Once you are in Egypt, Don't miss the opportunity to explore Egypt's highlights and the historical places. With our exclusive Luxor Days tours, explore Luxor's buried treasures. As...

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A day tour to visit most of Luxor's attractions in only a day tour to see the East of Luxor with its most important attractions, and the West Banks with its attractions. Visit the iconic Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak, and the Temple of Hatshepsut. With our knowledgeable and experienced tour guide, you're sure to have the time of your life on this amazing day tour.

Start From $110 / Day Trip

See the most charming and amazing view from up in the sky inside if a Hot air balloon you will see how Egypt is beautiful and you will also witness the pharaoh's land from above, with the hot air balloon ride in luxor you will enjoy seeing the greatness of the ancient Egyptians. This is an unforgettable tour experience that you'll cherish forever.

Start From $130 / 3 hours

Make your vacation even more special with an excursion to Cairo. You can't be in Egypt and don't see the greatness of the Capital of Egypt the almighty Cairo. Embark on a day trip from Luxor by flight and explore the incredible history and culture of this amazing city. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to see some of Egypt's most famous landmarks!

Start From $330 / Day Trip

Edfu and Kom Ombo temples are described as the most known temples in Egypt, from the great Kom Ombo Temple to the fascinating Edfu Temple, this tour has it all. So if you're looking for a unique and exciting way to see some of ancient Egypt's most famous landmarks, our day tour is just what you need.

Start From $80 / Day Trip

The best thing to do and you have to do at least once in your life is to attend the sound and light show at the Karnak temple. Book your tour with us now and take advantage of our offers!

Start From $45 / 3 hours

Want to book a tour of Luxor's east attractions and west attractions in only one day? This tour is for you! explore the temple of Abydos which is dedicated to the god Osiris, the god of the underworld and death together, and the temple of the cow Goddess Hathor at Dendera to watch the beauty of the ancient Egyptians there!

Start From $75 / Day Trip

Stop wasting time looking for trips to Luxor. Visit the city of Luxor and the Nubian city of Aswan which contains the most famous and great temples of Abu Simbel. Enjoy the two days trip and watch the beauty of Egypt. there are many tours and things to do in Luxor like visiting the Philae temple, the unfinished Obelisk, and the high dam in Aswan, before going to visit Abu Simbel.

Start From $200 / 2 Days / 1 Night

Watch the impressive wonders of the west bank as you will be taken by the expert egyptologist to the Valley of the Queens and Ramesseum temple which was built by orders of king Rameses II. You will witness the glory of the ancient Egyptians there. And discover more about its secrets, Book now!

Start From $90 / Full Day Tour

Take advantage of life and book a tour in Egypt, and to see and discover the best of Egypt you need to travel to Luxor and book our day tour to Luxor's east bank to visit the most attractions located on the east bank of Luxor, including the temple of Luxor and Karnak temples. Don’t miss such an opportunity and book your trip with us.

Start From $55 / 4 Hours

We got for you the unusual tour to visit the land where the ancients lived, and their homes used to be. where the ancient capital of King Akhenaton at tell el Amarna existed at El Minya, you can visit the Beni Hassan tombs of the middle kingdom, the northern tombs, and numerous more in this amazing overnight tour from Luxor.

Start From $250 / 2 Days

Egypt is full of wonders and has more than a great history it also has very amazing sites such as banana island which is located in upper Egypt. have a tour to visit it while enjoying Luxor. Banana Island can attract you with its little banana plantation, where you can know more about how they are being kept. Join us on this unique Banana Island tour right now!

Start From $40 / 2 Hours

From Luxor to Aswan, you will have the best tour by visiting the great abu Simbel which was built in honor of the god Amun, you will explore and witness one of the most beautiful and biggest temples in Egypt. enjoy a cruise on the Nile during these 5 fantastic days. You'll take many tours and excursions in Luxor, visiting the western and eastern banks of Luxor, as well as in Aswan, where you can visit the High Dam and the Temple of Philae. All this plus a visit to Abu Simbel.

Start From $0 / 5 Days / 4 Nights

One day won't be enough With so much to see and do, we're here to help you plan the perfect vacation. In just two days, you'll get to see the best of what Luxor has to offer within just 2 days and overnight with the best itinerary that includes a hot air balloon that will enable you the chance to see the whole luxor from above. from the Valley of the Kings to Karnak Temple and beyond. In addition, you will also take a hot air balloon tour over the ancient city.

Start From $535 / 2 Days

Experience the old Egyptian traditional rides with our Luxor City Tour by Horse Carriage helps you to see the real Egyptian life in Luxor and have a free walking tour in Luxor by Horse where you can have a free walk over the Nile Cornish to explore Luxor attractions and discover more about the history of the Egyptian Pharaohs and see the real beauty of Egypt.

Start From $80 / 2 Hours

Have the chance to know the secrets of Luxor as it was the capital of ancient Egypt. it was called Tiba, and Egypt was divided into two till king Mena united both lands into one, then it became the capital. So it’s the land that is full of good deeds. The Pharaohs left huge temples with a great civilization divided into the west and east banks of Luxor that you can discover through the Luxor Day Tour to Luxor Attractions.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

our tailor-made itinerary that is tailored for travelers who like to discover the ancient secrets of Egypt. On a special trip that includes four popular attractions—the Luxor Museum, Ramesseum, Valley of the Kings, and Colossi of Memnon. the Air-conditioned luxury vehicle will allow you to relax and take in the surroundings before you explore each historic place at your own leisure with your private guide's undivided attention.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

When it comes to ancient wonders, there's no better place than Luxor to discover the secrets and get more knowledge about the pharaohs. Home to some of the most iconic buildings and monuments from Ancient Egypt, Luxor is a must-see for anyone interested in history or archaeology. and with our private luxor day tour, you will see the most requested highlights of luxor and the most interesting sites.

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The most visited and wanted cities by tourists include Islamic Christian pharaonic and Romanian civilization, all in one tour from Luxor by visiting the almighty Cairo and the beautiful the bride of the mediterranean sea Alexandria, Are you looking for an amazing and budget-friendly way to see two of Egypt's most iconic cities? Well, look no further than an overnight trip to Cairo and Alexandria from Luxor!

Start From $0 / 2 Day

Want to discover more about mummification and the tombs of ancient kings and queens? When you're planning a trip to Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is the Valley of the Kings & Queens as it includes many tombs of that ancient Egyptian kings and queens! it is a must-see for anyone interested in Egyptian history.

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Egypt includes most religions and the most known are Islam, Christianity, and Jews. Egypt is full of religions, so if you are looking for a trip to visit the religious sites then check out this Luxor day tour to the monasteries, for the best religious trip.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Unusual tour with an unusual ride and this ride for cultural Egypt is famous and known especially in the countryside, and in upper Egypt, as it is one of the main transportation, it is all normal to see a man or a woman riding a horse in the city going from place to another and also taking his family on a car pulling by a donkey, try it with Valley of kings by donkey in Luxor day tour and get exceptional day tour in the city of beauty.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Enough wasting your time check out this tour right now!!. The best Luxor Sightseeing Tours will be offered by the best travel agency Cairo top tours, if you are already in Luxor and you want to visit some places but you don't know how, where, and what to visit then visit and check out Luxor day trip, from the Egypt day tours.

Start From $0 / Day tour

We got for you the tour you need. You were looking for it so we gave it to you. The tour will give you a splendor time on the lands of the ancient Egyptians and the charming vibes of the Nile reflecting the sunrays on its beautiful waters, with the Luxor west bank tour with a felucca ride, and will make you know more about the secrets of the mummification in the mummification museum.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Have the most fun tour when with the Banana Island day pass. you will experience more and enjoy the great numerous amount of banana trees and the tall, huge palms all over the island and you will also discover more about ancient life and their religions, at the Luxor East Bank tour.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Are you looking for an adventure in Egypt? A Luxor full-day tour is the perfect way to explore some of the most amazing ancient sites in the world. The Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut's Temple, and the Mummification Museum are just a few of the highlights you'll see on a Luxor full-day tour.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Take a private day trip from Luxor to the temples of Dendera and Abydos, and the Luxor Temple these temples are very famous as they are mentioned in Hollywood movies. Explore the ancient Egyptian temples with a knowledgeable guide, and learn about the history and culture of this fascinating civilization.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

the world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page, so make sure to read the whole pages with the best travel agency Cairo top tours, which will take you to visit the Cairo attractions with a delicious lunch meal during your day visits, have a flight from luxor to Cairo with us and don't miss the chance. As you will have the chance to have a tasty Egyptian ingredients lunch during your visits to the Egyptian museum.

Start From $0 / Day tour

the world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page, so make sure to read the whole pages with the best travel agency Cairo top tours, which will take you to visit the Cairo attractions with a delicious meal during your day visits, have a flight from Luxor to Cairo with us and don't miss the chance to visit Memphis, Dahshor.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

if you didn't visit Luxor till now then you still didn't see anything in Egypt yet. you can have a full day there, I guess you start planning because you are missing so much. this itinerary is an invitation to all history lovers to put their foot in the city of history and the most religious and blessed place for ancient Egyptians. so give it a try and see our trips there.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Discover more about the history and culture of Egypt During a day tour to the Giza Pyramids, El Rifai, and Sultan Hassan Mosque after having a nice tour in Luxor then fly to Cairo to discover its attractions.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Try to Figure out how to ride a quad bike and set out into the forsake around the Giza Pyramids. Enjoy playing in the Desert and have a camel ride to find out all-encompassing perspectives of the pyramids on a level above Cairo from Luxor.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

A special day trip from Luxor that combines all the amazing sights at the same time in Cairo. We advise you to book it now for you and your friends through Cairo Top Tours.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Egypt is the home of the ancient pharaohs, and is a wonderful destination of temples, tombs, and many famous popular tourist places. Not only are they all historical treasures, but they also have vast expanses of desert, great diving, and the famous Nile River, so there is always something for everyone here.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Discover the most important landmarks of Cairo in a one-day tourist trip from Luxor, the city that contains a third of the world's monuments, to the land where there is one of the wonders of the world and the most visited destinations in Cairo and Giza.

Start From $600 / 2 Days

Make your vacation even more special with a trip to Cairo. Take a day trip from Luxor and explore the amazing history and culture of this amazing city. Our private guide tour will give you a perfect overview of everything that exists in Cairo, and you will see the most important and famous museums such as the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the Abdeen Museum, and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Start From $365 / Day Tour

You will get to visit most of Egypt's famous Pyramids on only a two-day trip to The Giza Necropolis area, Saqqara, Dahshour Necropolis, Lahun Pyramid, and Meidum pyramid.

Start From $0 / 2 Days tour

This a special trip during which you will be able to visit the most important tourist places in the city of Luxor, the city that contains the world's oldest monuments.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Discover the most visited attractions in Giza in a one-day tour from Luxor. You won't only learn everything about ancient Egypt, but also get to know more about its culture.

Start From $0 / 1 day

You will get to visit most of Luxor attractions and learn all about the history of Egypt and the stories behind its kings and queens.

Start From $110 / 1 day

All you need is a one-day tour to discover with us most of Luxor's visited and famous attractions. Book your tour now and explore the greatness of ancient Egypt!

Start From $0 / 1 day

A third of the world's monuments can be seen through Luxor on the east bank. The largest temple in Egypt, Karnak Temple, and the Temple of Luxor are the most fascinating sites. it includes numerous legends and stories from Egyptologies that you might enjoy hearing, as well as the Luxor Museum and the Karnak Temple's sound and light show.

Start From $0 / day tour

Make your vacation more special with a trip to Cairo. Take a day trip from Luxor by plane, explore the amazing history and culture of this amazing city, and see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Great Sphinx.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Spend a day tour exploring one of the oldest attractions in the world; Valley of the whales (Wadi Al-Hitan), which houses invaluable fossil remains of the earliest, and now extinct, a suborder of whales, Archaeoceti. As well as Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls and lunch in Tunis Village.

Start From $0 / 1 day

Enjoy traveling from Luxor to Cairo The Great Pyramid, Khafre, and Menkaure are all a part of a complex in Egypt that also includes the Great Sphinx, which has long been the largest building in the world, as well as Saqqara, which has a number of ancient royal burial grounds. then a sound and light show featuring the Giza and Dahshur pyramids.

Start From $0 / day tour

Visit Abu Simbel on a one-day tour from your hotel in Luxor, and discover the beauty of the grandest and the most beautiful temple you will ever see in your life!

Start From $0 / 1 day

Enjoy a tour of the west bank of Luxor, discovering the Valley of the Kings and the Queens, Hatshepsut temple, and a hot air balloon ride at the end of the day.

Start From $0 / 1 day

On this tour from our Egypt Tours, we will take you to discover not only one of the seven wonders but also the oldest pyramids in history. you will be able to discover what is inside the pyramid of Khufu, also you will enjoy taking a camel ride around the Giza pyramids.

Start From $310 / half day tour

Make your vacation even more special with an excursion to Cairo. You can't be in Egypt and don't see the greatness of the Capital of Egypt the almighty Cairo. Embark on a day trip from Luxor by flight to explore various shapes of pyramids and tombs and discover the hidden secrets in the Cairo tour.

Start From $305 / day tour

On this tour from our Egypt Tours, we will take you to discover not only one of the seven wonders but also the oldest pyramids in history. you will be able to discover what is inside the pyramid of Khufu, also you will enjoy Motor Boat Ride after visiting Saqqara.

Start From $280 / day tour

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Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

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If you want to have enough time to see everything in Luxor, you should plan to stay for at least two days. But before you go on a tour of the city, it's a good idea to spend some time at the Luxor Museum to learn about the history of Egypt. This will help you understand and appreciate the things you see during your tour.

There are widely available options in Egyptian cities and are often a convenient way to travel like Private cars, Metro, Trains, and Waterways transportation in the Nile & Lake Nasser in addition to vessels in Egypt ports Also, there is another kind relevant to air travel: easy and fast travel by Cairo International Airport, but it is more expensive than land transport.  

You can explore the Ancient Egyptian Temples: Luxor is home to iconic temples such as Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Marvel at the grandeur of these architectural wonders and immerse yourself in the rich history and mythology of ancient Egypt. Moreover, You can discover the Valley of the Kings: Uncover the secrets of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings, where many royal tombs, including that of Tutankhamun

The temple was constructed during Egypt's New Kingdom in 1400 BCE.

The best time for Luxor Day Tours is during the cooler months, typically from October to April when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor exploration. Summers can be extremely hot, so plan accordingly.

During your visit to Luxor, you will be able to visit all the temples and see the unique monuments on the east and west banks of the Nile River. You will be amazed by the amazingly beautiful temples in Luxor.

Prior to entry, citizens of North American countries must obtain a visa. Typically, a 30-day visa will be issued. It is also possible to obtain a visa upon arrival at Cairo International Airport. A valid passport is required. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you plan to depart Egypt.

The Sinai Peninsula, the Western Desert, the White Desert, and regions close to Cairo and Hurghada are a few of Egypt's most well-liked locations for desert safaris.

Luxor, often referred to as the "world's greatest open-air museum," is brimming with historical and archaeological treasures. Here are some of the main attractions you can visit during day tours in Luxor:

  • Karnak Temple Complex
  •     Luxor Temple.
  • Valley of the Kings.
  • Valley of the Queens
  •     Hatshepsut's Temple.
  • Colossi of Memnon
  •     Medinet Habu.
  •     Luxor Museum.


The Egyptian Pound is the official currency of Egypt. Credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants, and upscale shops. Additionally, you can find ATMs located at hotels and major banks where you can withdraw local currency.


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