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Jordan Travel PackagesOne of the nicest and most natural countries in the Middle East is Jordan; it combines a beautiful landscape with a rich heritage left by the ancient Nabatean...

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Discover Jordan's amazing sights with this 5-day tour package, which includes visits to the Roman ruins of Jerash before heading to the Dead Sea, witnessing the most mesmerizing rock-cut lost city Petra, and having relaxation and fun while enjoying the Wadi Rum Bedouin atmosphere. Book now our Jordan Holiday Packages!

Start From $1020 / 5 Days

Imagine that you are living in the past, during the time of the ancient civilization while exploring the old city of Petra will fulfill this wish to the top as you pass through the Siq towards the ancient Treasury. Jordan Dreams 4 days tour package!

Start From $790 / 4 Days

Explore the 6-day Jordan tour package and relish yourself with the mysteries and secrets of Jordan by visiting the red rose city of Petra, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Kerak, Mukawir, and relax a little at the Dead Sea.

Start From $1230 / 6 Days

Now you can clear your mind and amuse your soul with Jordan's holy sites where the Prophets, Disciples, and Companions lived and were buried. Book now our Jordan travel tour packages and enjoy this 8-day with the most inexpensive cost!

Start From $1950 / 8 Days

Take the opportunity to enjoy this 8-day family travel package in Jordan to see Jordan's most impressive sites, such as the highlights of Petra, float in the salt water of the Dead Sea, and experience the beauty of camping in the vast desert of Wadi Rum.

Start From $1370 / 8 Days

Discover this exotic 5-day tour of Jordan and explore all the highlights of Jordan, such as the ancient city of Kerak, the Roman ruins of Jerash, Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea, Madaba, and the pink city of Petra. Book now!

Start From $1080 / 5 Days

Discover the beauty of Jordan and its attractions on a 4-day trip and learn all about the Jordanian culture, traditions, customs, and more while exploring the country and having fun!

Start From $1120 / 4 Days

Explore Jordan’s most visited attractions with our 6-day Jordan travel package. We will take you on this trip in a once-in-a-lifetime experience! So don't miss the chance and book your package to discover Amman, Jerash, Mukawir, Wadi Rum, Madaba, and The Dead Sea.

Start From $1180 / 6 Days

Discover Jordan’s most famous destinations with our 5-day travel package. We will let you live a once-in-a-lifetime experience! So don't miss the chance and book your package with us now to explore Amman, Madaba, Nebo, the Dead Sea, Jerash, and Petra!

Start From $920 / 5 days

Discover Jordan and Egypt’s most famous destinations and attractions with our 8-day travel package. We will let you live a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Start From $1460 / 7 Days

Explore Jordan's most visited destinations and enjoy an 8-day private stay covering all your needs from transportation to your accommodation. So don't miss the chance and book your trip to Jordan with us!

Start From $1760 / 8 days

Explore the best tourist-oriented attractions in both Egypt and Jordan and learn all about their ancient civilizations, history, culture, traditions, and the stories behind them.

Start From $2700 / 13 days

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Cairo Top Tours is one of the largest tourism companies interested in organizing diverse and distinct travel packages in Jordan. We can also organize any travel package you desire according to your interests, schedule, and budget.

Sure, we can take you from the airport to the hotel or any other place you want to go.

Sure, we can take you from the airport to the hotel or any other place you want to go.

Jordan is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist countries in the Middle East, and due to its distinguished geographical location, moderate climate, and stunning natural landscapes, you will be able to spend many days in this wonderful country without any boredom.

If you want to spend an unparalleled vacation and enjoy the Ramadan vibes and celebrations, all you have to do is travel to Jordan with Cairo Top Tours now. Our company team will take care of organizing your travel package in the best possible way in Jordan.

Cairo Top Tours provides many distinct travel packages that will allow you to visit the most important tourist attractions in Jordan, such as Amman, Jerash, and the charming pink city of Petra. The most wonderful Easter vacation you can spend in your life is in this charming country.


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