Fayoum Oasis One Day Trip with Wadi El Hitan Egypt

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Enjoy a wonderful day tour to Faiyum Governorate to see the real beauty of green landscapes with the desert, a unique experience you have never seen, we will take you to wadi el Hitan which has skeletons of whales all over that you can see, and take pictures, then we will take you to  Wadi El Rayan that gives a brilliant view that you can't see anywhere else, which has two lakes that are attached by means of waterfalls, is a beautiful view as it is a dip in the Western Desert of Egypt, about 42 meters below the sea level. after that, you will take a sumptuous lunch in a Tunis village in Egypt. 

  • Being met and assisted by our representatives.
  • Transfers from/ to your hotel in Cairo or Giza.
  • Entrance fees for all the sites are mentioned in our trip itinerary.
  • Certified English-speaking Egyptologist guide to accompany you.
  • Bottle of water or a soft drink during Cairo Trips.
  • All service charges and taxes are included in Egypt tours prices.
  • Being met and assisted by our representatives.
  • Transfers from/ to your hotel in Cairo or Giza.
  • Entrance fees for all the sites are mentioned in our trip itinerary.
  • Certified English-speaking Egyptologist guide to accompany you.
  • Bottle of water or a soft drink during Cairo Trips.
  • All service charges and taxes are included in Egypt tours prices.

Early in the morning 

our representative will meet you anywhere to enjoy your Day Tour in Faiyum Governorate, will meet you at your hotel or anywhere to accompany you with an exclusive vehicle to begin your trip to Faiyum and its attractions.

Most of the people who know Fayoum say that it is only famous for its waterfalls, but it turns out that Fayoum has stories and adventures that do not come to mind, come live the spirit of adventure and the beauty of the desert there beside the beauty of the green scenery.

When you reach Fayoum, you will live a strange experience, because when you see the houses in the middle of the countryside, you will feel that you are in the countryside, but you will also see there are modern houses, and they look very nice, if you want to take a picture there.

It is considered the most touristic place in Fayoum, and many foreigners visit it. It is a place for making pottery, but this place is an (additional to our trip), but I highly recommend it.

 we will go to the Valley of the Whales or Wadi el Hitan, which contains many fossils of whales that were present here 40 million years ago.
Of course, this place used to have a sea, and now it has turned into a desert. When you promote there, you will discover the beauty of nature there.

There you will find traces and bones of whales on display in the museum, and there we will understand you and explain to you all the development that took place in the region there and how it was transformed.

After that, you will go to Wadi El Rayan, the most famous place in Fayoum, because there is only one waterfall in Egypt. When you go there, you will very much enjoy the awesome view. Once you see the waterfall, you will forget the whole world.

also included in this trip is a lunch in Tunis village, We will take you to one of the most important and beautiful landmarks in the Egyptian governorate of Fayoum, which is full of beauty, civilization, and sweet spaciousness, which is just one of the many beautiful places in this area.

After completing this day of exploration, your guide will take you to your hotel in Cairo or the airport

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Fayoum Oasis, located southwest of Cairo, is a tranquil and historically rich region in Egypt that offers a variety of tourist attractions. Here are some of the famous tourist attractions in Fayoum Oasis:

Lake Qarun (Birket Qarun): This large saltwater lake is a central attraction in Fayoum and offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and bird-watching. It's a beautiful spot for enjoying nature and scenic views.

Wadi El Rayan: This is Egypt's only official valley and waterfall. It's a protected area with stunning natural scenery, including a series of waterfalls formed by the Fayoum River. You can hike and explore the area while appreciating its biodiversity.

Hawara Pyramid: This ancient pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Amenemhat III, dates back to the 12th Dynasty. It's an important archaeological site and offers insight into Egypt's history.

Qasr Qarun: This Greco-Roman temple, also known as the Temple of Dionysius, is dedicated to the god Sobek and is famous for its well-preserved reliefs and statues. It's a significant historical site in Fayoum.

Medinet Madi: These ruins are the remains of an ancient city and temple complex dedicated to the god Sobek. The site includes a well-preserved temple with intricate carvings and columns.

Wadi El Hitan (Valley of the Whales): Located on the outskirts of Fayoum, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its well-preserved fossils of ancient whales and other prehistoric creatures. It's a fascinating destination for paleontology enthusiasts.

Fayoum City, the capital of Fayoum Governorate, offers a glimpse into daily life in the region. Explore the local markets, sample Egyptian cuisine, and visit the Coptic Cathedral of Saint Abraam.

Karanis (Kom Aushim): These archaeological ruins represent the remains of an ancient Roman city and offer insight into the daily life of the inhabitants during Roman times. You can explore well-preserved structures, including houses and a bathhouse.

Qaitbay Mosque: Located in Fayoum City, this historic mosque is known for its unique architectural style, which combines Islamic and Coptic elements.

Fayoum Waterwheels: These traditional waterwheels (sakiehs) have been used for centuries to irrigate the fields in the oasis. They are an iconic part of the landscape and offer a glimpse into traditional farming methods.

A typical package includes guided tours, transportation to and from attractions, and sometimes meals. Accommodations may or may not be included, depending on the tour.


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