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Cairo Day Tours from AirportIf you have a few hours to spend in Egypt, don´t hesitate to experience the most of Egypt. When you book one of our Egypt tours upon arri...

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Let´s have a new experience seeing the Great Giza pyramids, and one of the world´s wonders the half-human half- lion statue the sphinx. Book your tour with us and let´s explore the ancient history stories and see the pharos´ pyramids. Seize the opportunity to be of the first lucky visitors to explore the new discovery of the hidden corridor in the pyramid.

Start From $70 / 8 hours

Let´s have a new memorable tour of the Giza pyramids to watch the world's wonders from thousands of years telling the secrets of ancient Egyptians, Take unforgettable photos with the Sphinx, and you can also find very different shapes of pyramids that contain the pharos ´secrets. In addition, you will see the red stones of the pyramids in Dahshur that make you feel the history surrounding your skin.

Start From $70 / Full Day Tour

Discover Cairo’s different vibes and perspectives during our tour from the Airport: you can see the Great pyramids of Giza and its wonders, live an unforgettable experience seeing the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum masterpieces, the unique holy churches, and monuments of Coptic Cairo.

Start From $75 / 8 Hours

Book and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Cairo tour from the Airport: see the ancient Egyptian treasures, the Great pyramids, the wondering sphinx statue half lion- half human statue; in addition to visiting the Grand Egyptian museum with one of the largest monuments collection in the world. Note: The Grand museum is not opened yet for usual visits, but you can book your special ticket through our website.

Start From $90 / Day Trip

Join our incredible experience tour that starts from Cairo Airport to see the various incredible pyramids of Giza, the sphinx, and the developments of the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, you can discover Memphis the ancient Egyptian capital of Egypt, and see the Red Pyramid and Bent pyramids of Dahshur.

Start From $75 / 8 Hours

Let us invite you to see different dance shows at Wekalet El Ghouri performed by talented Sufi men on the Egyptian traditional tunes of Egyptian instruments, such as Rababa, Nay, and percussion. Join our new experience with Egyptian folk dance and enchanting traditional music to enjoy.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

Do not miss the great show of light and sound at the Giza pyramids tour from the Airport, live alive story during narrating and illuminating the great pharos stories of ancient Egypt with the newest technologies. Travel through the ages with the illuminated lighted-up wonders of Egypt.

Start From $65 / 3 Hours

What about traveling back with us to the Middle Ages and walking through history? Visit Salah El-din citadel where the troops existed after picking up from Cairo Airport, moving to see the beautiful holy mosques of Islamic Cairo, and enjoy moving in the places of vintage history lighted up by memories. Furthermore, you can buy memorable gifts for you and your lovely family and enjoy seeing the beautiful Egyptian handcrafts of Khan El-Khalili Cairo stopover tour

Start From $65 / 4 Hours

Enjoy the most exciting of all tours in Egypt, the pyramids of Giza through this half-day tour to the pyramids of Giza from the airport. Giza pyramids stopover tour offers you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and one of the best things to do in Cairo, Egypt.

Start From $65 / 4 Hours

Discover Coptic Cairo monuments which had built upon the remains of Babylon, you can also visit the place where the holy family took it as a shelter to protect Jesus the child. During the tour from the Airport, you will see the hanging church with its unique holy vibes and icons that tell many stories about Egyptian history. Besides, visiting and seeing another part of Egyptian history related to Jewish Synagogues.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

How about a totally new experience? A new experience starts by seeing one of the most unique churches in the world Monastery of St. Simon which is carved in a stone cave. In addition, you can enjoy rock climbing activities filled with adrenaline and visit the garbage city on the Cairo day tour.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

Discover one of the first pyramids on the earth Saqqara pyramid and many other surrounding tombs. In addition to seeing Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt and where the kings and queens of Egypt were resident. A new experience that makes you see alive scenes from ancient ages.

Start From $60 / 6 Hours

An incredible tour can´t be missed of the Nile Felucca: don´t miss the beautiful sunset with being in a beautiful traditional Nile boat. Mesmerizing atmosphere to join to spend a joyful time with the cold fresh air that you want to have with your lovelies.

Start From $35 / 3 Hours

What about enjoying the Giza pyramids view in a different way? Now you can book your Tour from the Airport to the Giza pyramid to take an adrenaline-filled bike tour that makes you watch the Great ancient Egyptian history while riding a quad bike and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Start From $50 / 4 Hours

See the monuments of the Islamic and Coptic ages of Egypt during the memorable tour from the Airport. You will experience visiting the holy places and exploring the unique architecture, and heart-warming vibes of the sites. Let the different ages surround you and fill your soul joyfully.

Start From $50 / 8 Hours

Try the authentic traditional way of camel riding to discover the Giza pyramids within our tour from the Airport. In addition, you can try to be like the ancient brave knights riding horses to enjoy the view of the Pyramids and the beautiful magical desert.

Start From $45 / 4 Hours

You can try one of the charming nights with the Cairo Nile Cruise enjoying the fresh air and the Nile view. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious Egyptian traditional dinners of various kinds and recipes in the enchanting musical atmosphere starting from the Airport.

Start From $55 / 4 Hours

Let´s have a layover tour to Cairo citadel the place where Salah el-din existed with his troops with its unique architectural method. The Tour can´t be finished without visiting Khan El Khalili Grand Bazaar where you find beautiful Egyptian handmade crafts and uncountable numbers of beautiful souvenirs for your family and friends.

Start From $60 / 5 Hours

Let´s have a new experience: we start with you from the Airport by watching one of the world’s wonders the Giza pyramids with its treasures and secrets. Secondly, moving to another fascinating atmosphere of having an Egyptian traditional boat at the Nile enjoying the vibes and the fresh air that cleans the mind and soul.

Start From $60 / 6 Hours

Discover the beauty of the desert and the beautiful sun rays around the Great view of the Giza pyramids and Sphinx with Quad Bikes. Besides, you can also have camel trips to enjoy the experience of the traditional ancient Egyptian method of transportation and moving goods in the desert.

Start From $60 / 4 Hours

Visit Baron Empain Palace Tour to see the unique building and its towers in addition to discovering the hidden secrets which were the reason it was built. Its unique place with it the moving towers is an architectural miracle. You also can enjoy the beautiful views of the Heliopolis area with its beautiful nature.

Start From $55 / 4 Hours

A very different tour is about to start: let us travel with you through various ages to see Abdeen palace which is a place containing many valuable paintings and monuments plated with gold. The palace was a house of different Turkish royal families. The palace contains unique collections of weapons, monuments, and clocks. Don’t miss booking with us the Abdeen palace tour from the Airport.

Start From $45 / 4 Hours

A tour combines monuments and landmarks from thousands of years till the most recent monuments and cultures. The tour starts with visiting the NMEC or the national museum of Egyptian civilization: which is rich with great monuments and royal mummies shedding light on the secrets of the mummification process. Our tour is not finished yet, you will visit the great pyramids which makes it one of our best tours in Egypt.

Start From $65 / day trip

What do you know about Cairo Night? Now you can have a fascinating night tour in which you can walk in the famous square of Tahrir, you can also visit one of the tallest buildings in Africa Cairo tower, and enjoy the amazing view of the stars and the city. In addition, you will watch enchanting musical and dance shows by Sufi men

Start From $0 / 4 hours

Enjoy your trip with us visiting Cairo tower one of the most prominent towers in Egypt and Africa which represents the pharaonic flower. you will enjoy the panoramic vision of the city with the beautiful stars in the sky. you can also enjoy luxurious restaurants: which revolve around the tower during your exiting to enjoy the view and the beautiful lights of the city.

Start From $0 / 4 Hours

Now you can enjoy the National Museum tour watching statues and jewelry of the great royal Egyptian kings and queens. Furthermore, you can travel with ages to discover and see the mummies and the secrets of mummification and how these mummies still with their humanistic characters.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Seize the old Cairo tour from the Airport to visit various historical attractions to see how the history is embodied in the attractions: Starting from visiting the Hanging church with its holy vibes and unique iconic structure, the vintage great mosques, and Jewish attractions. With us, you can enjoy visiting the beautiful holy attractions. Do not miss the opportunity to book with us.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Let’s have a different tour and make you travel through various ages: we will start visiting the ancient pharaonic Giza pyramids to see the greatness of the architectural method and how it’s existed for thousands of years. Then moving to visit another era’s attractions: seeing the beautiful citadel and the holy attractions of old Cairo combining three holy religions and historical sides

Start From $0 / Day trip

let's chill and enjoy the day on our tour of Moez street from the Airport. Moez street is a beautiful street full of historical places of different types: vintage mosques have a different enjoying vibe that can clean your mind. in addition to the different architectural methods that leave an impressive influence on your eyes and mind, you can watch gates, fortresses, and vintage great mosques.

Start From $0 / Day Trip

Seize your time and enjoy with us visiting the biggest Egyptian Malls in Cairo. You will find excellent quality products, international brands, cafeterias, good affordable prices, and fun areas for the children to play and enjoy within our shopping Tour.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Enjoy your tour from the Airport in Cairo to the Great monument of ancient pharaonic Egyptians that included their mummies and their tombs. During the tour, you can see the greatness of the shaping and how these genius kings and queens thought about writing their names in history for more than seven thousand years.

Start From $0 / Day tour

What about having a tour of the history, the Saqqara tour from the airport we will see the step pyramid which is the first pharaonic pyramid to be built in Egypt. Discover the genius minds of the ancient Egyptian and the development in building the Pyramids and see the secrets of Pharos.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Opportunity to chill out that cannot be missed? You should seize this fascinating tour to join. You will enjoy having an Egyptian traditional boat in the Nile, enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh clean air. In addition, you will have beautiful views to see and you have to visit the pharaonic Village, and of course, don’t miss the amazing palace of Abdeen.

Start From $65 / Day tour

Different adventure for you: what about an adventure with us that starts with visiting the glamorous Giza pyramids and sphinx, this isn’t the end. You will visit Cairo tower one of the tallest buildings in Egypt and Africa to enjoy the enchanting view. After that, you will enjoy taking a walking tour downtown and trying the Egyptian recipe of Koshri

Start From $0 / 1-day tour

Enjoy with us on our tour around Cairo: firstly, Visit the mesmerizing pyramids of El Giza and discover the hidden secrets of the Pharos. Secondly, you enjoy watching the Coptic monuments to see the Coptic art, then moving to have a tour in the fresh air enjoying the enchanting view of the Nile river in the small traditional boat.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Do you want to visit the pyramids of el Giza? What about visiting it in an unusual way, you can have a Quad bike adventure enjoying the vibes of the desert and raising the adrenaline. After that, you will take a look at the great statues and monuments of the Egyptian Museum; moreover, you will enjoy the prestigious view of the Nile River using the traditional Egyptian boat.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Let´s do a beautiful tour during your layover: you will visit the Egyptian museum seeing the glorious statues of ancient Egyptian and very unique jewels, kings’ tools, and mummies of the great Egyptians. Furthermore, you can enjoy this trip with a safari tour making it a very different experience to visit the pyramids.

Start From $0 / Day Trip

Do you want to see an exceptional view? Now you can try the beautiful Cairo view from the water using felucca for a totally different experience. Before, you will have the chance to watch the greatness of the pyramids and sphinx.

Start From $100 / Day Tour

Do you want a memorable experience? now you can do it. you can try riding camels and enjoying the desert vibes by watching the amazing iconic view of the Giza pyramids. After that, you can have a totally different vibe by trying a tour with a small boat in the Nile river. book now your tour from Airport.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Enjoy one of the rare opportunities to chill in Cairo’s weather and monuments: During your layover in Cairo, you can have a tour seeing the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx; in addition, see the first pyramids of the earth in Sakarra, and enjoy the Nile view in Felucca ride.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Now you can enjoy your tour starting from the Airport: visit the historical Giza Pyramids, Sphinx exploring the greatness of the pharaonic architecture and its secrets. Moreover, you will enjoy Egyptian food in the fresh air on the Nile river view.

Start From $230 / Day tour

What about a completely different experience with us: we can start by picking up you from the Airport at The Great iconic pyramids and continue the tour to have your dinner on a Nile cruise on the mesmerizing view of the Nile and the sky watching the sunset.

Start From $0 / Day tour

what about visiting one of the largest antique collections in the world the Egyptian Museum? It contains rare statues and artifacts from different ages; besides, after the pickup from the Airport, you will visit the Great pyramids in Sakkara of the pharaohs.

Start From $0 / Day tour

Let’s visit the old capital of Egypt, explore Memphis and the pyramids of Dahshour, and see the competing pyramids for the great pyramids; furthermore, you will enjoy the good weather of Egypt, the enchanting view of the Nile in one hour felucca ride.

Start From $0 / 8 Hours

In Fayoum you will spend totally magical night: you will see the fascinating sand dunes, the waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and memorable views of the beautiful city during your tour from the addition, you will discover a lot of great artifacts. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Start From $0 / 2 Day

A different tour is about to start with us: we will visit one of the first to be built pyramids, the Meidum pyramid which was built for the life of the king after his resurrection. What’s more, you will visit the pyramids of Sakkara: the beautifully shaped red pyramid and the black pyramid.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Do you want a distinct tour from the Airport? Now you can join us in visiting the great archaeological artifacts of the pyramids. Besides, you will see the Vintage Rifai Mosque, and Sultan Hassan Mosque, and enjoy seeing how it is beautifully decorated with the fascinating art of construction.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Visit the world wonder of el Giza: you will see the mythical sculpture of the Sphinx, and the great constructions of the three iconic pyramids, and enjoy an unforgettable experience by using the quad bike to raise your adrenaline, or by camel ride to see the most beautiful sunset.

Start From $0 / 1 Day

Cairo has witnessed different historical and religious stages: join us on our tour to visit the Great pyramids, the Coptic artifacts, vintage Islamic mosques, and the museum. In addition to enjoying the camel tour, walk in Khan el Khalili on the Guided tour for the full day.

Start From $180 / 1 day

Seize the opportunity and visit one of the most significant museums in Egypt which combines a large collection of Egyptian artifacts; moreover, enjoy riding a quad bike and watching the great view of the Giza pyramids.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

Be one of the first visitors to see and learn about the Egyptian civilization from the National Egyptian civilization museum, and also you will visit the Egyptian museum to see the largest collection of artifacts. Furthermore, you will enjoy seeing the fascinating palace of Abdeen.

Start From $75 / Day Tour

In one Tour with us, you will see various Egyptian pyramids: visit the Giza pyramids, bent pyramids, and red and black pyramids to discover the secrets of the great Egyptian pharaohs picking up you from the Airport. book now and do not miss it.

Start From $190 / 2 Days

Enjoy your trip from the Airport, we will visit the Giza pyramids to see the iconic pyramids, the half human half lion sculpture of the Sphinx, and the pyramids of Saqqara and enjoy an adventure to ride a camel, or a donkey, and have a delicious Egyptian recipe in the Village.

Start From $0 / 1 day

Let’s visit one of the most famous destinations for tourists in the world, and discover the spectacular Giza pyramids. You also can half delicious lunch in the water of the Nile River on a traditional Egyptian boat felucca in the beautiful city of Maadi.

Start From $60 / 1 day

What about a beautiful tour that combines visiting the great pyramids of Giza and Saqqara to see the spectacular art of pharos? In addition, you will see beautiful vintage-decorated mosques and Islamic art.

Start From $60 / 1 day

Let’s have a full-day trip to the richest sites of ancient Egyptian artifacts: the Great archeological iconic pyramids, Saqqara the place of the first pyramid in Egypt, and witnessed the building of other great pyramids and Pharaonic tombs from Cairo Airport.

Start From $0 / day tour

New live experience to join in Giza, you can see the secrets and the legends of the Pharaos in a fascinating show that makes these lives alive in front of your eyes. In addition, see the most modern technologies of sound and lights used with the great show of Giza pyramids and the sphinx.

Start From $0 / Day Tour

A different tour you should have with us: visiting one of the most unique museums in the world that have a huge collection of mummies, royal statues, and Jewels. Moreover, seeing the historical great citadel and its vintage decorations, and an enchanting tour seeing the Cairo streets with their good vibes.

Start From $0 / day tour

Enjoy an unforgettable tour full of the hidden secrets of the great Egyptian civilization to the Giza pyramids and see the breathtaking light and sound show. Furthermore, you will see the oldest pyramids on earth in Saqqara and Dahshur.

Start From $0 / One day tour

Let´s have a new experience, we will start with your Giza Pyramids Tour with Entrance to Khufu and Camel Ride from the Airport by watching one of the world’s wonders the Giza pyramids with its treasures and secrets. Secondly, you will discover what is inside the pyramid of Khufu, and you will see the King's Chamber and a lot of things.

Start From $95 / half day tour

Let´s have a new memorable tour of the Giza pyramids to watch the world's wonders from thousands of years telling the secrets of ancient Egyptians, Take unforgettable photos with the Sphinx, and you can also find very different shapes of pyramids that contain the pharos ´secrets.

Start From $70 / day tour

An incredible tour can´t be missed to Giza Pyramids and Saqqara with the Nile Felucca: don´t miss the beautiful sunset with being in a beautiful traditional Nile boat. Mesmerizing atmosphere to join to spend a joyful time with the cold fresh air that you want to have with your lovelies.

Start From $75 / day tour

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Egypt Trips and Middle East Reviews

Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

Egypt Tours FAQ

Read top Egypt tours FAQs

The duration of a day tour in Cairo from the airport can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the attractions visited, the distance traveled between them, travel time between locations, waiting time in entry queues, and other individual factors.

Typically, a one-day tour of Cairo from the airport lasts approximately 6 to 10 hours. However, there may be short tours that last less than 6 hours, especially if time is limited or if specific sights are emphasized.

Therefore, it is important to check in advance the specific tour schedule and the duration of each stop.

Over a span of 7,000 years, Egypt has served as a profound source of inspiration for artists, writers, scientists, and intellectuals. The ancient pharaohs, in particular, have left behind a remarkable scientific legacy, pioneering advancements in fields such as mummification, medicine, agriculture, fermentation, engineering, and architecture.

Cairo is a big city in Egypt that has a mix of old and new things. It has famous pyramids that people like to see, but there are also other old things to visit like a museum with lots of cool Egyptian stuff.

Cairo has been called by many names, such as the City of a Thousand Minarets (ancient travelers called it that because of the many mosques built in it), the city of Egypt Al Mahrousa, and the Cairo of Al Mu'izz. Commander Gohar al-Sicilian began building the new capital of the Fatimid state by order of the Fatimid Caliph al-Mu'izz, in 969 AD, and called it Al-Mansuriyya. 

There are some really interesting places in Cairo that you should definitely visit, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, Cairo Tower, Zamalek neighborhood, El Mosky and Khan el Khalili, Hussein Terrace, and the Cairo Citadel or Saladin Citadel.

Cairo Day Tours from the Airport are among the most important trips if you want to spend a special day in Cairo to visit the most important tourist and wealthy sites in Cairo such as the Cairo Tower, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, and the Cairo Tower before returning to the airport again to catch your plane.

The tour duration is depending on the gap time between your flights, we can provide you with long tours or short tours in Egypt, usually tours takes from 4 to 8 hours. Also we can transfer you from the airport to start your tour directly. Enjoy visiting various places, such as The great Giza Pyramids, Egyptian museum, Saqqara, Memphis and Old Cairo.

Yes, you may reserve day trips to Egypt online through the websites or travel agencies of numerous tour companies. Online reservations are convenient and let you weigh your alternatives.


You can book day tours through Cairo Top Tours. Our website, Whatsapp, and E-mail. our agents specialize in offering Egypt Day Tours. You can also customize your day tour based on your preferences and budget.

Yes, you can arrange a tour that departs from the airport and eventually returns to the airport.

Yes, Cairo offers a variety of delicious and unique foods. You can try traditional Egyptian dishes like kebabs, falafel, koshari, and fava beans. Additionally, there are international cuisines and fine dining restaurants serving distinctive dishes.

Yes, Cairo Airport provides luggage storage facilities where you can securely store your luggage during a day tour. These facilities allow you to explore without the burden of carrying your bags. It's advisable to check the location and operating hours of the luggage storage facility at the airport before your tour.

 For visitors with little time and a desire to swiftly see the city's top attractions, Cairo Day Tours departing from the airport are usually ideal. Nevertheless, before making a tour reservation, it's crucial to take into account elements like jet lag, itinerary constraints, and possibly even visa restrictions. Before joining these trips, it's a good idea to consider your physical capabilities and preferences as they may involve walking and viewing historical locations.

 Three hours before to the scheduled departure time, you must arrive at the airport (international flights close sixty minutes before the scheduled departure time). For domestic flights, you must arrive at the airport two hours before departure.


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