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In the centre of the Nile, in the charming town of Aswan, is the Temple of Philae, one of the most ancient temples in Egypt, which tells the storey of an ancient civilization in one of the monuments of Nubian history, which were saved from falling after construction of the Great Dam.

Philae Temple Aswan

The risky salvage campaign done by UNESCO carefully to relocate the magnificent Philae temple of Goddess Isis to a higher and safer island was completed, carefully maintaining and imitating the original shape and layout of the complex and even landscaping the island to match its former location.

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Goddess Isis | The Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Healing

Goddess Isis | The Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Healing


Philae Temple Complex rose to prominence during the Ptolemaic Dynasty as the center of the cult of the goddess Isis. This complex was actually one of the last remaining places where the ancient Egyptian religion was practiced after the spreading of Christianity in Egypt, officially closed only in 550 AD. Early Christians then reused the main temple on the island as a church and removed a big number of scenes of the gods of ancient Egypt.

During that period, the popularity of the goddess Isis became very strong and pilgrims came from all over the Mediterranean. The construction of the temple on the island of Philae lasted for about 800 years until this ancient building became one of the important temples of Aswan day tours.

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The temple of Philae can also be visited at night, during the suggested sound and light show at Philae Temple from Aswan, the show attracts tourists from all over the world as it is one of the best excursions in Aswan during Egypt Travel Packages if you booked a package to Egypt, or your day tours in Egypt if your visit is quick and short. Like all of the other major ancient attractions in Egypt, Philae’s is generally thought to be the most impressive of these often overblown affairs. The ambiance of the island’s ruins bathed in floodlighting is hard to describe adequately, but this is definitely a recommended way to spend an evening. Although some of the finds are dated between the 26th Dynasty and the Roman period in Egypt, most of the works can be traced back to the Roman period.

Philae Temple overlooks the Nile River, so many Egypt Nile Cruise Tours stop at it while sailing. We provide you with a highly qualified Cairo Top Tours guide at each stage to keep you company.

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