Parasailing Ride Activity in Sharm El Sheikh

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Parasailing Ride Activity in Sharm El Sheikh

Parasailing is a popular water sport in Sharm El Sheikh that offers thrilling experiences and beautiful views of the Red Sea.

It is a thrilling activity that will remind you of your childhood dreams. You can take part in parasailing while staying at any tourist destination in Egypt and enjoy the view of the sea from above. Parasailing is an easy activity that all ages can participate in, but only if you are careful and follow the instructions of your instructor. The instructors will be there to provide you with safety equipment, such as a helmet, gloves, life vest, and harnesses.

This is one of the best ways to get a taste of what it's like to be a bird in Egypt—and it's an incredible experience. Parasailing in Sharm El Sheikh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines the rush of flight with breathtaking views of the Red Sea coastline. In Sharm El Sheikh, there are a lot of things to do and activities. The city is situated in the Sinai Peninsula's most breathtaking landscape, and it offers a variety of Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours for taking in the Red Sea.


Transports by air-conditioned bus.

Take off and land on the boat.

Highest flights 15 min flight time.

Picture taken while parasailing



Any extras not mentioned.

The tour begins with a short boat ride to the site where the parasailers will be launched. After you have signed some waivers and received your instructions, you'll be fitted for your harness with a short briefing on how to use your parachute.

Once you're all geared up, it's time to take off! The boat will take off from shore and then head out into deeper water. Once the boat is at a safe distance from land, you will be given instructions on how to get into your harness and ready for take-off. Once ready, a member of staff will help you onto the parasail and release it from its moorings – wahey! Then it's just a matter of jumping off the boat and letting gravity do its thing! As soon as you get airborne, you’ll have some time to enjoy the breathtaking views as far as the eye can see (and maybe even further) before coming back down again.

The whole ride lasts about 20 minutes, so it's a great way to kill time while on vacation in Egypt.

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Generally, Egypt has a desert climate, but the Mediterranean coastal areas enjoy a moderate temperature thanks to the prevailing wind. The climate features a hot season from May to October and a cool season from October to May. In the hot season, it is dry and hot in most parts of the country, and humid in the Nile Delta and Mediterranean coastal areas. So sun protection is the most important consideration for this season, especially for the fair-skinned. Pure cotton clothes and sunhats are essential. In the cool season, the weather is mild with some rain; it is bright and sunny on most days but usually cold at night.

The most humid area lies along the Mediterranean coast. The precipitation declines sharply from north to south. It may rain once in a few years in many desert areas.

There are safety deposit boxes in every hotel and on every cruise, sometimes even in your room or cabin. Simply inquire at the front desk, and they will either provide you with instructions on how to use them or securely store your valuables until you need them.

You put on a life jacket for protection, which keeps you from drowning. It must be tightly fitting against your body. You will be seated in a body harness, which resembles a swing seat and is attached to the passenger tow bar at either end.

Sharm el-Sheikh is about 360 km (225 miles) south of Sinai's northern, Mediterranean coast, which borders with the Gaza Strip.   

Before departing, visitors to Egypt should carefully review the most recent recommendations. None of the popular tourist spots in Egypt, such as Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, are discouraged from visiting by the FCDO.


In Sharm El Sheikh, parasailing is a well-liked pastime that is typically provided at several beachside spots around the shoreline. Additionally, a lot of the area's hotels and resorts offer parasailing services or collaborate with nearby tour companies to offer the activity.

Indeed. Big-box retailers at the airport and in the city sell Mobile Data Prepaid SIM Cards.


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