120 / 1 day

Egypt has many temples, museums, hotels, great historical monuments, and archeological places. It can provide a comfortable stay for tourists, through the provision of tourist villages and luxury resorts located in places that have a charming and picturesque atmosphere that brings the whole world to it.

Start From $175 / Day tour

On this short and quick journey, you will uncover the culture and history of Egypt with a private guided tour of the Giza pyramids and the Egyptian Museum as well as marvel at some of the world’s most impressive sites in old Cairo before heading to the white desert to experience a stunning day in the Sahara. You will end your journey with a visit to Alexandria, the Mermaid of the Mediterranean.

Start From $0 / 4 Days 3 Nights

Luxor is the capital of Egypt in the Pharaonic era, located on the banks of the Nile River, which divides it into two shatters on the east and the western rivers, and is the capital of Luxor governorate in southern Egypt as well.

Start From $520 / 3 Days Tour

A comprehensive trip during which you can visit the most important and largest museums in Cairo, such as the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, and also the Abdeen Museum.

Start From $60 / Day Tour

You can visit the most important and famous pyramids in Egypt and the whole world through this special trip

Start From $180 / 2 Days

Get the opportunity that comes once in life, a tour around an Egyptian village on the back of a donkey to go and experience the different tastes of food Mlokhya and more Egyptian traditional food all that will be after the pyramids tour the Giza pyramids, and Dahshur pyramids to explore Egypt and enjoy its beauty. Check it out now!!.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Have a blissful sightseeing tour in Luxor, and try our overnight tour you will have a different kind of accommodation you will sleep on the train that will take you from Cairo to Luxor, and you will enjoy a splendor tour by visiting the most important attractions of Luxor, that will make you discover more about Egypt.

Start From $0 / 2 Days / 1 night

We will take you to discover Egypt and its treasures on a day tour with lunch and a felucca ride.

Start From $55 / 1 day

Spend a day in Cairo and visit the Giza Pyramids area, Saqqara, Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque, and Gayer Anderson Museum to explore the glory of the history of Egypt.

Start From $55 / 1 day

on this day tour in the capital of Egypt, you will see part of the historical sites around Egypt, we will take you to Saqqara, the first capital of Egypt, the step pyramid of Saqqara and its surrounding funerary complex, Unas pyramid, the Tomb of Princess Idut, Pyramid of Teti, the tomb of Serapeum, Tomb of Mereruka, and Imhotep Museum.

Start From $0 / day tour

Day tour to discover what Egyptian history contains from secrets and mysterious legends about the ancient Egyptians will be revealed during your tour to The Iconic Giza pyramids, The Egyptian Museum, and the sound and Lights show.

Start From $85 / Day Tour

A one-day private trip to discover the most important and famous tourist attractions in Cairo.

Start From $87 / Day Tour

See the beauty of Fayoum by taking a unique day trip from Cairo to Fayoum to see Wadi El-Rayyan and enjoy its natural beauty while participating in various activities such as sand boarding, watching its well-known waterfall, visiting the amazing Wadi Al-Hitan, camping on this wonderful trip to explore the oasis, as well as watching the beautiful Lake Qarun and eating Lunch in the village of Tunis.

Start From $80 / Day Tour

you will visit on this Trip the Capital of Egypt, Cairo, which Enjoys a variety of Historical places that never end. On this trip, you will see Salah Al-din Citadel The most luxurious castle in the Islamic world, and then The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. After that, you will enjoy a delicious lunch before going on a felucca ride.

Start From $0 / day tour

Enjoy Visiting The Great Pyramid, Khafre, and Menkaure are all part of a complex in Egypt that includes the largest building in the world for a long time and the Great Sphinx, also, you will discover Saqqara, which contains a variety of ancient grounds of Egyptian royalty. and then Dahshur and Giza's pyramids sound and light show.

Start From $0 / day tour

Half-day in Cairo can raise your happiness rate, you can have a great day by visiting the Giza pyramids and seeing the wonder of the Sphinx half- lion half-human statue. Then ride a camel around the Giza pyramid. Also, you will be able to discover what is inside the pyramid of Khufu, and you will see the King's Chamber and a lot of things.

Start From $70 / Half day tour

During this tour from Cairo to Alexandria, you will have the opportunity to explore two of Egypt's renowned cities that are rich in ancient cultures and world-renowned landmarks. You will get to visit the Memphis Pyramids and The NMEC, as well as Pompey's Pillar, the Bibliotheca Alexandria, and many other attractions located in Alexandria.

Start From $0 / 6 Days

Enjoy Visiting The Great Pyramid, Khafre, and Menkaure are all part of a complex in Egypt that includes the largest building in the world for a long time, and the Great Sphinx, also you will visit in Saqqara: the Djoser Pyramid, also known as the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Serapeum, and tombs of nobles.

Start From $60 / day tour

Enjoy a new experience on this tour, starting with you from the Airport by watching one of the world’s wonders the Giza Pyramids and Saqqara. then, moving to another fascinating atmosphere of having an Egyptian traditional boat at the Nile enjoying the vibes and the fresh air that cleans the mind and soul.

Start From $70 / day tour

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Cairo...most travellers' first destination in Egypt is this huge, historic, ancient metropolis. Most visitors come to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, but there is much more to see an...

lots of people ask how many Pyramid in Egypt and they believe that the pyramids that are found in Egypt are the ones that are found in Giza

Cairo Pyramids Hotel is one of the most famous hotels with a pyramids view in Giza, rest, relax, and get a happy time with you and your family our friends.

Looking for the prices in Egypt and want to know the entrance fees of each site in Cairo, we got for you the best article made by professionals, to advise you with the price updated to 2024 in the mos...

Visit a magnificent place where the air is warm and tropical, complex minarets dot the horizon, and the muezzin's calls to prayer reverberate throughout the land. With its fascinating history, beautif...

Egypt Trips and Middle East Reviews

Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

Egypt Tours FAQ

Read top Egypt tours FAQs

Cairo is one of the most famous Egyptian cities and has also been the capital of Egypt for centuries. Cairo is one of the most beautiful tourist cities that includes an endless number of archaeological sites and the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

Travelers can usually feel safe visiting popular tourist destinations on our Egypt Tours' locations like Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Red Sea resorts like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Due to their importance for Egypt's tourism industry, these areas frequently have increased security measures. By the way, Cairo has a pretty low violent crime rate.

This city is really well-known because it has some really cool things in it. One of the most famous things is a group of huge pyramids called the Giza Pyramids Complex. Inside the complex is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is a really big pyramid that was built by a king named Khufu. There's also a really old and really big statue called the Sphinx, and a special place where they used to preserve dead bodies called the Valley temple.

Yes, there are family-friendly and children-oriented tours available in Cairo. Cairo is a city rich in history and culture, offering a variety of attractions and activities suitable for families with children. Here are some examples:

  •     Egyptian Museum.
  • Cairo Citadel and Mohamed Ali Mosque
  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  •     Al-Azhar Park.
  •     Pharaonic Village.

Yes, it is possible to take a night tour to the pyramids at Giza. These tours usually include an audio and light show that tells the history of the pyramids and the Sphinx, and shows the pyramids illuminated in different colors. The tours offer a unique experience to see these historical landmarks in a completely different atmosphere than during the day, and often include transportation to and from the hotel

Cairo is one of the most important cities in Egypt, It is full of the most valuable and attractive tourist sites all over the world such as the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, the historical museums, the mosques, and the amazing parks, and there are many activities that you can do while you are in this city.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is one of the most important Egyptian cities, as it includes many prominent archaeological sites such as the Cairo Tower, Khan Al-Khalili Street, and Al-Moez Street. During your visit to Cairo, you will be able to learn about the most famous customs and traditions of the Egyptian people.

When you arrive here, you must not miss the opportunity to visit the Pyramids of Giza. On the other side, you will be transferred to the Memphis and Saqqara area. You can also visit the Egyptian Museum, which includes most of the monuments in the world. Our company offers several day trips to visit the city of Cairo.

Cairo Top Tours is interested in organizing many short-term trips that allow you to visit the most famous landmarks of Cairo in a short time, starting from 4 hours or more, depending on the amount of time you will be able to spend in this ancient city. The Citadel of Saladin, the Egyptian Museum, the Grand Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and the mosques and churches of Old Cairo are the most famous landmarks of Cairo.

While not essential, a guide can enhance your experience by providing historical context and navigating cultural nuances, enriching your exploration of Cairo's treasures.

Egypt is most economical to visit during fall and spring to avoid summer crowds and high prices.

Egypt has a variety of transportation options for getting around. In major cities like Cairo and Alexandria, you can use taxis, ride-sharing services, or public buses. For longer distances, domestic flights are available between major cities. Trains are also a popular option, especially for traveling along the Nile Valley. For tours and exploring different regions, organized tours, private drivers, or Nile River cruises are common choices.

For the most part, none of our trips require additional fees; if they do, they are listed in the not including section. Otherwise, everything is included. 


  A short visit to Cairo might be scheduled in a number of ways. You may reserve pre-arranged day tours through a lot of tour operators and travel companies. Furthermore, your hotel or internet sites that specialize in tour and activity booking may provide day tour possibilities.

itinerary for Egypt Nine days are sufficient to spend an entire vacation exploring all nine yards and Egypt's wonders, including the complex of Giza Pyramids, the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the Cairo Citadel, the Egyptian Museum, the Catacombs, the Qaitbay Citadel, the Karnak Temples, the Valley of the Kings, the Hatshepsut Temple, and Kom Ombo.


 Wearing modest clothing is advised, particularly while visiting places of worship. It is also advised to wear a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes, particularly in the sweltering summer months.


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