Abu El-Haggag mosque, Luxor

The "Abu-El-Haggag Mosque" in Luxor is a rare mixture of Islamic and Coptic civilization, where you can pray over the ruins of an ancient church and an ancient Pharaonic temple, with its walls surrounding you from every direction.

The Mosque of Abu-El-Haggag, Al-Aqsa or the Mosque of Abu-El-Haggag as the public calls it is a mosque in the Egyptian city ​​of Luxor. It belongs to the Sufi, “Yusef bin Abdul Rahim bin Yusef bin Isa Al Zahid,” known as Abu-El-Haggag, Al-Aqsa who is buried inside it. It is located on the top of the ruins of Luxor Temple an Ancient Egyptian dating back to the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

 An architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Luxor Temple. Its unique design and its mediation of an archaeological mass that tourists visit made it attractive to visitors, as the Abu-El-Haggag Al-Aqsa Mosque was built in the heart of the Luxor Temple, which distinguished it from other mosques.

The mosque was built 900 years ago when "Abu-El-Haggag" fled Morocco to spread the Islamic call in Egypt. It is built on the northeastern side of the Luxor Temple, and it was said that the one who knows God Abu-El-Haggag was a lot of seclusion and isolation in Luxor Temple, and for this reason he built his mosque in the heart of the temple, and was buried With his mausoleum above the Luxor Temple, after the sheikh died in Luxor in 642 AH.

When the mosque was built, large parts of it were covered with  sand. Was discovered in the late 19th century, the local residents request  for the mosque’s demolition due to its importance. Abu Haggag is a Sufi, born in paghdad it is believed that the minaret is older than the mosque, dating back to the 11th century. The mosque itself has been rebuilt many times, and completely in the 19th century. When he came to Luxor, Islam at the time was not the major religion in Egypt Coptic. The city was owned by a religious Coptic lady. She was called The Princess. And she who gives him the land whom he builds the mosque in it.  From inside the mosque, we can see some Pharaonic walls, pillers and this what makes the mosque diffrent. When he died he was buried in the mosque.

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