Abydos Temple of Osiris

The temple of Abydos was the main center of worship for the god Osiris, and this temple is famous for the large number of tombs and cemeteries that were found in 1895 AD, which are attributed to the kings of the first and second dynasties. It has some differences in its architectural design from the rest of the Egyptian temples, since the temple was built on two axes, the first part from east to west and the second axis from north to south.

Temple (Abydos Temple) is located in a place known as Abydos, and the area was important during ancient Egyptian history, as well as a rich archaeological site.

In ancient times it was called the "Abdo" temple, then the Greeks left Abydos on it. Many temples in Abydos were built by many kings, including King Pepi I, King Ahmose I, King Seti I, and King Ramses II.

The tomb of God Osiris, "the god of the dead world, and the underworld" is located in Abydos as ancient Egyptians believed, and they also believed in the ancient Egyptian religion, where his head was buried. The temple was created throughout the reign of King Seti I and was executed by Ramses II and Merenptah, his son, and grandson


The temple of Seti I has an unusual layout, it was built in the shape of an upside-down letter “L”. It also includes the most entire list of kings and rulers of Egypt, as well as Gods of ancient Egypt

There are seven shrines dedicated to seven Gods as follows - Seti I as a deified King, Horus, Amon Ra, Isis, Osiris, Ptah, and Ra Hor Akhty, and in the temple, you can additionally locate the most preserved painted friezes and texts date back to the eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt History. The earliest kings of Egypt, including those from the first dynasty of Egypt’s history, have been buried at Abydos.

We can enter the Temple of Abydos by means of a largely damaged pylon and 2 open courtyards that were built by King Seti I’s famous son, Ramses II during the New Kingdom. The 1st hypostyle hall also made by King Ramses II. Contours represent the King making offerings to the gods and outfitting the temple building.

We can then enter the 2nd hypostyle hall which is recognized by 24 papyrus columns built from sandstone, this part was the last part of the temple to have been decorated by King Seti I who passed away before the work was completely done.

There are sanctuaries for each god of the seven deities to the back of this second hypostyle hall, ( Isis, Horus, Ra-Horakhty, Osiris, Amun-Ra, Ptah and Seti I). The sanctuary leads to Osiris chambers dedicated to the god, his wife and child, Isis and Horus, and Seth. Then a group of chambers dedicated to the mysteries of Osiris and Isis.

The sacred boats were stored inside the hall entered also in the temple, as well as a sacrifices hall, where slaughtering animals to be used for the rituals or offered to the gods took place.

To the left of this is the corridor recognized as a gallery for the Kings shortly, engraved with the king's figures with Ramses II, and a very detailed list of other pharaohs.

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