Egypt Shore Excursions

Egypt Shore Excursions are surely your most suitable starting point for vacationers wishing to base themselves on one of our lovely seaports. These Egypt tours can be worked into Egypt budget quick trips from the major ports and we can also customize Egypt Luxury trips. Book your Cairo Day Tours and enjoy our amazing collection of Alexandria Shore Excursion toursShore Excursions from Sokhna Port or Port Said Shore Excursions. You can start your Luxor day tours via Safaga Shore Excursions and Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine tours via Shore Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh. You may book a private Egypt Shore Excursions and enjoy the tour to Giza pyramidsCoptic Cairo tour or the Egyptian Museum tour in Cairo or journey to Valley of the KingsKarnak temple and Luxor temple in Upper Egypt, in addition to a host of many delightful and historic Egyptian cities like Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh.

Alexandria Shore Excursions | Shore Excursions from Alexandria port

Don't miss this fantastic day when your cruise ship stops in Egypt, travel with Cairo Top Tours daily during our Shore excursions from Alexandria. We have different trips to Cairo from Alexandria, Alexandria shore excursions and quick trips show you most of Cairo according to your Ship schedule!

Port Said Shore Excursions | Shore Excursions from Port Said

Leave your cruise ship in Port Said, to enjoy one of many exciting shore excursions to both Cairo and Alexandria by land. Explore port said tours to Cairo and the significant sites like Giza pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Islamic and Coptic Cairo and discover ancient Egypt,

Shore Excursions from Safaga Port | Safaga shore excursions

If your cruise ship stops in Safaga Port, our guides will let you experience Safaga shore excursions and quick trips whether you looking for city tours in Hurghada, an over a day or overnight tours from Safaga port to Luxor or tours to Dendra and Abydos from Safaga,

Shore Excursions from Sokhna Port | Sokhna Port Shore Excursions

We offer all the cruise travelers the opportunity to visit the Pyramids of Giza, the amazing Egyptian Museum, Islamic or Coptic Cairo. Book your desired Sokhna Port Shore Excursions and make the most of your time in Cairo.

Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions | Tours from Sharm Port

Experience our exceptional Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions from our variety of Egypt ports' shore excursions and visit the most beautiful sightseeing in Sharm El Sheikh. Join our Desert Safari Trip from Sharm Port and Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea by Snorkeling Trips from Sharm El Sheikh.


Egypt has filled in as truly outstanding and most secure traveler goals for quite a long time. Encompassed by warm Egyptian friendliness, considerate and kind-hearted local people you're going to feel comfortable and as sheltered as you'll ever be. With some Sensible precautionary measures and arrangements, you will have the option to investigate Egypt visits and trips and make the most of Egypt's commonly exceptionally safe urban communities without any difficulty. Flaunting a generally low crime percentage guests will be more than safe particularly in territories every now and again visited by travelers. Generally, it is safe to travel to egypt for vacation where there are outrageous techniques for security, for example, check focuses at each vacation spots, shopping center, museum and so on.
The clothing standard in Egypt for ladies is viewed as traditionalist by western gauges and it is aware to comply with this code. For men it isn't generally an issue - typical pants and shirt or T-shirt are fine - however in Cairo it would not be satisfactory to wear short shorts or a tank tops/sleeveless tops.

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