Cairo at Night

Cairo, known as the city that never sleeps, is not only the capital of Egypt, it is also the beating heart of the country. When you visit Cairo, you will find an incredible mix of one of the world's greatest civilizations with many exciting activities, although the first thing you will do is join a sightseeing tour to discover the pyramids, but without spending all the money. time there, as this city has much more than these wonderful monuments.

Cairo at Night

Cairo has considered the capital is the largest among the cities of Egypt and the most densely populated, and because it is the capital it was natural to include a huge number of areas attractive to tourism that satisfy all tastes and desires and suit all ages.

This is what tourism in Cairo has to offer. Whether you are alone or with your friends or family, with your or not children, and you are confused about where to go during the tours in Cairo, and on what basis you will choose the place you will visit, do not exhaust yourself in the search again and continue through Cairo Top Tours the best activities that You can do it by traveling to Cairo.

Things to Do in Cairo 

With the setting of the sunset, the Nile glows beautifully as if welcoming visitors with sailing restaurants and beautiful small boats, and the bustling city begins to unleash its night surprises, as the city contains a lot of entertainment opportunities, where you can enjoy your night whether with a beautiful view and dinner on the Nile in Cairo or enjoy performances of talented artists at the Egyptian Opera House.

When it comes to shopping tours in Cairo, it depends on what you want to buy and the amount that you want to spend, for souvenirs, you can definitely visit the famous Khan El Khalili Market, which is one of the most beautiful markets in Cairo and located where most of the Islamic Cairo trips take place,

as it includes a complex network of zigzagging alleys and back streets full of shops, mosques that It goes back centuries, as well as workshops where craftsmen still practice traditional crafts, and while some tourist groups tend to visit this famous bazaar neighborhood at night when traditional metal lanterns are lit and when the historic Al Moez Street is lit with colored lights, only Many experts advise you to tour during the day in the side streets of Khan Al-Khalili, as it is an exciting exploration, and includes many cheaper options.

The tower is one of the most important tourist places in Cairo that attracts the attention of tourists to it thanks to the splendor of its design, which takes the form of the famous Egyptian lotus flower, in addition to its majestic height that reaches 187 m, and provides a wonderful panoramic view of Cairo and the Nile that overlooks the building of the tower.

You can enjoy this wonderful view while you are having your meal at the 14th round tower restaurant, your drink in the cafeteria above it, or through the telescopic observatory at the top of it.

 Egypt at Night

If you are wandering the Zamalek area or the island as they call it at night, do not miss the opportunity to take photographs of the tower building from the outside, where the building creates wonderful light gradient colors that dazzle the eyes.

One of the best places to stay in Cairo by night in front of the spectacular Nile view is the independence of one of the fixed or moving floating ships, on which multiple artistic paragraphs are presented, such as concerts, singing, belly dance, and folkloric dances, in addition to the most delicious meals and delicious drinks.

Perhaps the most famous of them is Nile Maxim in front of the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek, the Grand Nile Tower Hotel, which is affiliated with the hotel of the same name in the Garden City area, the Saraya and Nile City in Zamalek, or the island area near the October Bridge, and others.

Cairo International Airport is located in the northeastern suburbs of the city in Heliopolis and is an hour away from most hotels in downtown Cairo.

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