El Minya City

Al-Minia is a small city in central Egypt. Despite its low importance on the tourist map, it was a strong regional capital in Egypt. Minya became a minor power center during the Old Kingdom, when the authority ruling Egypt from Memphis fell, and continued to rule central Egypt during the Middle Kingdom.

Minya city, about 240 kilometres south of Cairo, has a comfortable atmosphere that belies its reputation as a pleasant Nile town with some buildings that record its ancient prosperity when it was a flourishing cotton industry hub. It is now a semi-industrial area, but the countryside atmosphere can still be felt. Minya city is a comfortable place for peaceful walks, with its green squares, pretty tree-lined streets, and majestic Italian-style villas designed by industry. It is an ideal starting point for exploring the area's archaeological sites.

Alminya  have a great history, the most beautiful tombs in Egypt which the fabulous color in  it because when the king Akhnatoun wanted to change the religion he also wanted to choose a dazzling site which a great desert with a Nile River so he runs away from Luxor to Al-Minya 

Al-Minya is a historical masterpiece, the result of the evolution and stratification of ancient civilizations, this city is today one of the most extraordinary destinations in Egypt most of Egypt Travel Packages. Currently inhabited by about 4 million Egyptians, Al-Minya represents in many ways the geographical and historical nucleus of Egypt, which extends along the Nile 230 km south of Cairo. Indeed, this city was the capital of Egypt until about 700 years ago, and it was when Akhenaten and the beautiful Queen Nefertiti lived in the village of Tel El Amarana, the center of worship known as the Markaz of Malawi. A visit to this location allows you to visit almost a dozen funeral sites and museums, and appreciate original sculptures, monuments, and paintings handed down to the present day.

Because its position was of great importance during the era of the Pharaohs, Romans, and the Abbasid Caliph dynasty, it offers its visitors many things to discover. Ancient architecture, authentic Greek agora, Christian basilicas, ruins of a temple built by Ramses II, Church of the Virgin Mary, and even houses from the 1930s. Tourists still go for wonderful city sights to decorate their bright walls describing a mixture of daily activities from ancient Egyptian life. The remains of Speos Artemidos are about 1.5 miles from the tombs. Queen Hatshepsut ordered this rock temple and, like her temple near Luxor, honors the gods of Hathor.
Minya is the cradle of civilization where the past is still very generous, new tombs dating back more than 2000 years have been discovered, and archaeologists prefer it because it is a big city and represents a new piece that will help reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt. Minya also hosts a small museum for Akhenaten, which is A unique figure in the history of Pharaonic Egypt. Akhenaten, whose name is Amenhotep the Fourth, ruled the Kingdom of Egypt from 1352 BC. For 16 years. After quickly taking over, he changed his name and outlawed the older religion by admiring the monotheistic devotions of God Aten, the sun god. He founded a different capital that was proclaimed as Sisters, now known as Tel el-Amarna, and settled approximately 30 miles south of Minya at present. Even the art presented during the reign of Akhenaten was completely different.

Visit the Amarna period room at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to see how different the art of Akhenaten is. After his death, the priestly establishment made every effort to destroy the legacy of Akhenaten, including the city he built. Today, Al Minya also offers many international hotels and resorts for a full holiday, combining adventure, culture, and relaxation with merit.

Now, there are just scattered remains of the ancient city that were built at Tell el-Amarna, but the myth of Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti, is still appearing on the horizon. If you are in Minya, it may be deserving a visit to Tel el-Amarna to view the remains of the "heretic" pharaoh's legacy.

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