Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis


The Oasis of Kharga is the largest and most populated oasis of the western desert. It is also the most developed oasis thanks to the efforts of the government to support the modernization of Egypt’s Western Desert.

Kharga can, therefore, be considered as the ideal base for an exciting Egypt desert safari trips in the western desert. In and around the city, you can visit ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman sites, including the Hibis Temple, and buy pottery from local traders in the simple market (souk) of the southern part of the city. from Qasr, the main city of the oasis, before heading to the interesting museum of Kharga antiques.

Nearby Kharga, you will have the opportunity to explore very ancient Coptic sites such as the Al-Bagawat necropolis and the Deir Al-Kashef monastery.

Temperatures in Kharga are cool from October to April and can be between 35 and 45 Celsius in summer.

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