Wadi Bin Hammad

Wadi Bin Hammad is a tourist valley located in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. and It's a beautiful place with amazing nature for adventure lovers.

Wadi Bin Hammad Jordan

it is a tourist valley, and it is one of the valleys filled with cold river water.
It is located in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Karak Governorate, some 130km south of Amman.

And it is from the deep valleys Where it descends to approximately 4 km, and extends to a length of 15 km, to eventually reach the Dead Sea from the southern side. Despite the steep and rough terrain, the area can be accessed by car.
 At the entrance of the canyon, a hot spring falls into an artificial pool, offering visitors the opportunity to indulge in mineral and therapeutic waters.

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The trip of wadi bin Hammad starts from the northwest of the city of Karak, passing through orchards and farms, with an extension of up to 2 km, and then reaching the mineral baths. From this point,

the journey begins on foot because it is very dangerous to continue by car, so walk up to a distance of up to 3 km through the rocky Siq similar to the Siq in the Rose Petra, up to the beginning of the valley, which begins to widen little by little until it reaches the Dead Sea.

The response to named the valley With this name.

It was called by this name according to the historians of Bani Hammad who came from Andalusia in 1492 AD. And they inhabited the outskirts of this valley and in the heart of the valley,

and some of them went to the north to the city of Ajloun, and all this was due to the similarity of the geographical and climatic nature of the valley and Ajloun with Andalusia, which is famous for its greenery and natural beauty.

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And in the summer, tourist and expedition trips to Wadi Bani Hammad begin, Where many Jordanians and tourists who adventure lovers find the right place for them in this valley, whoever wants to climb rocks and mountains has a place in it, and whoever wants to refresh with the cold waters of rivers has the desired place The beautiful nature of it,

which shocked many of its presence in the lands of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and they are surprised when they see.


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