The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum, the largest archaeological museum in the world and just a few steps away from opening its doors to the public, is located in the shadow of the pyramids of Giza and, with a space of 480,000 square meters, will house more than 100,000 pieces of Egyptology, including 3,500 relics of the famous "pharaoh child" Tutankhamun.

The Grand Egyptian Museum 

The Grand Egyptian depository is one among the foremost anticipated openings within the world once it involves museums and business enterprises and, once some delays, it's about to be one among the foremost exciting things to do in Cairo. it's been decided to be opened next year. in keeping with the antiquities minister, Khaled al-Anani, the Grand Egyptian depository is currently half of 1 mile complete, and there's no official gap date set now because it is scheduled to be opened throughout the half-moon of this year 2020.

New Grand Egyptian Museum

While we tend might not recognize the official gap date, we tend to recognize that the Grand Egyptian depository is going to be the best facility that may add not solely to Egypt’s business enterprise but conjointly to Egypt’s economy and also to the local people. So, if you're viewing the happening associate Egypt day tour then here’s what you wish to grasp concerning the Grand Egyptian depository.  

The History of the Egyptian depository

The new Grand Egyptian depository is also preparing to open its doors, however, Cairo has had a widely known and revered depository for over a century. this depository, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, is found in Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo and has been hospitable to guests for 117 years. the situation of this depository is exclusive because it is enclosed by the simplest restaurants, luxury hotels, mosques, and churches that permit you to undertake one of our fabulous tours  Grand Egyptian Museum and Giza Pyramids Tour.

While the depository of Antiquities is, while not uncertain, a favorite among guests it’s reached its prime. this depository is simply little, in terms of having the ability to handle the degree of tourists still as its lack of capability for artifacts. Discoveries square measure being created often and also the depository of Egyptian Antiquities doesn’t have the area to carry them, which implies thousands of artifacts square measure hidden away in storage throughout the Half day tour to the Grand Egyptian Museum you will continue the Discovering. 

Not solely did the shortage of area mean that several things were unavailable for viewing, however, it conjointly created it troublesome to go to as a traveler. Even those tourists have spent the cash on Egypt Egypt Tour Packages. There square measure simply too many folks inquisitive about visiting, and not enough area to permit everybody to actually have honest expertise.

Additionally, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities simply isn’t equipped with the correct technology to keep up and shield the artifacts.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo


There are many issues with lighting, humidity, and temperature that have caused more injury to those treasures. it had been clear that Egypt required a more modern, bigger, and additional trendy depository to deal with and showcase its treasures in a very safe and additional protected surroundings then, in 1992, the plans to open a replacement, larger depository were placed into motion.

In 2002 associate field competition was proclaimed to style the building that may eventually become the Grand Egyptian depository. there have been entries from eighty-three countries around the world and also the winner was set in the Gregorian calendar month of 2003.

Construction of the Grand Egyptian depository

Years of labor and energy were placed into building this new attraction. it had been meant to open in 2019, however, there are 2 delays that have pushed the date. As of now, the soft gap is reported to require a place in late 2019, whereas the official gap of the Grand Egyptian depository is anticipated to require a place in early 2020.

The Location of the Grand Egyptian depository

The Grand Egyptian depository is being engineered outside of Cairo city center, is close to the city Pyramids whereas some might surprise why the attraction is being emotional far from the center of Cairo, it’s a really good movie that may profit tourists.

The main reason why the depository has been emotional is because of the shortage of area in downtown Cairo. The Grand Egyptian depository goes to be considerably larger than this depository situated in Tahir sq. and, as such, it required to be situated in a very place wherever there was space to create.

Perhaps of additional interest to the tourists, the new location makes exploring each the depository and also the pyramids additional contributory. 

The Importance of the New Building

Part of the charm of this depository of Egyptian Antiquities is that it's housed in a very pleasing historical building within the heart of Cairo. whereas the new Grand Egyptian depository can lose the historical side of the building, the very fact that it's a contemporary 21st-century structure doesn’t subtract from the very fact that this depository is being designed in a very approach that the building won't simply house the artifacts, however, conjointly higher highlight them.

The Grand Egyptian depository is going to be five.2 million sq. feet in size once completed and comes with a hefty tag of over one seat greenbacks. It’s been designed to not solely be a secure and secure place to store and showcase Egypt’s treasures but conjointly to assist produce additional immersive and pleasurable expertise for guests still the pliability to avoid wasting longer than before as a result of its close to the pyramids in a very couple of minutes also Throughout Grand Egyptian Museum and Pyramids Tour from Cairo Airport it helps you to pay every single moment whereas you're here in such a beautiful country Egypt.

One of the goals in making this building was to harmonize with the pyramids of Giza which are solely 2 kilometers away. that ease all the touristic activities and Cairo Day Tours.

The front of the depository is created up in the main of glass which is able to give wide views of the city tableland and also the pyramids within the distance.

The Grand Egyptian depository also will be abundant roomier and less packed than the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Not solely is that this higher for viewing the artifacts, however, it’s conjointly higher for protecting them and keeping them safe. to boot, this new building can have correct wetness, lighting, and temperature management to stay the relics in their best condition.

The Grand Egyptian depository also will feature twenty-eight outlets, 10 restaurants, a conference house, and a theatre.

Exhibits and Attractions of the Grand Egyptian depository

The main reason for the creation of the Grand Egyptian depository was to possess an even bigger house for Egyptian artifacts. As mentioned antecedently, at once there are thousands of artifacts held on away for duty, as a result, there's no area to show them within the current depository of Egyptian Antiquities in downtown Cairo.

According to the antiquities minister, the Grand Egyptian depository can feature twenty,000+ relics that haven't been on the show before and that they date from the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and also the New Kingdom likewise. to boot, there'll be many things happiness to King Pharaoh of Egypt that hadn’t been free since their original discovery in 1922. In total, this depository is predicted to carry and show over a hundred,000 totally different artifacts chemical analysis to a range of periods in Egypt’s history. creating it the biggest anthropology depository in the world.

While the whole depository is set to impress, it's expected that the biggest attraction is the exhibit dedicated to King Tutankhamun, an additional unremarkably named King Tut. Currently, the King Tut show within the depository of Egyptian Antiquities is sort of basic with the artifacts on a show for guests to run by and admire. The news got wind of, however, is quite totally different. The arrangement is for the King Tut exhibition to be Associate in Nursing immersive expertise wherever guests will step into his life. there'll be 2 galleries dedicated to King Tutankhamun's relics which will enable guests an interior scrutinize his modus vivendi together with how he dressed, ate, and dominated likewise as a glimpse within his court and his observance. This additional immersive expertise is formed doable due to the very fact that there are numerous quality relics from King Tut’s reign, however conjointly as a result of this historic ruler remains being studied and new things are systematically being learned concerning his life and rule.

Of course, not all of the artifacts are in good condition. However, due to an improbable team of conservationists, some relics that were originally thought to be not possible to revive are, in fact, truly being reconditioned due to specialized labs.

Without a doubt, the Grand Egyptian depository has been an enormous enterprise for Egypt; a rustic that has suffered financially because of an absence of business within the past decade due to political unrest and instability as several travelers were speculative if Egypt was safe for traveling. whereas some could marvel at why the govt. has placed such an enormous investment during this depository given this economy of the country, the very fact is that the Grand Egyptian depository has been, and can still be, a lift for the economy and also the native businesses, each directly and indirectly.

Firstly, the Grand Egyptian depository has created jobs. Not simply in terms of the development of the building, but conjointly with reference to staffing the depository. Since this depository is significantly larger and additional experience-based than this depository in Tahrir sq. additional job opportunities are created.

Additionally, since the Grand Egyptian depository is predicted to extend the number of tourists, this can conjointly facilitate the business trade normally. Everything from native hotels, to corporations providing custom Cairo Private Tours to memento outlets, and additional can enjoy this new depository.


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