Memphis and Dahshur Day Trip

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Memphis and Dahshur Day Trip 

Try one of the several tours in Cairo we have made to suit every taste of history and culture seekers along with the fun and adventure discovers, It is the most reserved one after the famous Giza pyramids tours as the Cairo Tour to Dahshur and Memphis city gives you the opportunity to discover the ancient necropolis in Dahshur archaeological site to see the two pyramids of King Snefru who was the father and the idol of King Cheops enough to inspire him of making the biggest stone structure in the world for thousands of years, the seven wonders great pyramid of Khufu in the Giza Necropolis, visit also the open-air museum of Memphis, the oldest capital in the history of Egypt and maybe the history of mankind 5000 years ago after the unification of the two kingdoms of Egypt took place by King Menes.

Cairo Tour to Dahshur and Memphis

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Transports from your hotel and return back by our personnel.

Entry fees to Dahshur include the Red Pyramid from the inside and the open-air museum in Memphis.

Transportation by an elite a/c vehicle to make your Egypt tours more special.

A licensed English-speaking Egyptologist to accompany you during your Memphis and Dahshur Day Trip.

Bottled mineral water on your way to enjoy the tours of Cairo.

Shopping tours in Cairo. ( Upon request ).

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Meet your accredited tour guide who will accompany you on one of the best day trips to Cairo. The exciting day trip to Memphis and Dahshur will fascinate you by the magnificence of the oldest pyramids in Egypt, which are even older than the famous landmarks of the three Great Pyramids in Giza, which are usually visited during the tour to the pyramids of Giza.

First, go to the old royal necropolis of Dahshur to see two of the four pyramids built for King Snefru, the father of King Cheops and his true role model who inspired him, no doubt when he saw his Father Snefru built great pyramids like the curved pyramid at Dahshur, which bent slightly due to the uncoordinated angles, and the first perfectly shaped pyramid known as the red pyramid because it is reddish in the color of the stones used for its construction.

Take time to step inside the pyramids at Dahshur and snap photos before moving to Egypt's oldest capital from the 1 Dynasty 5000 years ago, the administrative center of rule over such a large empire, Memphis. Not much is left of the ancient city, but now you can see the artifacts on display in the open-air museum. Most interesting of all is the alabaster sphinx, which is the second-largest sphinx within the pyramid complex of King Chephren after the famous Great Sphinx of Giza. You'll also see statues of King Ramses II who ruled the country during the new kingdom. The colossal statue for him shows incomparable perfection and reflects a great anatomical knowledge of the craftsmen who shaped the body muscles so precisely.

Transfer back to your hotel or preferred drop-off location after completing your Dahshur and Memphis Cairo tour.

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Memphis and Dahshur are two significant archaeological sites in Egypt that offer a wealth of cultural and historical heritage. Here's what you can discover at each location:

Memphis: Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom and played a crucial role in the country's history. Some of the cultural and historical highlights you can discover in Memphis include:

Memphis Museum: This small museum houses a collection of artifacts found in the Memphis area, including statues, sphinxes, and stelae. One of the most famous exhibits is the colossal statue of Ramses II.

Alabaster Sphinx: The Great Sphinx of Memphis, made of alabaster, is a striking monument that was originally located near the Temple of Ptah. It's smaller than the Giza Sphinx but still impressive.

Statue of Ramses II: A massive statue of Ramses II lies near the entrance of the Memphis Museum. This statue showcases the grandeur of ancient Egyptian sculpture.

Dahshur: Dahshur is known for its pyramids and is located not far from Saqqara. It offers insights into the evolution of pyramid construction during ancient Egypt's history. Some cultural and historical attractions in Dahshur include:

Bent Pyramid: The Bent Pyramid is an early attempt at pyramid construction and gets its name from the change in angle partway up. It's an example of the experimentation that took place during pyramid design.

Red Pyramid: Also known as the North Pyramid, the Red Pyramid is one of the earliest true pyramids and is called "red" due to the reddish hue of its limestone casing. It's accessible for exploration from the inside.

Dahshur Pyramid Field: The area surrounding the Bent and Red Pyramids includes various ruins and structures, providing insights into the architectural and engineering efforts of the ancient Egyptians.

Egypt has made efforts to improve its security measures and ensure the safety of tourists. Many popular tourist destinations, such as Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and the Red Sea resorts, have been considered generally safe for travelers.


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