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  • Rif Mountains

    Rif Mountains

    The Rif Mountains, also known as Jebel al-Rif, is a mountain range located in northern Morocco, running parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Known for its stunning natural beauty, the Rif Mountains offer breathtaking views, lush green valleys, and picturesque villages. The region is also rich in biodiversity, with a variety of plant and animal species.

  • Volubilis


    Discover the ancient Roman city of Volubilis near Meknes, Morocco, a UNESCO World Heritage site with remarkably preserved ruins. Explore its well-preserved remains, including a triumphal arch and stunning mosaics. Walk through ancient streets and grand villas.

  • Essaouira


    Explore the historic medina, and relax on the stunning beaches of Essaouira. This coastal city is a beloved destination for travelers seeking a blend of culture, relaxation, and natural beauty. Discover the charm of Essaouira as you wander through its winding streets,

  • Fes


    Experience the rich traditions of Fes, indulge in delicious Moroccan cuisine, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of its people. Fes is a city that will enchant you with its timeless charm and captivating allure.

  • Dades Valley

    Dades Valley

    The Dades Valley captivates nature lovers and hikers with its breathtaking rock formations and dramatic landscapes. Explore this enchanting destination renowned for its stunning beauty and immerse yourself in its natural wonders.

  • Sahara Desert

    Sahara Desert

    Experience the Sahara desert adventure as you ride camels over golden dunes and spend a magical night under the stars in a traditional Berber camp. Discover the beauty of the desert, immerse yourself in Berber culture, and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting experience.

El Hussein Mosque

  • 05 16, 2023

El Hussein Mosque in Cairo

Sayyidna al-Hussein Mosque was built in 1870 to replace a 12th-century mosque and is believed to retain one of the most sacred relics of all Islam: the head of Al-Hussein, nephew of the prophet Muhammad.

After the death of the prophet in the year 632 AD, the caliphate came under the control of the Umayyad clan.

The son-in-law of the prophet Ali took up arms claiming to be the natural successor and was killed. His son, Al-Hussein, organized a riot but died in 680 AD at the battle of Kerbala, Iraq, where his body is said to rest. Islam is still divided between the followers of Al-Hussein, the Shiites, and the Sunnis, who considered the Umayyads to be Muhammad's legitimate successors. In the ten-day annual Moulid of Al Hussein and other holidays, Midan al-Hussein is invaded by thousands of worshipers.

In Egypt, people can learn about Ramadan In Egypt. It's like a fun adventure where people explore and find out cool things about how people used to dress a long time ago.

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The El Hussein Mosque dates back to the 12th century and is believed to be built over the tomb of Sayyidna Al-Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. It has undergone several renovations and expansions over the centuries, with the current structure reflecting Mamluk and Ottoman architectural styles.

Non-Muslim people who are visiting Cairo can go to a special place called a mosque. This mosque is near a big market called Khan el-Khalili. It is in a part of Cairo where many Islamic things are found. If you want to learn about Islam or the history of Islam, you can go on a tour of the special room where people pray in the mosque.


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