Al Fayoum

The oasis of Al-Fayoum is located two hours southwest of Cairo and is undoubtedly one of the hidden treasures of the country. It is characterized by several water conductors, numbering about 200, to irrigate agricultural lands.

Fayoum is one of the most fertile oases in Egypt, located southwest of Cairo. It is about 90 km long and full of natural beauty.

It also has the first evidence of agriculture in Egypt, where you can see the most beautiful Egyptian villages that have tours in Cairo, where Fayoum was the center of the royal pyramid and the construction of cemeteries in the twelfth dynasty of the Middle Kingdom, and again during the rule of the Ptolemaic family. Bread baskets became the most important during the Roman era, and their name comes from (Phnom), which is a Coptic word, or Payomj, which means the lake where you can ride a small sailboat to enjoy the scenic landscape. with day tours to Alfayoum and wadi EL Rayan from Cairo, which was once a sea, but today it is known as the Valley of the Pisces. In the Middle Ages, there was a flourishing city on-site, and one mosque dates from the Mamluk period.

 And some years ago, Diodorus told us about more ancient myths in Faiyum, that King Menes or Mina, bordering Upper and Lower Egypt, went on a hunting expedition and almost lost his life after his dogs attacked him by the lake. However, the crocodile he carried across the water to safety saved his life. the ancient people believed that the lake is a shrine of crocodiles as a reward for this crocodile and established there a city "Shedit" recognized during the Grecko-Roman era as Crocodilopolis, but today you can visit Wadi Hitan or the Valley of Wales that contains some of the best-preserved skeletons of extinct whales from global whales,

The city became the center of the worship of God Sobek crocodiles or prehistoric ocean The foundation of all life in ancient myths, Sobek remained the chief deity of the entire province throughout the Greco-Roman periods.

Wadi Al Rayyan protected area, a deserted area with some lakes like the famous Qarun Lake, connected to a beautiful waterfall and only in Egypt is included within the Fayoum Oasis. There are also many monasteries in which the early Christians established caves cut from rocks alongside hills and valleys, including "Deir al-Azab" as it dates back to the Roman era, and is found in the village of Al-Azab, 5 km south of Fayoum, and was known as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and the martyr Abi Sifin and named The monastery of St. Anba Abraham for the presence of the body of St. Anba Abraham in it. The monastery also includes an old church, a modern church, and a shrine for Anba Abraham, and a museum for the church. I, St. Demiana, St. Mina wonderous, St. Simon Skinner, St. George Hustler)

The Archangel Monastery (Gabriel) in Jabal Al-Takroun, where it is located 16 km southeast of the city of Fayoum in Jabal Al-Takroun, the center of Etsy. It can be reached through the village of Al-Azab and dates back to the beginning of Christianity in Egypt or during the third century AD, known as the Abi Khashaba Monastery. The caves that were used in it were revealed. The first Christians in the period of Roman persecution for Christianity, monastic life began in this monastery in the fourth century, which is supported by the presence of manuscripts containing monastic laws sent by St. Anthony to the monks of the monastery, and it is considered the only monastery in Egypt that bears the name of the angel Gabriel or Gabriel, and that monasticism lasted until the century The 18, as y It was repeated that St. Samuel the Confessor had lived in the nearby caves for 35 years.

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