Religion in Jordan | How Many Religions Are There in Jordan?

Jordan is a perfect destination for those looking for spiritual enrichment and culture. A great ethnic and religious diversity is characterised in that country that seeks to enhance cultural rights for all citizens. This spirit of tolerance and esteem is one of the key elements of Jordan's stability and peace.

Religion in Jordan 

Religion in Jordan:

More than 92% of Jordanians are Sunni Muslims and around 6% are Christians. Most Christians belong to the Greek Orthodox Church; but there are also Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and some Protestants. In Jordan, you can also find small minorities of Shiites and Druze.

Since Jordan is a predominantly Islamic country, you will be able to learn the principles of Islam through direct interaction with the faithful of this monotheistic religion.

The backbone of a long tradition that begins with Judaism and Christianity, Muslims believe that Islam completes the revelation of God's message to humanity. Islam - which in Arabic means "submission" - is an affirmation of the unity, completeness, and sovereignty of God.

How Many Religions Are There in Jordan?

The Islamic tradition observes five fundamental creeds, or "pillars", which identify and strengthen the bond of all Muslims. The five pillars are Confession of faith, daily prayer (five times a day to Mecca), fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, almsgiving (donation), and pilgrimage to Mecca.

Greeting people with "As-Salamalakium" is very common among Muslims and non-Muslims, it is also a very friendly way to start any conversation. So use this expression freely.


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