The Nubian Village

The Nubia was a region located between southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Currently, the Nubians reside along the Nile Valley and still retain a particular appearance given by absolutely characteristic physical features. Their dark skin with very unique contrasts with light eyes, sometimes even blue.

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It is one of the oldest populations in the world, so much so that their appearance dates back to 5,000 years before the birth of Christ when Egypt was divided into two kingdoms in the north and the south before King Menes unified the two lands declaring the sovereignty and starting the pharaonic era by the 1st dynasty within the old kingdom. Their houses painted with multiple colors like sky-blue, pink, or yellow and often decorated with hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia scenes. Chickens peck in the dust and goats chew anything that happens to be lying around!.

A mass of colorful bricks, one next to the other, one on top of the other, in combination and perfect contrast. Squared huts, blue and yellow, red and green, very rough, with a group of stairs built to the brick balconies.

The impressive shops are amazing and take your sight because of their bright colors, oil paintings on which an artist had fun pouring out the brightest colors, rugs, jars, and sashes. Bowls full of spices, jewels, fruit, and dried flowers. A mess of perfumes, essences, and pure voices, while the traders inviting everyone who passes by to look and purchase some of those exotic spices, incense or perfumes.

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