Budget Cairo Tour to Memphis and Dahshur

Price Starting From : $70

Budget Cairo Tour to Memphis and Dahshur

Enjoy a great budget Cairo tour to Memphis and Dahshur from Cairo at the most affordable prices including private transportation and a tour guide.

Visit the ancient archaeological sites that are considered to be among the top-recommended tours in Cairo using the service of Cairo Top Tours, this Budget Cairo Tour to Memphis and Dahshur from Cairo is the best way to see the 1st capital in ancient Egypt history, Memphis city and visit the museum to see the aged artifacts of the old kingdom and the new kingdom, you will also visit the two pyramids in Dahshur (the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid) that were built by King Snefru, founder of the 4th dynasty and father of King Cheops who built the great pyramid in Giza necropolis.


  • An ancient royal cemetery located 30 kilometers south of Giza and 40 kilometers south of Cairo.
  • This is where the ancient Egyptians developed their skills in building pyramids.
  • The Leaning Pyramid was the first attempt to build a pyramid with smooth sides. It was built

Transports from your hotel to Memphis and Dahshur and return.

Transportation by an exclusive nonsmoking vehicle to make your Egypt tours more private.

An approved English-speaking Egyptologist guide during your Budget Tour to Memphis and Dahshur from Cairo.

Bottle of mineral water during the tours in Cairo.

Any taxes or service charges for Egypt day tours.

shopping tours in Cairo



Any extra excursions that are not covered in the itinerary.

Admission fees to Dahshur including the red pyramid from inside and the open-air museum in Memphis.

Tipping or gratitudes are not included in our Budget Cairo day tours.

During Ramadan, tourist sites close at 3:00 pm, so the tours usually start one hour in advance.

Prices are valid during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.


Start your Budget Cairo Tour to Memphis and Dahshur after you meet your private tour guide anywhere within Cairo or Giza to see the site where the first capital of Egypt used to be, the ancient city of Memphis that was founded after King Menes unified the two lands of upper and lower Egypt to be the 1st capital for the whole kingdom of Egypt and the 1st organized city in the history of Mankind.

The unification of Egypt is recorded on the famous Narmer Palette which is displayed inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, commemorating the king's authority over the two lands in the north and the south of Egypt, to start the recorded history of Egypt in which historians divided into 30 ruling families called dynasties. The 1st dynasty marked the beginning of Egypt's ancient civilization by developing an economic situation, and hence, ancient Egyptians started to focus on writing and other sciences emerged into the light like astronomy and more.

You will explore the open-air museum in Memphis, and see the Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis centering the outdoor museum, with other great artifacts that keep getting more and more thanks to the continuous discoveries by the Ministry of Archaeology expeditions. You will be surprised by the size of the colossal statue of King Ramses II, one of the most legendary kings of Egypt who ruled during the 19th dynasty of the new kingdom, he is also the builder of the great Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan.

We will continue to the site of Dahshur, where you will see two of the most amazing pyramids in Egypt, both of them are created for the same king, Snefru whose mummy was never found inside any of the three pyramids that he built.

Tour the area to see the Red Pyramid, which is the 1st perfect-shaped pyramid in history, slightly smaller than that of King Chephren in Giza necropolis, and that makes the Red Pyramid the third biggest pyramid before the one that belongs to King Mycerinus.

See also the Bent Pyramid and you will notice the outer casing material is almost intact, not like many of the other pyramids, it was called the bent pyramid due to the bent shape it takes at a point before the peak.

You will be transferred back to your hotel after your tour to Memphis and Dahshur is over.


1 Person

$90.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$80.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$75.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$70.00 Per Person

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