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Day Trip to Cairo from El Gouna by Bus is an excellent alternative if you want a day excursion but don't want to leave your resort. You can take a bus from El Gouna to Cairo for the day, where you can explore the Egyptian Museum and see the Great Pyramid of Giza and other well-known pyramids in Egypt. We provide an all-inclusive bus tour that takes you to Cairo's well-known locations and returns to El Gouna in a single day!

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We offer a wonderful day tour from El Gouna to Luxor, offering a glimpse of ancient temples and tombs that date back thousands of years. Our Luxor tour from El Gouna will allow you to see some of the most famous sites in this beautiful city.

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Imagine enjoying a swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. This exhilarating experience is something you simply cannot miss when you travel to El Gouna, Egypt.

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Why not spend your morning diving in El Gouna's beautiful coral reef? You'll have plenty of time to swim with exciting fish and explore ancient shipwrecks. This is a perfect way to spend your morning, and you'll be back at the beach resort by lunchtime.

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A 5-day Egyptian Nile cruise from El Gouna to Luxor and Aswan is the perfect way to spend your vacation. You'll have plenty of time to relax on board the boat, as well as time to explore each city during your stops.

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The El Gouna Utopia Island snorkeling tour is the perfect way to spend a day in the beautiful Red Sea. You'll get to explore the island's incredible coral reef and see the incredible marine life that lives there. The water at Utopia Island is shallow enough that you can stand up and walk around without getting wet, and it's perfect for families.

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Looking to explore the underwater world of El Gouna? Why not do it on an illuminating Orange Bay Island snorkeling trip? The water here is crystal clear and calm, with stunning coral displays and many different types of fish to spot. You could see sharks, turtles, and more on this thrilling excursion!

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We have the ideal choice for you if you're seeking for an excursion outside of El Gouna. We provide day trip by plane from El Gouna to Great Pyramids, Memphis, and Saqqara. All of these locations are rather near to one another and may be explored in a single day.

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Our El Gouna Day Tours take you on a voyage through history when you visit Luxor. In your Luxor tour from El Gouna, you'll see the temples and tombs that the pharaohs constructed thousands of years ago, and you can even go to some of the most well-known ones like Hatshepsut's Temple or the Valley of the Kings.

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To learn about the history of Egyptian heritage, take a day trip from your hotel in El Gouna to the wonderful Cairo locations of the Giza Pyramids, El Rifai, and Sultan Hassan Mosques.

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We have put together a unique itinerary from El-Gounna to visit the Giza pyramids and enjoy a variety of Egyptian activities. Egypt is a fascinating country with a rich history and many interesting locations to explore.

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After enjoying El-Gouna, go on to explore Cairo's sights to learn more about the history of Coptic and Islamic Cairo. Explore the desert with locals while taking a camel ride near the Giza pyramids.

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On this Full-day Tour from El Gouna to The Museum of Civilization. You will get the chance to know about Egypt's History and visit the most famous sites around the world, while in Gouna for a day.

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A day tour to Cairo is an experience unlike any other, full of enchanted delights, breathtaking views, and life-changing encounters. Book our Cairo Full-Day from El Gouna & Overnight in Cairo trip now!

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The most well-known Luxor attractions may be visited in one day from El Gouna by plane. In addition to witnessing the temples and tombs that the pharaohs built thousands of years ago, you may visit some of the more well-known temples in Luxor, such as the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Dara Abu al-Naga, Madinat Habu, and Memnon Temple.

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We have a great suggestion for a day trip from El Gouna! Our excursions to Giza pyramids, Saqqara, and a Motor Boat ride from El Gouna will make your vacation in Egypt even more exciting.

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Visit the West and East Banks of the lovely city of Luxor during our 2-day journey to Luxor from El Gouna to learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Obtain this once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover the best of the city of Cairo and its treasures from your hotel in El-Gouna city on the Red Sea.

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El Gouna is one of the most famous resorts on the Red Sea coast, located in Hurghada. It is characterized as a site for deep-sea diving and various water sports and for golf lovers, there is an 18-hol...

Mövenpick Hotel El Gouna, one of the best 5-star hotels in El Gouna, is affiliated with the Mövenpick Hotels chain, with world-class service. It features an attractive location near the beach and room...

The name Fanadir Hotel El Gouna clearly shone as one of the best 4-star hotels in El Gouna, but Hurghada hotels in general, due to its privileged location, wonderful views, and its proximity to the mo...

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Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

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The majority of Egyptians who reside in cities speak some basic English and know a few words and phrases. For Italian, Spanish, German, and finally French, the same cannot be said. However, professionals in the tourism industry have no trouble accommodating tourists who don't speak Arabic. utilizing a combination of English and other linguistic expressions to meet the needs of the majority of travelers.

The city of El Gouna is one of the most important newly established coastal cities and includes many of the most luxurious and beautiful resorts and hotels in the world. This city has its own charm that distinguishes it from other coastal cities. If you want to see dolphins and swim with them, El Gouna is your suitable destination.

El Gouna is primarily a resort town, while Hurghada is a city that has proven to be a popular destination for tourists as well, with many resorts and hotels available. Hurghada is conveniently located near El Gouna, making it easy to explore both areas. However, as a resort, El Gouna offers more activities and attractions, and I would highly recommend it. The Movenpick resort is an excellent choice for accommodations.

El Gouna is one of the most beautiful and famous newly built Egyptian tourist cities. The Egyptian government and many investors were interested in building a beautiful, state-of-the-art tourist city to attract tourists from all over the world. Therefore, you should not miss visiting the city of El Gouna while you are in Egypt.


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