Wadi El-Natrun in Egypt

Wadi Natrun is situated on the northeastern outskirts of the Western Egyptian Desert, approximately halfway between Cairo and Alexandria on the desert highway. In Pharaonic times, the city was strategically placed to collect natron salt, which was used to embalm the dead, and it also received sanctification status in Christianity as a result of the Holy Family's passage through it.

Wadi al-Natrun is one of the cities of Beheira Governorate, located on the northeastern outskirts of the Egyptian Western Desert, about halfway between the desert road linking Cairo and Alexandria, and facing the city of Sadat.

Wadi El-Natrun is not a valley in the well-known sense, but it is low in the Western Desert. Wadi El-Natrun borders to the north the Abu al-Matamir Center and the Badr Center, and to the east is the city of Sadat, while the center of al-Hammam is located in the Matruh Governorate, west of this depression, and finally to the south of it is the city of the Sixth of October.

This area called Wadi Al-Natroun was of great importance during the era of the Pharaohs, as the salt was extracted from this land and called the salt of the natron known scientifically as sodium bicarbonate. Hooker, salt field, and other such names.

He also obtained a high holy reputation in Christianity, as a result of the passage of the Holy Family through him to escape from King Herod until he reached the first monastic congregation in it in the fourth century AD, at the hands of the great headquarters that established the monastery of Anba Makar and then followed by three other monasteries, namely the Monastery of Anba Bishoy and the Monastery of El-Baramos and the Monastery of Syrian, until the number of monasteries reached 700 monasteries in the valley until they started shrinking to now only four monasteries, while the rest were lost, so the valley is considered one of the most important sacred areas for followers of the Egypt Coptic Orthodox Church.

Tourism in Wadi El-Natrun is concentrated in many Coptic monuments, where monasticism began in small villages engraved in the hills, then natural conditions were imposed on the hermits to set up converging complexes, and from here began the idea of gathering inside monasteries to protect from barbaric raids, as internal fortresses were established in each monastery and they are still A list exists so far, and a large number of Christians have taken refuge in it to escape the grievances of the Romans. After the Islamic conquest of Egypt, monks and Natron came to the Arab leader, Amr ibn al-Aas, so he insured them on their lives and the freedom of their worship and took it upon himself to provide them with what they needed.

Lake Hamra or Ayoub's well as its people call it attracts visitors for medical tourism because it is distinguished by its high salinity and its healing properties specifically for patients with skin diseases..and this lake is located in the middle of the desert road linking the cities of Alexandria and Cairo in the Wadi Natrun region.

The arid desert embraces that lake, which is characterized by extreme salinity. In the middle of this lake, an eye bursts out from which a source of the sweetest and most healthy food with a miraculous ability to heal skin diseases explodes. As a result of the flow of this sweet water on this extremely salty spot, a brilliant colored gradient plate is formed, announcing the power of the Creator.
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