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The Egyptian Pyramids were more than just massive structures used as tombs; they were a testament to the ancient Egyptians' superiority in all aspects of life. You will learn about Egypt's Pyramids here!!

Egyptian pyramids are ancient Egyptian structures in the form of pyramids. Since November 2008, sources have estimated the number of Egyptian pyramids to be about 118 or 138. During the ancient and Middle Ages, the majority of them were constructed as tombs for the ancient pharaohs and their dependents.

The oldest known Egyptian pyramids are found in Saqqara, northwest of Memphis. The oldest of these pyramids is the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, which was built from 2630-2610 B.C during the Third Dynasty. Created by the architect Imhotep, this pyramid and the surrounding collection are generally considered the oldest massive structures in the world constructed from building work.

Among the most famous Egyptian pyramids are those in Giza Governorate, on the outskirts of Cairo. Many of the Giza pyramids are among the largest structures ever built in the world. The pyramid of Khufu in Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.

The second historically-documented Egyptian pyramid is credited to the architect Imhotep, who planned what Egyptologists believe to be a tomb for the pharaoh Djoser. Imhotep is ascribed with being the first to conceive the notion of stacking mastabas on top of each other, creating an edifice composed of several "steps" that decreased in size towards its apex

The result was the construction of the Pyramid of Djoser, which was designed to be a giant staircase through which the soul of the deceased Pharaoh could ascend to Heaven, and this was his plan to achieve its purpose, which the late Egyptians deified after him.

Long after the end of Egypt's own pyramid-building period, a burst of pyramid-building occurred in what is present-day Sudan, after much of Egypt came under the rule of the Kingdom of Kush, which was then based at Napata. 

While Napatan rule was brief, ending in 661 BC, Egyptian culture made an indelible impression. The Meroitic period of Kushite history, when the kingdom was centered on Meroë, (approximately in the period between 300 BCE and 300 CE), saw a full-blown pyramid-building revival, which saw more than two hundred Egyptian-inspired indigenous royal pyramid-tombs constructed in the vicinity of the kingdom's capital cities.

The shape of the Egyptian pyramids is believed to represent the primitive hill in which the Egyptians believed that the earth had been created, and the shape of the pyramid is believed to represent the descending sunlight. Far.

Pyramids were often also named in ways that referred to solar luminescence. For example, the formal name of the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur was The Southern Shining Pyramid, and that of Senwosret at el-Lahun was Senwosret is shining.

In 1842, Carl Richard Lipsius issued the first modern list of pyramids - now known as the "List of Pyramids of Lipsius", which counted the number of pyramids to 67 pyramids, and another large number has been discovered since then, as of November 2008, 118 number of Egyptian pyramids were determined. The most recent pyramid to be discovered was that of Sesheshet at Saqqara, mother of the Sixth Dynasty pharaoh Teti, announced on 11 November 2008.

All the pyramids of Egypt, except the small Third Dynasty pyramid, are found in the corner of the dead (or the corner of the dead), on the west bank of the Nile, and most of them are grouped in several pyramid fields. The most famous of these are listed geographically, from north to south, below.

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