Meidum Pyramid

The pyramid of Meidum is Egyptian antiquity which is said to be still a secret of the ancient Pharaonic civilization. It is also mentioned to be the first pyramid built-in history, which is the pyramid next to Memphis on the west bank of the Nile River at Beni Suef, 100 km south of Cairo in the region of Meidum.

The Pyramid of Meidum is Egyptian antiquity which is said to remain a secret of the ancient Pharaonic civilization. It is also mentioned as the first pyramid constructed in the history of Egypt and it is the pyramid located next to the ancient capital of Egypt since the 1st dynastyMemphis on the west bank of the Nile River in Beni Suef, 100 km south of Cairo in the Meidum region.

That huge structure that lies in the heart of the desert of the governorate of Beni Suef, which scientists have not yet reached to the fact of its design to this day, and what was King Senefru, the founder of the Fourth Dynasty, thinking of, called "the greatest Egyptian builders", when he chose this design, Was it constructed like this, or was it a complete pyramid before a partial collapse occurred, was it the design that the king wanted or is it just a mistake that occurred during construction, so historians believe that the Pyramid of Meidum will remain the mystery of the ancient Pharaonic state.

As for the pyramid itself, it has proven that it has a unique shape and design, and uniquely, for at first glance some think that it is more like the step pyramid built by King "Djoser" in Saqqara and that it is covered from the outside by a layer of white limestone sheet, but in reality, it does not take the hierarchical form, and appears in the middle of the desert in the form of huge cubes, consisting of 3 long steps, and placed on them a layer that made it a flat pyramid, to the extent of making it more like a real pyramid.

The pyramid was built from seven steps, leaving only four degrees, and at a height of 45 meters, and the entrance is located at an altitude of 20 meters from the surface of the earth, and leads to a corridor up to 57 meters in length, then the burial chamber, and on the eastern side of the pyramid, there is the funerary temple The remains of the ascending road, which connected the funerary temple to the Valley Temple, and the architectural style of this pyramid is called the layer pyramid, and it differs from the listed pyramids and is considered a transition to the complete pyramid, and the pyramid consists of a nucleus or a tower in the middle surrounding it from the four sides there are seven layers of limestone, each layer covering it from the outside.

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