Day Tour to Saqqara Necropolis from Cairo

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Day Tour to Saqqara Necropolis from Cairo 

Get to see the necropolis of the old kingdom during your Day Tour to Saqqara Necropolis from Cairo,

Saqqara Pyramid Trip

our selection of Egypt day tours allows you to wander in the area where the 1st pyramid in history was built for one of the great Kings of ancient Egypt, King Djoser who was the ruler during the 3rd dynasty and built the Step Pyramid almost 200 years before King Cheops who built the great pyramid in Giza. The Saqqara Pyramid Trip is one of the most booked among our Cairo trips that you can enjoy while having a layover in Cairo or if you're staying in any hotel  


Transportations from and to your hotel in Cairo.

Entrance fees to Saqqara.

Oriental lunch in a local restaurant.

Transportation is privately done by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.

A licensed English-speaking tour guide will be with you during your Cairo Day Tours.

Bottled water and a soft drink during Egypt Day Tours.

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Any extras not mentioned in the Saqqara Pyramid Trip itinerary.

Tipping is not included during your day Tour to Saqqara from Cairo.

Prices do not apply during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.


You will be met by your accredited Egyptologist at the hotel lobby to begin one of the most remarkable Tours from Cairo, to spend a magnificent Day Tour to Saqqara Necropolis from Cairo, Saqqara Necropolis is about 30 KMs to the north of Cairo. the first discovered pyramid in history belongs to one of the most powerful kings of ancient Egypt, Djoser, founder of the Step PyramidThe striking pyramid, whose mysteries are still being discovered until now, you will have the chance to get inside one of the pyramids in Saqqara which does not require any additional fees like the Pyramid of King Teti or the Pyramid of Unas, the last King of the 5th dynasty during the old kingdom, also is open to visitors where you can visit one of the well-preserved Tombs of the Nobles in Saqqaralike the tomb of Kagemini who was the son of law of King Teti and the vizier of justice. You will see the different phases of all kinds of daily life scenes in ancient Egypt with all its activities inscribed like collecting of plants, fishing, trapping, and animal blessing, painted in vivid colors on the walls and funeral chambers of these rock-cut tombs.

Explore the museum of Imhotep. The museum is one of several halls with more than 500 rare artifacts extracted from the Saqqara archaeological site.  The exhibition includes a model of the Zoser funerary collection, and one of the museum's halls is designed in the form of a complete cemetery featuring a mummy, a wooden coffin, and a number of pottery and pasteurized pots.

Enjoy your tasty lunch at a local restaurant and you can ask your accredited tour guide to take you to government-authorized bazaars to learn about ancient Egyptian handicrafts and to buy souvenirs that will remind you of your lovely Tours to Egypt.



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$35 Per Person

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Saqqara is an archaeological site near Cairo, known for its significant historical and cultural treasures. Some of the main tourist attractions in Saqqara include:

Step Pyramid of Djoser: This pyramid is one of the earliest monumental stone structures in Egypt and marks a significant development in pyramid architecture. It's the centerpiece of the Saqqara complex and was built for Pharaoh Djoser.

Pyramid of Unas: This pyramid is notable for its Pyramid Texts, a collection of religious and magical spells inscribed on the walls of the burial chamber. These texts provide insights into ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.

Tomb of Ti: The tomb of an ancient Egyptian official named Ti is known for its well-preserved reliefs and scenes depicting various aspects of daily life, agriculture, and offerings.

Mastaba of Mereruka: This mastaba (rectangular tomb) is one of the largest and most elaborately decorated tombs in Saqqara. It belongs to Mereruka, a high-ranking official during the reign of Pharaoh Teti.

Serapeum: A series of underground galleries that once housed the massive stone sarcophagi of the Apis bulls, which were considered sacred in ancient Egypt.


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