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Safaga Shore ExcursionsBest Shore Excursions from Safaga PortIn addition, Cairo Top Tours provides unique overnight excursions from Safaga port to Luxor, where guests can explore t...

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You may learn about the wonders of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs by visiting the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon, before returning to Safaga port. Enjoy a great day excursion from Safaga to Luxor to discover Luxor's tourist sites.

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The most breathtaking tourist sights from our Safaga port beach excursions may be seen by taking an overnight cruise from Safaga to the wonderful city of Luxor. Find out about a number of Luxor's undiscovered treasures by going to Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and Hatshepsut's Temple.

Start From $240 / 2 Days / 1 Night

You may go snorkelling in Hurghada and enjoy the pure thrill of diving in the Red Sea from Safaga port. The highlights of this trip will be visiting some of the most breathtaking beach spots in the world and participating in a variety of water sports while viewing countless coral reefs and beautiful fish.

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Enjoy our Safaga Excursions as we journey from Safaga Port to Dendera, one of ancient Egypt's most exquisite temples, the temple dedicated to the cow goddess Hathor, as well as the temple of Abydos, which is dedicated to Osiris. and find out more about Egyptian history.

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During our 2-day beach excursion from Safaga port to Luxor, you may visit this amazing city, and what better way to get there than by hot air balloon? You may discover more about the history of the Egyptian people in Luxor by going to the Valley of Kings Temple and the Karnak Temple while you're there.

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The Red Sea Diving Safari is among the world's most exciting diving adventures. Our natural coral reef system is a particularly remarkable diving spot because it is home to an incredible variety of marine life.

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Egypt's Red Sea coastline is home to the lovely city of Safaga. It is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches. The magnificent ancient Egyptian sites of Luxor, Dendera, and Abydos can all be reached from Safaga. You'll tour Luxor, Dendara, and Abydos, three ancient Egyptian sites, over the course of two days.

Start From $250 / 2 Days

Following your visit to the historic city of Luxor, where you may experience the adventure and view the amazing temples, you can take a grand two-day excursion from Safaga port to Luxor and Cairo to discover the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and many other sites.

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You will have the best opportunity to visit the east and west of Luxor and learn first-hand about the dark periods of the Egyptians if you take the special Safaga to Luxor day tour. The heart of ancient Egyptian civilization, with its tombs, obelisks and spectacular temples, is accessible via Safaga.

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You can witness underwater wildlife on a journey with a good guide, starting with fish and sharks and their habitats. Also, you'll discover more about the marines' way of life and interpersonal relationships. There will be cities that resemble our own and families living together in this strange but well-organized environment. You can only view all of these on the Sindbad submarine cruise from Safaga port.

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This excursion includes round-trip transportation from your Safaga port and a knowledgeable guide who will show you all the top Luxor attractions. You may go to the Karnak and Luxor Valley of Kings temples.

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On the journey from Safaga to Luxor, you may learn more about the history of Luxor and the Nubian people while seeing less well-known sights like Banana Island and seeing more places in a single day.

Start From $85 / Day tour

Your professional guide will show you all the main Luxor sights during your tour, which includes round-trip transportation from your Safaga port. Come visit King Tut and Queen Hatshepsut at the Valley of the Kings and learn more about Egyptian history.

Start From $95 / Day Tour

On the shore of the Red Sea sits Egypt's lovely city of Safaga. It is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and pristine waterways. The spectacular ancient Egyptian sites of Luxor, Dendera, and Abydos are all reachable by car from Safaga. You will spend two days touring the historic Egyptian sites of Luxor, Dendara, and Abydos.

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Go to Luxor to discover one of the most stunning towns in the world after taking the Luxor day excursion from your cruise ship in the Safaga port. See Luxor City, the centre of the Nile's ancient civilizations, where one-third of the world's monuments are located, as well as the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Take a felucca cruise through the Nile's heart after dinner. having dinner with your travel guide

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Safaga port is an excellent site to begin a day excursion from because Luxor is known for its nice temperature and stunning scenery. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations since it is crossed by the gorgeous Nile River and has more than two-thirds of the world's monuments. Luxor.

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You won't go to the same areas as everyone else on this trip; instead, you'll see exclusive Luxor sights like the Dra' Abu El Naga tombs and the temple of Hapo City. Don't pass up your chance to visit the top locations in Egypt.

Start From $95 / Day tour

From Safaga, take a private day trip to Luxor to see the city's top sights. You may learn about the marvels of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs on this journey by seeing the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, Dra Abu El Naga, the Ramesseum, and the Memnon Temple.

Start From $105 / One day tour

On a one-day tour leaving from Safaga Port, see the magnificent Luxor Temple, the Complex of Karnak Temples, and the Luxor Museum.

Start From $150 / 1 day

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Being in Safaga Port is a wonderful opportunity to explore one of the most important archaeological cities in the world, Luxor. You will be able to visit Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Dendera, Abydos and many other temples.

Long ago, people built special buildings called temples to worship their gods. One of these temples, called the Luxor Temple, was made to honor a god named Amun-Ra. But it was also a special place where kings could become rulers and start a new chapter in their lives.

Safaga Port is situated on the Red Sea coast, approximately 210 kilometers (130 miles) from Luxor, where the Valley of the Kings is located. The journey by road from Safaga Port to Luxor typically takes around 3 to 4 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen mode of transportation. Travelers often opt for organized tours or private transportation to visit Luxor and the Valley of the Kings from Safaga Port due to the distance involved.

Yes, the city of Safaga in Egypt offers opportunities to visit nearby tourist attractions and historical sites. Here are some places you can visit from Safaga Port:

Abu Simbel Temple.
Hurghada city.
Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.
Pharaohs Island (Agriculture Island).
Cairo city. 

Safaga Port in Egypt is another popular cruise ship destination that offers access to some of the country's most impressive historical and archaeological sites. Here are the top archaeological sites and historical attractions you can explore during shore excursions from Safaga Port:

Luxor: Safaga is frequently used as a gateway to Luxor, one of Egypt's most significant archaeological and historical sites. Key sites in Luxor include:

Karnak Temple: This massive temple complex, dedicated to the god Amun, is notable for its towering columns and intricate hieroglyphs.

Luxor Temple: This well-preserved temple dedicated to Amun is beautifully lit at night and provides a breathtaking experience after dark.

Valley of the Kings: Explore pharaohs' tombs, including Tutankhamun's, at this famous burial site.

Valley of the Queens: Visit the tombs of queens and princesses, each with its own unique artwork.

Hatshepsut's Temple (Deir el-Bahri): The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut is a remarkable structure built into the cliffs.

Colossi of Memnon: These massive statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III are a popular photo spot.

Dendera Temple: Located north of Luxor, the Dendera Temple complex is well preserved and dedicated to the goddess Hathor. It features intricate carvings and a well-preserved roof.

Abydos: Abydos is known for its archaeological significance, including the Temple of Seti I with well-preserved hieroglyphs.

Red Sea Resorts: Safaga is also a gateway to the Red Sea resorts, where you can enjoy water sports, snorkeling, and relaxation.

Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo: Depending on the duration of your shore excursion, you can explore historical sites in Cairo, including the Hanging Church, the Saladin Citadel, the Sultan Hassan Mosque, and the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.

Popular attractions included in shore excursions from Safaga Port often include trips to Luxor, where visitors can explore the ancient wonders of the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple Complex, and the Luxor Temple. Other excursions may offer opportunities to visit the Red Sea coast for snorkeling or diving adventures.

Safaga is a special place in Egypt that has many fun things to see and do. It is located by the Red Sea and has lots of exciting places to explore. It is definitely worth a visit!

Shore excursions from Safaga Port often offer visits to several key tourist destinations in Egypt:

  •    Luxor: Known for its ancient Egyptian sites such as the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Hatshepsut.
  •   Hurghada: A popular Red Sea resort town offering opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and water sports due to its vibrant marine life and beautiful beaches.
  • Giftun Island: Often included for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and snorkeling spots, ideal for enjoying the underwater world.
  •  Thebes: Part of modern Luxor and home to a wealth of ancient Egyptian ruins, including the Temple of Medinet Habu and the Colossi of Memnon.
  • Safaga City Tour: Tours within Safaga might include visits to local markets, historical sites, or viewpoints offering scenic vistas of the Red Sea.

The distance from Safaga to the Pyramids of Giza is 532 Km. It would take about 5 hours and 26 minutes to drive there.

Depending on the itinerary and time constraints, there may be opportunities for shopping during the shore excursions. In Luxor or other nearby cities, you can find markets, souvenir shops, and local craft stores where you can purchase traditional Egyptian handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, and more. Your tour guide can provide information on the best shopping spots during the excursion.

Yes, many shore excursions from Safaga Port offer visits to the ancient sites of Luxor, including the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and Hatshepsut Temple.

Popular beach excursions departing from Safaga Port include visits to Luxor, where you may see the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the ancient temples of Karnak and Luxor. Other alternatives include traveling to the breathtaking Red Sea Mountains and desert landscapes, or seeing the city of Hurghada with its gorgeous beaches and coral reefs.

 Located in Safaga Port, Egypt, Safaga Shore Excursions is a travel agency that has been offering incredible tours and shore excursions since 2004. The company has been operating out of Safaga Port and other ports throughout Egypt, including Port Said, Alexandria, and Sokhna Port. The company covers all of the famous historical attractions in Egypt, which are spread throughout the cities of Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Alexandria, and Hurghada. All of Our Trips Will Provide The Best Quality, Most Reasonably Priced Lodgings, Transportation, Dining Options, and Entertainment Along With The Superb Service Of Our Committed & Skilled Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Drivers, And Customer Service.


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