When it comes to your tours in Egypt, it is really a good idea to read all about it before visiting this historic place. It can take many weeks to be fully explored. Pass by Luxor City during your Egypt Nile River Cruise through Luxor to Aswan Nile CruiseAswan to Luxor Nile Cruise, or even during the usual Egypt Tours Packages. Luxor has almost 1/3 of the world's ancient monuments that you can see during the Hot Air Balloon ride in Luxor. It used to be the capital of the Egyptian empire at the peak of the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom (1549 - 1069 BC). Thebes -the real name of Luxor- was a city of over a million people. The kings and rulers of ancient Egypt who ruled over the kingdom of Egypt became prosperous after their military expeditions that extended their prestige southwards to the ancient Nubia, north along the Mediterranean, and to the east till it reached modern-day Syria. It was the great capital of (Upper) Egypt during the reign of the New Kingdom of Egypt history is contrary to the time of the building of the pyramids during the old kingdom where the capital used to be in Memphis to the north of Egypt, Luxor was the center of religion in ancient Egypt and the glorious city of Amun-Ra. The city was considered in the ancient Egyptian texts as Waset, which means "the city of the scepter, the Greeks called it Thebai and the Romans after them Thebes. You can explore Karnak Temple through your Luxor excursions or by attending the fascinating Sound and Light Show in Karnak Temple.

Explore the fascinating monuments of the city during your Luxor day tour from Cairo by flight which is a must when you plan your Egypt Luxury ToursEgypt Travel PackagesEgypt Day Tours, and Cairo Day Tours. See the most visited highlights through the Luxor East Bank Tours and Luxor West Bank Tours.


You can also check our Cairo trips and select from the famous tour to Giza Pyramidsthe Coptic Cairo tour, and many more!

Valley of The Kings in Luxor | Things to do in Luxor

Valley of the Kings in Luxor

The Valley of the kings is considered as a valley in Upper Egypt where the Pharaohs of the new kingdom buried for almost 500 years, from 1600 to 1100 B.C where royal tombs were carved into the pharaohs mountain.

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Facts About the Luxor Temple | Luxor Temple History

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple is considered a truly enormous ancient Egyptian temple complex, sited on the East Bank of the Nile River in Luxor. It was established 3400 years ago during the New Kingdom of Egypt History. It is known as Ipet Rsyt in Hieroglyphics, which means "the southern sanctuary". There are various magnificent temples on the west and east banks of the Nile in Luxor.

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Karnak Temple in Luxor | The Temple of Karnak | Karnak Temple Facts

Karnak Temple

Enjoy visiting the Temple of Karnak which is the most remarkable temple in Luxor, built and completed by various kings and rulers of ancient Egypt to be a witness of the greatness of such an interesting civilization and to prove how important religion was for ancient Egyptians, they gave great importance to their afterlife as they believed in resurrection, discover more with Cairo Top Tours!

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Temple Of Hatshepsut At Deir El-Bahri | Hatshepsut Temple

The Temple Of Hatshepsut At Deir El-Bahri

It was designed during the 18th dynasty by Senenmut, the architect of Queen Hatshepsut. Despite the damage caused by Ramses II and the transformation into a monastery with the advent of Christianity, the excavations of the site continue to reveal splendid decorations.

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Colossi of Memnon | Amenhotep III Luxor Egypt

Colossi of Memnon

The two gigantic statues portray King Amenhotep III seated and having his hands resting on his knees facing East towards the Nile River, Another two figures but shorter in size –for his wife Tiye and his mother Mutemwiya-  are sculptured at the front throne near his legs, and a scene for Hapi, the Nile god is carved at the side panels.

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Dendera Temple Complex | Temple of Hathor at Dendera | Dendera Zodiak

Temple of Dendera

Dendera Temple was constructed as Greco-Roman temples in shape and nowadays the modern town is built on the ancient site of Dendera which means a Divine Pillar and known with that name during the Greek time.

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Madinet Habu | Temple of Ramses III | Luxor attractions

Temple of Madinet Habu

The magnificent complex at Medinet Habu dominated by the funerary temple of Ramses III is the best-preserved monument in the whole West Thebes area. It is the second only after the Karnak temple both in size and significance, is one of the least visited places in Thebes.

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Luxor Museum in Luxor | Museum of Luxor

Luxor museum

Located on the Corniche halfway between the temple of Luxor and Karnak, the Luxor Museum is perhaps the most beautiful museum in Egypt. It retains much less artifacts than the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but its perfection is maybe also its strong point.

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Luxor International Airport | Information About Luxor

Luxor International Airport

You will use the facilities of Luxor International Airport in the arrival or departures during your Egypt Travel Packages or Egypt Day Tours with our services in Cairo Top Tours, or even while having a Nile Cruise Tour in Egypt.

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Banana Island in Luxor, Egypt

Banana Island in Luxor | Gezira El-Mozh Luxor

When you decide to go to the Banana Island you will have a lovely relaxing Egyptian sailboat in Luxor. Then you will arrive at Banana Island and will be taken on a tour to see varieties of different fruits and herbs that are grown there.

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Deir El-Medina in Luxor

Deir El-Medina in Luxor

The craftsmen and workers who built the magnificent temples and decorated the splendid tombs that honored the ancient pharaohs lived and buried in Deir el-Medina, also known as the Workers' Village, located south of the Valley of the Kings. Discover more about this historical place here!

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Ramses Temple in Luxor | The Ramesseum in Luxor

The Ramesseum in Luxor

Composed of three sets of ruins, the Ramesseum in Luxor stands in a field full of low walls, excavations, and column bases that outline the original vastness of the entire monument. Explore Ramses II Temple in Luxor and many more sites with Cairo Top Tours!

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Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens

A large expanse in the southwest part of the Theban necropolis, the Valley of the Queens, so-called by Champollion, guards the tombs where royal consorts, princes, princesses, and dignitaries of the court were buried. About 70 tombs have been carved out of the rock, of which only a few are open to the public. Discover more with Cairo Top Tours!

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Valley of the Nobles in Luxor

Valley of the Nobles

The Valley of the Nobles is a recent denomination used to mark the difference between the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens located on the western bank of the Nile and the tombs of the nobles and craftsmen. Discover more about the Valley of the Nobles with Cairo Top Tours!

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Tutankhamun's Tomb | Valley of the Kings

Tutankhamun's Tomb

King Tutankhamen was buried in a fairly small tomb compared to its importance. His death came unexpectedly, so his burial took place in a tomb probably destined for someone else, in the Valley of the Kings, where the pharaoh's mummy is still kept today. Know more with Cairo Top Tours!

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