Tour from Dahab to Giza Pyramids

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Camel Ride with Pyramids Tour From Dahab 


This tour is one of our great  explore one of great Egypt Day Tour to try and explore

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So we pick you up from Dahab airport and deliver you to the pyramids of Giza where you will see the three pyramids of Giza, the valley of Khafraa and the Sphinx then you will enjoy some sun shines and we will continue to have a quade bike ride for about hour to make you enjoy the desert in Egypt and after that, you will try an hour camel riding and you can take photos with it too.


  • All transfer services from your hotel in Dahab and at airports are covered by the Cairo top tours team.
  • All transfers are by exclusive air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Admission fees and tickets to all the mentioned sites.
  • An accredited English-speaking Egyptologist is provided throughout your Dahab to Cairo day trip.
  • Bottle of water & cold drinks on board the vehicle during Cairo Day Tours.
  • Delicious lunch meal at a good quality local restaurant in Cairo.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo.
  • All Service charges and taxes are included in the Egypt tours from Dahab.
  • 1 hour Quade Bike Riding 
  • 1 hour Camel Riding 
  • Any extra activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tipping is not included in the prices of Cairo Day Tours from Dahab.
  • Personal spending during the Dahab to Cairo trips.
  • Beverage during meals.
  • Prices do not apply during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.

We will pick you up from Sharm El Sheikh airport in  comfortable air-conditional to Giza 

First, you will visit the Great pyramids of Giza The pyramids were built to bury these kings and protect their bodies perfectly in secure and difficult to reach tombs, as the burial chambers were reached with great difficulty and it is believed that there are rooms and secrets in the pyramids that have not been discovered until now, and those pyramids remain until today a mystery that humans cannot, despite what they have reached. Advances and solved technology.


Then, you will have some fun by riding a quade bike for an hour There are excellent choices for seasoned quad bike enthusiasts, and those entering this world for the first time. With the help of our expert and quad bike instructor Fahad Al Musallam, we will know all the details and we will have a clear plan to enter the world of quad bikes.

Eventually, you will experience riding a camel for an hour and will drop you off at Sharm El Sheikh airport again with great memories and photos to remember. 


1 Person

$420.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$390.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$370.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$340.00 Per Person

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