Day Tour to The Pyramids from Port Ghalib

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Pyramids from Port Ghalib

A day tour from Port Ghalib to the Giza Pyramids, Memphis, and Saqqara will give you a unique and comprehensive overview of the pyramids of Egypt. This tour is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about Egypt's history and culture.

On this amazing tour of ancient wonders, you'll start by exploring the Giza Pyramids, which are considered one of the most magnificent ancient wonders of the world. Next, you'll visit Memphis, which was once the ancient capital of Egypt. Here, you'll see many amazing temples and tombs, including those belonging to Ramses II and Nefertari. Finally, you'll visit Saqqara, a necropolis for several dynasties during their reigns over Egypt. You'll see tombs that date back to 4500 BC as well as a giant Step Pyramid built by King Djoser in 2630 BC. This is an amazing tour that you'll never forget!



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The Port Ghalib tour is a day trip to the three historical sites in Egypt: the Giza Pyramids, Memphis, and Saqqara.

It starts with a coach ride from Port Ghalib to Giza. The first stop on this tour will be at the Pyramids of Giza, one of the most famous and recognizable structures on Earth, which are made up of the Great Pyramid of Khufu which is the oldest and tallest of the three pyramids, the Pyramid of Khafre which is nearly as large as Khufu's pyramid, and the Pyramid of Menkaure which is smaller than Khafre's but bigger than Khufu's.

These pyramids were built in honor of three Egyptian pharaohs who are thought to have reigned between 2589 and 2465 BC. The Great Pyramid was one of the tallest man-made structures in the world until 1300 AD; it is still the only structure in Egypt that has been standing for over 4500 years.

You can enjoy riding camels on the sand of the Giza Plateau and take magnificent photos there with your favorite people to be a nice memory to remind you of Egypt after returning back to your homeland. 

Then you will visit Memphis, a city on the west bank of the Nile River, south of modern Cairo. It was an important center for administration and worship in ancient Egypt during its existence as the capital city of ancient Egypt during three different periods: under Dynasty 1st Dynasties; under Dynasty 2nd Dynasties; under Dynasty 3rd Dynasties. 

After visiting these awe-inspiring pyramids, you'll spend some time at Memphis—the capital city of Egypt during ancient times—where you'll visit its famous Necropolis. The Necropolis is a complex burial ground with several different pyramids and tombs dating back thousands of years ago. Its most famous tomb is that belonging to King Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut), whose sarcophagus was discovered inside his tomb by Howard Carter in 1922. 

After visiting Memphis, your tour will end with a visit to Saqqara necropolis, where you'll get a glimpse into life in ancient Egypt through visits to some of its most important tombs as well as a giant Step Pyramid built by King Djoser in 2630 BC.

At the end of your pyramids tour, we will drive you back to your hotel in Port Ghalib 

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