20 Day Egypt Tour Package

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Не упустите свой шанс. Приезжайте в Египет сейчас для 20-дневной поездки в Египет и посетите самые замечательные достопримечательности, первое, что вы должны посетить в Египте, это великие пирамиды Гизы, затем отправляйтесь расслабить свой мозг на берегах Шарм-эль-Шейха, посетите туристическую столицу Египта, Луксор и посмотрите впечатляющие храмы, исследуйте Асуан с его очарованием и добродушными людьми, посетите столицу нового царства во время правления царя Ахенатена, Эль-Минья, и побалуйте свои глаза волшебным видом Средиземного моря в Александрии. 

  • Встреча и сопровождение нашими руководителями тура в аэропортах
  • Помощь представителей Cairo Top Tours во время всех наших туристических пакетов по Египту.
  • Все трансферы организуются на частном автомобиле с кондиционером.
  • Проживание в Каире в течение 8 ночей в Cairo Pyramids отеле, включая постель и завтрак.
  • Проживание в Александрии в течение 2 ночей, включая постель и завтрак.
  • Проживание в течение 4 ночей на борту круиза по Нилу из Луксора в Асуан на базе полного пансиона.
  • Размещение на 1 ночь в отеле El Menya, включая ежедневный завтрак.
  • Проживание в течение 4 ночей в отеле Sharm на базе полного пансиона.
  • Входные платы и билеты во все упомянутые места.
  • Билеты на внутренние рейсы Каир - Луксор / Асуан - Каир / Каир - Шарм / Шарм - Каир.
  • Все однодневные экскурсии по Египту являются частными.
  • Остановки для перекуса по запросу.
  • Все питание, как указано в маршруте.
  • Шоппинг-туры в Каире.
  • Бутилированная вода и прохладительные напитки во время всех экскурсий по Египту.
  • Все расходы на обслуживание и налоги включены.
  • Международные авиабилеты.
  • Въездная виза в Египет.
  • Напитки во время приема пищи.
  • Чаевые.
  • Стоимость тура не распространяется на пиковые сезоны, такие как рождественские туры в Египет, Новый год или пасхальные туры в Египет.

Welcome to Cairo, Egypt

You will be met by our representative upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, he will transfer you by a modern private car to your hotel in Cairo overnight. Your 20 Day Egypt tour package itinerary will be revised for all Egypt excursions during your stay.

Welcome Drink

Begin your 20 days in Egypt Itinerary by visiting the incredible sight of the Giza Pyramids, meet your personal tour guide at the hotel lobby in Cairo or in Giza, after finishing your breakfast then you will be transferred in a deluxe vehicle to witness the most extraordinary site in Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza which still triggers the questioning of scholars and Egyptologists all over the world. These gigantic structures which have been built by the kings and pharaohs of ancient Egypt during the old kingdom of ancient Egyptian history, which was divided by historians into 30 dynasties that ruled Egypt from 5000 years ago until the Roman occupation took place in 332 B.C by Alexander the Great who established Alexandria City to compete with the Roman and Greek cities during that epoch.

You will have a full view of the great pyramid of King Cheops which stands at a height of 140 m. and was established to serve as a burial house for the divine king. You will witness the grandeur of the second (middle) pyramid of King Chephren which still has part of the white limestone outer casing on its top, facing the Great Sphinx that has been thought to be built to resemble King Chephren himself. Continue to the high plateau for a great chance for camel riding around the Giza Pyramids area while your private tour guide will assist you in capturing amazing photos kissing the sphinx, riding camels, and holding the pyramids between your hands. A visit to the Valley Temple of King Chephren is included within your Egypt day tours to see the place where the sacred corpse of the king had been mummified as part of the burial rituals.

Continue our Cairo day tours with a visit to discover the ancient artifacts and treasures of the Egyptian Museum, which consists of two floors and has the biggest and the most precious collection of Egyptian antiquities all over the world dating back to different periods of Egyptian history over 6000 years old. 250,000 masterpieces are shown which means a minute in front of each item you will need above six months, including the treasures of Tutankhamen, a huge collection of gold and jewelry were disappeared under the sand over 35 centuries till the tomb was dug in 1922 then it was completely moved to Cairo and the Egyptian government has displayed it all to be available during the Egyptian museum tour.

Enjoy a pleasant lunch by the end of our Tours in Cairo before heading back to your hotel, an optional Cairo Nile Cruise Dinner is available if you like to have a buffet dinner on a fancy floating boat for 2 hours including an oriental belly dancing show.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

We will resume our trip by a deluxe a/c vehicle for about a 2-hour drive after you enjoy your breakfast, heading to enjoy your day tour to Alexandria from Cairo on the Mediterranean Sea which was built by the Macedonian-origin ruler who was one of the most successful military commanders of the ancient world, Generally known as Alexander the Great during the Greco-Roman Era and used to be the most beautiful city in the whole world at that time and one of largest cities in Egypt. You will visit the Greco-Roman era site and the ruins of the Roman temple complex, Pompey's Pillar then have a tasty seafood lunch before heading to your hotel in Alexandria for overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

After having your breakfast at the hotel, you will visit the Citadel of Qaitbay, the huge defensive fortification built in the 15th century it is located on the Mediterranean seacoast, where the famous lighthouse Pharos ( one of the seven man-made wonders of the world ) used to be, visit the modern Bibliotheca of Alexandria, is one of the most important cultural centers in Egypt, and have delicious fresh seafood at a very good quality restaurant.

Spend the rest of the day at leisure enjoying the sea view and the beautiful streets of Alexandria. Back to the hotel and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Have your breakfast at the hotel and start your drive back to Cairo, arrive at the Cairo hotel and check-in, stay the night at the hotel, or book one of our numerous tours from Cairo.

Meals: Breakfast

We will start our Coptic Cairo tour by visiting the historical churches in the Coptic district of Cairo, where we will see the Hanging Church and the church of St. Sergius all the way to Ben Ezra Synagogue which is considered one of the oldest synagogues in Cairo.

Continue your Islamic Cairo trips by visiting the Citadel of Saladin, the Medieval fortification of Cairo built by the famous Sultan Saladin in the 12th century, get astonished by the huge towers, and visit one of the most beautiful mosques inside the citadel, the alabaster mosque of Mohamed Ali Basha who was brought by the Ottoman Caliphate to get rid of the French expedition in Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte.

You will be transferred back to your hotel in Cairo for an overnight stay after having a blissful lunch meal.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

You will be transferred to Cairo International Airport after breakfast at your hotel to start your Luxor excursions which are the most charming among all of your Egypt Travel Packages. Take the flight to Luxor where you will be met and accompanied by an air-conditioned vehicle to embark your Egypt Nile cruise and have your lunch served on board. Start your Luxor East Bank tours by visiting Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple that are both connected by the Avenue of Sphinxes and are among the top things to do in Luxor, having dinner and overnight aboard the Nile cruise boat and overnight in Luxor.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Have your breakfast aboard your Egypt Nile River cruise then you will visit the Valley of the Kings magnificent tombs of 62 kings of the new kingdom, then explore the Temple of El-Deir El-Bahari which was built as a mortuary temple for one of the most powerful Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut, the second female ruler and then you will visit the Colossi of Memnon, the two large stone statues of King Amenhotep III who was the father of one of the greatest kings of Egypt who called for monotheism, Akhenaten. Sail to Edfu after lunch and enjoy dinner and overnight aboard the Nile cruise ship.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Now after having your daily open-buffet breakfast, you will visit the Ptolemaic Temple of Edfu dedicated to the falcon God Horus, then sail to Kom Ombo to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to God Sobek. Head back to your cruise to sail to Aswan and overnight aboard the Nile cruise vessel.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast, you will visit the Aswan High Dam which is the most useful project in modern Egypt as it protects Egypt from the Nile flood every year, visit the great and famous Unfinished Obelisk before exploring the Philae Temple that was built for the cult of Goddesses Isis. Overnight aboard the Nile cruise boat.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After having a tasty breakfast, you will disembark your cruise and transfer to Aswan Airport for your flight back to Cairo and be met by our representative to assist you in the Cairo hotel check-in procedures and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast

After having your breakfast, meet your private tour guide to explore the site where the first stone pyramid in history is standing, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the 2nd king of the 3rd ruling family during the old kingdom of the glorious ancient Egyptian history. Start your sightseeing in Cairo when you arrive at the necropolis of Saqqara to enter the site from the original entrance thanks to the efforts of the French archaeologist Jean Philippe Lauer who spent 70 years restoring the monuments of the site of the Step Pyramid. The pyramid got its name because it started from a rectangular mastaba or base in which the burial chamber is 28 meters below, and the queen's burial chamber is 32 meters, then another 5 stories were added above each other to take the form of stairs.

Imhotep, the genius architect who designed the pyramid and held many titles during his lifetime, used the pillared stones exactly the same shape as the original material used by the early Egyptians during that time (reeds-palm trees-wood). Everything that Imhotep built here is destined for the concept of the afterlife, as the soul of the deceased pharaoh could continue to the sky with the support of the offerings and the burial rituals such as the sacred pyramid text. A lot of fancy silver and brass objects were found under the pyramid and were used as offering supports, now are displayed inside the temple of Imhotep on your way out of the Saqqara archaeological site.

You will have access to one of the pyramids of the 6th dynasty kings, the Pyramid of Teti, and the tomb of his son in law Kagemni which is one of the best-preserved tombs of the nobles at Saqqara, inside, you will see different carvings and inscriptions for the daily life scenes like hunting and offering to the gods of ancient Egypt. The pyramid of King Teti is not the perfect-shaped pyramid we are familiar with, but most of a hill above the ground level with a burial shaft underneath.

Have your pleasant lunch in a restaurant in Saqqara before heading now to discover the artifacts displayed in the museum of the most ancient capital of Egypt from 5000 years ago, the ancient city of Memphis, you will see a lot of statues that will amaze you by the high quality of art in ancient Egypt and especially the alabaster sphinx, which is the 2nd biggest among all the sphinxes in ancient Egypt after the Great Sphinx in Giza which is usually visited during the tour to Giza Pyramids, you will also see the huge colossal statue of King Ramses II who ruled Egypt during the new kingdom, the statue is partially broken from the legs but reflects how ancient Egyptian artisans had great knowledge of anatomy.

Now we will see the two beautiful pyramids in Dahshur, the Red Pyramid, and the Bent Pyramid that were built for King Snefru, father of Cheops who built the greatest pyramid in Giza.

You will be transferred back to your hotel for an overnight stay.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Our knowledgeable guide will meet you at your hotel and transfer you by a private air-conditioned vehicle to enjoy your privately guided Cairo Day Tours to El Minya from Cairo. It takes almost four hours to drive down the modern road to El Minya. When you reach your destination you will start visiting the great plain where Akhenaton received his divine inspiration to build his city Aketaten to be the center of the worship of the god Aten, then proceed to Tuna El Gabal, in which there are burial homes and characterized by unique wall paintings because it was designed with a mixture of Roman and ancient Egyptian art. Resume your El Minya tours from Cairo as you can see the tomb of Petosiris, Ibis, and baboons catacombs and Isadora tomb (This tomb goes back to the 2nd century AD and belongs to Isadora the renown for her love story in the city of Hermopolis.

After visiting these sites, Stop to enjoy your lunch in an oriental restaurant, then you will go to the Hotel and check in.

Overnight in El Minya.

On the 2nd day of your Two days trip to El Minya from Cairo, enjoy your breakfast then your private Egyptologist guide provided during your Cairo Day Tours will accompany you to experience the sightseeing in Beni Hassan, which contains around 300 tombs that belong to the middle pharaonic era and some of them are opened for tourists, to visit the tombs of the noblemen and rulers of the region during the middle kingdom starting by the tomb of the high ranked official called Bakhet III who served as the Governor of the Oryx Nome during the middle kingdom, Khnumhotep tomb (Khnumhotep was a governer under Amenemhat III in the 12th dynasty) as well as the tomb of Khety, the governor of the region in the 11th dynasty.

After that, we will take lunch in a good quality local restaurant, then continue to Tel El Amarna where Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti used to live. On arrival to tell Amarna you will see the northern tombs including tombs like Ahmose tomb and Huya tomb, you will also visit the site of the royal palace in Amarna.

After finishing your Cairo tours and excursions to El Minya we will transfer you back to your hotel in Cairo.

Enjoy your delicious breakfast at the hotel, and then the representative of Cairo Top Tours will accompany you to the domestic departure terminal at Cairo International Airport to take your flight to Sharm El-Sheikh, reception and assistance at Sharm airport, transfer to the hotel, it is your opportunity to escape the crowds, relax on the wonderful beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh. Different water activities are waiting for you like swimming, diving, or snorkeling. Optional to try the Desert Safari trip in Sharm El Sheikh in the center of the Sinai desert of Sharm. You will have lunch and dinner at the hotel.
Overnight in Sharm hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Насладитесь вкусным завтраком в отеле, сегодня у вас есть возможность отдохнуть на потрясающих пляжах Шарма. Вас ждут различные водные развлечения, включая плавание, дайвинг или снорклинг. По желанию вы можете отправиться в Рас-Мохамед на лодке из Шарм-эль-Шейха, чтобы увидеть красоту кристально чистой воды Красного моря, изучая многочисленные виды рыб и коралловые рифы.
Ночь в отеле Шарма

Питание: Завтрак, Обед, Ужин

Проведите спокойное свободное утро в свободное время. или присоединитесь к факультативной экскурсии В 14:00 забирайтесь из отеля и поезжайте в Центр Квадроциклов, расположенный примерно в 15 минутах езды. После короткого инструктажа по технике безопасности и вождению начните приключение на квадроцикле в Шарме. Проедьте по песчаным дюнам Синайской пустыни и полюбуйтесь захватывающими видами. Свободный вечер, ночевка в отеле.

Питание: Завтрак, Обед, Ужин

Проведите свободный день в Шарме или присоединитесь к нашей факультативной экскурсии в Монастырь Святой Екатерины, расположенный в самом сердце Синая и у подножия Гебель-Муса, или горы Синай, где Моисей получил заповеди. Окруженный садами и кипарисами, монастырь Святой Екатерины принадлежит и управляется греческой православной церковью. В его богатой библиотеке хранится вторая по величине в мире коллекция иллюминированных рукописей после Ватикана. Вы сможете увидеть Горящий куст и большое количество античных произведений искусства: бесценные иконы, великолепные резные двери, прекрасные настенные росписи и другие изысканные религиозные украшения.

Ночь в Шарме.

Питание: Завтрак, Обед, Ужин

Вкусный завтрак в вашем отеле в Шарм-эль-Шейхе, а затем вы отправитесь в аэропорт Шарм-эль-Шейха для перелета в Каир. Ночь в Каире.

Питание: Завтрак

После последнего завтрака в отеле наш представитель заберет вас и доставит в международный аэропорт Каира для вылета в конце вашего 20-дневного маршрута по Египту.

Питание: Завтрак

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The Bahariya Oasis offers attractions like the Black Desert, the Crystal Mountain, the Valley of the Golden Mummies, and the hot springs at Bir Al-Ghaba. Which is also a gateway to the White Desert.


The pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world and these huge structures possess many unexplored secrets, as well as secret corridors, and multiple hidden rooms, making them one of the seven wonders of the world. Join our Ywemi tour from the port of Alexandria to The pyramids of Giza or Saqqara pyramids .
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  • It is imperative to visit Egypt's historic landmarks, which are well-known, while on a tour. You will explore all the important attractions and sites in Egypt such as the famous Giza Pyramids, Step Pyramid Complex, Luxor, and Aswan. It will be better if you book one of our long and multi-day trips to be able to visit all these impressive sites. When you do this, you can be sure that none of the main attractions of this fascinating country will be missed during your vacation. 

The most important monuments of Sinai's religious tourism in Sinai, Egypt, known as the Sinai Development, are the information and secrets of the holy place where our master Mossi received the Ten Commandments as mentioned in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions
The viewer from the top of the mountain is able to see beautiful scenes of the surrounding mountain range, especially in the sunrise and sunset periods, located near Mount Catherine (Mount Taur Sinai), where St. Catherine monastery is located, and surrounds the mountain with a range of South Sinai mountain peaks.
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Safaga is a wonderfully beautiful coastal city located near the city of Hurghada. Although it is a small city, it has many hotels such as the Palm Royale Hotel and Solymar Soma Beach.

The Red Sea is one of the most famous seas in the world, extending over more than one country. The beaches of the Red Sea are a group of the most beautiful and purest beaches in the world, where you will enjoy seeing beautiful coral reefs and rare marine creatures.

Egypt is one of the most important countries that is interested in building many markets and malls so that tourists can buy everything they need while they are in Egypt. These Egyptian markets are very important for displaying unique Egyptian products and handicrafts.

The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses had a great influence on the formation of the ancient Egyptian's personality and behavior because these gods presented many stories that aimed to teach them the values ​​of justice, equality, love of goodness, courage, and sacrifice.


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