King Akhenaten | Amenhotep IV | Monotheism in Ancient Egypt

Akhenaton was the first Egyptian king to think of a latent power behind the disk of the sun. He called this power the name of a god, Aton, and after that, he left all the Egyptian gods and left Thebes where the priests of Amun and his followers were present and established a new city. He lived in this city for about 17 years worshipping this new god, but his only mistake was that he made people worship the new god through him, so when Akhenaton died, the new worship of Aton ended completely. And that's before considering his marriage to Nefertiti, known as the Mona Lisa of antiquity thanks to her beautiful limestone bust discovered in a sculptor's workshop at Amarna and now in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, or the likelihood that he fathered Tutankhamun, the most famous pharaoh of them all.

This is, accordingly, an attempt to establish a monotheistic religion, the tombs of Amarna were particularly moved to the eastern bank of the Nile but facing west.
the Akhenaten attempt ended early. After his death, he ascended to the throne the young Tutankhamen who reopened the temples of Amun for worship, brought the capital to Thebes and changed his name to Tutankhamen instead of the name given by his father Akhenaten which was Tutankhaten.

Amenhotep IV (1372-1354 B.C), son of Amenhotep III and husband of Nefertiti. Akhenaten is a unique figure in Egyptian history, he ended the millennial religious order by introducing monotheism. Sovereign of the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom, he assumed the name of the god Aton, that is the Sun god, with whom he identified himself. After forcing the cult of this divinity, the pharaoh moved the capital from Thebes to Akhetaten which is the current Tell El-Amarna city in El Menya, which became the center of the new cult, and fought against the powerful priests who tried to keep alive the cult of the god Amun.

However, the flourishing of this new culture ended with the death of King Akhenaten. Tutankhamun, who ascended the throne a few years after Akhenaten's death, brought the capital back to Thebes and restored the cult of Amun once again.

The group of his family statues exhibited inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the greatest example of how art in ancient Egypt had been totally changed during the Amarna period.

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