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Many human civilizations triumphed in the land of Egypt, the most famous of which was the ancient Egyptian civilization, whose ancient ruins still attest to this. The seven most famous wonders of the world are the pyramids and the Sphinx, and in this article, we will highlight the Giza Governorate.

Giza City 

Giza is an Egyptian governorate located directly on the Nile River, that is, it is administratively affiliated with the Greater Cairo Governorate, and Giza borders it to the north within Beheira Governorate, Beni Suef Governorate from the south, to the west from the Menoufia Governorate, and from the east Cairo Governorate, which states that the Pharaohs established their civilization in Giza.

Giza is characterized by stunning natural scenery, which includes mountains and oases, and is characterized by a mild climate and abundant eyes of cold water and hot mineral. Massive obituary.

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Giza highlights
The Pyramids of Giza are an archeological and tourist attraction of the highest order. These pyramids are located on a plateau on the bank of the west of the Nile River, which is three pyramids as royal tombs for the kings of the pharaohs in the past and date back to two thousand five hundred and fifty years BC, and they still maintain their condition well, for every pyramid is A tomb of a king who built and was buried there, the most famous of which is the pyramid of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaure.

Greater Cairo 

The Sphinx statue is a statue sculpted from colored limestone rock located opposite the pyramid of Khafre. The statue is composed of a human head that is said to be the face of King Khufu, the father of King Khafra. The body is a lion's body as a symbol of strength, and there are many sayings for the purpose of building this statue. Close to offerings, the goal of its construction is still under study and research.


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