Half Day Tour to Egyptian Museum

Cairo Top Tours Egyptologist guides will help you to view the wealth of the Egyptian Museum of antiquities through this amazing Half Day Tour to enjoy the biggest and most precious set of Egyptian masterpieces all over the world. Book the Egyptian Museum Cairo Trip now!

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Enjoy the magnificent masterpieces and amazing collection of artifacts and jewelry exhibited in the Egyptian Museum through our exciting Cairo Half Day Tours to explore the Egyptian Museum of antiquities which has the largest and the most valuable exhibit of ancient Egyptian antiquities all over the world. The Egyptian Museum is one of the biggest archaeological museums in the world due to its rich collections that cover almost the three thousands years of the ancient Egyptian civilization beginning from the pyramids age or the old kingdom to the New kingdom, the first intermediate period and the late period and even displaying artifacts from the Grecko-Roman era. Book your half-day tour in Cairo, Egypt tours to visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

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You will meet with your Egyptologist tour guide who will be at your service the whole day, then he will accompany you from your hotel through this Half Day Tour to Egyptian Museum to see the treasures of the Egyptian Museum, which is a building of 2 floors and has a very unparalleled collection of ancient Egyptian art and statues that cover most of the periods of the Egyptian history starting from the Old Kingdom when Giza pyramids were built and all the masterpieces of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom or the golden era of Egypt. Over 6000 years ago. 250,000 masterpieces are displayed in the showcases and a lot more in the stores. It means if you would like to spend one minute in front of each statue you will need above six months, including the treasures of Tutankhamen, a huge collection of gold artifacts and silverware as well as jewelry, treasure chests, military chariots, perfume containers, and gilded funeral coffins were hidden under the sand over 3500 years till the tomb was excavated in 1922 revealing such wonderful items of the golden Pharoah, then it was entirely moved to Cairo and the Egyptian government has displayed it all in the second floor of the Egyptian museum, along with the collection of Yuya and Thuya, parents of King Amenhotep III and grandparents of the child King Tutankhamen.

Then you will be transferred back to your hotel after we finished the Egyptian Museum Cairo Trip.

Included Items

  • Pick up from your hotel.
  • Transfers by an exclusive nonsmoking air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sites.
  • English-speaking certified tour guide.
  • Bottle of mineral water during our Cairo Day Tours.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo. (Upon Request).
  • All taxes & service charges of Egypt Day Tours.

Excluded Items

  • Any extras that are not mentioned.
  • Entrance to the Mummies room.
  • Tipping is not included in the price of our Cairo Trips.

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