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Looking for the best budget-friendly Egypt Budget Tours from the USA? Look no further! Our Egypt tours from the USA offer unbeatable prices without compromising on quality. Our exp...

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Explore Cairo's top attractions, such as the Saqqara Necropolis and the Pyramids of Giza on our 3-day budget tour. Enjoy an affordable stopover in Cairo with the best possible prices. Our well-organized 3-day short break in Cairo includes visits to the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo, Khan El Khalili, and more!

Start From $0 / 3 Days

You will enjoy visiting the most prominent landmarks of Cairo and Alexandria, such as the Pyramids of Giza and its wonderful landmarks, and enjoying a tour of the city of Alexandria and seeing the Roman ruins with our 5 Days in Cairo and Alexandria Budget holiday.

Start From $0 / 5 Days

During our Best 8-Day Egypt Tour and Nile Cruise, you will enjoy visiting the most prominent landmarks of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, such as the Pyramids of Giza and its wonderful landmarks on one of the most beautiful Nile Cruises.

Start From $0 / 8 Days

You will enjoy an unforgettable 5-day Budget Tour to Cairo and Luxor to explore the most prominent landmarks of Cairo and Luxor, such as the Pyramids of Giza and its wonderful landmarks.

Start From $0 / 5 Days.

Our Budget Trip to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh for 7 Days, will help you to enjoy some of the most exciting Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh tours. You will see the Giza Pyramids and other top attractions of Egypt and unwind at the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh.

Start From $0 / 7 Days

Enjoy your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh and Cairo. See the Giza Pyramids and the Cairo Museum, and then you will have a great time on the Red Sea coast during your stay in Hurghada, with plenty of activities to do.

Start From $0 / 6 Days

The Best Budget Tour to Cairo and El Ain Sokhna for 5 Days, Enjoy a fantastic 5-day affordable tour to Cairo and Ain Sokhna to explore the city's most famous attractions, including the magnificent Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara.

Start From $0 / 5 Days

The Best 5 Days Budget Cairo Tour Package, See the Pyramids of Giza and the Cairo Museum in Tahrir and Saqqara and enjoy Egypt’s wonderful cultural landmarks

Start From $0 / 5 Days

As your budget-friendly Luxor adventure, relish the memories of ancient wonders and cultural immersion. The return journey to Cairo ensures that every aspect of your Egypt Cheap Budget Tour Packages from the USA is not only enjoyable but also cost-effective.

Start From $0 / 4 Days-3 Nights

This Affordable Budget Tour seamlessly combines cultural exploration with budget-friendly accommodations, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an enriching Egyptian experience on a budget.

Start From $0 / 4 Days-3 Nights

This Cheap Budget Tour seamlessly combines affordability with immersive experiences, ensuring that your journey to Fayoum and Bahariya Oasis is not only budget-friendly but also a testament to the accessibility of Egypt's hidden treasures.

Start From $0 / 3 Days-2 Nights

This Relaxing Low-Cost Trip to Fayoum Oasis is a testament to the accessibility and affordability of Egypt's hidden gems. Whether exploring historical sites or enjoying moments of tranquility, your journey is designed to provide a budget-friendly escape into the heart of Egyptian nature and culture.

Start From $0 / 2 Day-1 Night
Cairo, Alexandria, Fayuom, Siwa, Marsa Matrouh

This budget journey is not just about affordability; it's a testament to the accessibility of Egypt's hidden gems for every kind of traveler. From historical sites in Cairo to the serene landscapes of Siwa, your low-cost adventure ensures that Egypt's lesser-known wonders are within reach for those seeking an authentic and budget-friendly exploration.

Start From $0 / 12 Days-11 Nights

Discover the enchanting Frafra, where time seems to stand still amidst historical wonders and cultural richness. Immerse yourself in the oasis of Bahariya, where lush palms and soothing hot springs create a haven of tranquility.

Start From $0 / 7 Days-6 Nights

Book your Affordable Tour in Siwa Oasis from Cairo today and let us be your gateway to Egypt's marvels. Explore, experience, and embrace the magic of Egypt with our budget-friendly travel packages. Your adventure awaits!

Start From $0 / 6 Days-5 Nights

Book our 13-Day Budget Package right away to experience the best of Egypt without emptying your wallet. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, this tour caters to all interests and budgets—with us, uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt and make lifelong memories.

Start From $0 / 13 Days-12 Nights

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